Welcome to Springville Junior High School

The mission of Springville Junior High School is: "To ensure high levels of learning for all students, by being responsible citizens, effective communicators, and successful learners."


  • Shared responsibility for education belongs to students, parents, the school and community.
  • Optimal learning takes place in a caring environment characterized by respect, trust and high expectations.
  • Active engagement in the learning process leads to student success.
  • Instructional improvement is accomplished through disciplined reflection and informed change.
  • Student potential is realized through multiple curricular and extra-curricular opportunities.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills should be taught across the curriculum. 

Seventh Graders, how are you liking SJHS?

Article by Sakari Duvall

Ever wonder how the seventh graders are liking being in junior high? Since this is their first year in Junior High, it is a big difference from being in Elementary School.

Josh Larson said that he likes the junior high a lot better than Elementary. His favorite part about school is P.E. and Science. He says that he loves P.E. and that science is fun. Josh likes having a locker, sometimes. Josh got it lucky this year because he says that his classes are really easy to get to.

They’re Not Just Knights, They’re Super Knights!

Article by Kelby Jeppson

Here at Springville Jr. High, we are all knights.  However, some of us go above and beyond and become Super Knights!  According to the student handbook, Super Knights must be “an effective communicator, responsible citizen and successful learner.”  Recently, we had an assembly awarding the Super Knights for the months September and October.  The Super Knights for those months are; Cheyenne Young, Adam Ferrin, Arianie Perez-Diaz, McKay Dalley, Katie Jackson, Monte Taylor, Sarah Hubbard, Isaac Miles, Anna Bird, Victor Chavez, Abby Carlton, and Matt Johnson.

Undefeated 9th Grade Football

Article by Jocelynn Garner

Who’s undefeated this 2016 fall season? Springville’s 9th grade football team! A lot of the players have been playing for most of their life. They put in a lot of hard work to come out on top. All in all playing against all the teams was really fun. They have some great coaches, family members and inspirational idols for their support system. They enjoy playing against their rivals, Salem. The last game they played in which they earned the title of being undefeated the score was 47-7 with the win!

Bilingual Students

Article by Trina Wilson

We have a variety of bilingual students at Springville Junior High, which is definitely a plus for our school.  It gives us a pop of diversity.  I talked to about four student who all shared the same first and second language.