Welcome to Springville Junior High School

At Springville Junior High School we are Responsible Citizens, Successful Learners, and Effective Communicators.


  • Shared responsibility for education belongs to students, parents, the school and community.
  • Optimal learning takes place in a caring environment characterized by respect, trust and high expectations.
  • Active engagement in the learning process leads to student success.
  • Instructional improvement is accomplished through disciplined reflection and informed change.
  • Student potential is realized through multiple curricular and extra-curricular opportunities.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills should be taught across the curriculum. 

Junior High Theater Festival -- April 25

Nichole Clement, drama teacher

The junior high drama teachers are holding our third annual Theater Festival on Saturday, April 25th from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.  It will be held at Diamond Fork Junior High School, and we invite all students to attend.  Students are not required to have had theater classes because it is an opportunity for any student that thinks they might be interested in drama to come and try it out. 

HOPE Squad Write Notes of Kindness

Members of the SJHS student body were greeted by a surprise from the HOPE Squad when they arrived at school on Tuesday, March 18.

The SJHS HOPE Squad wrote hundreds of kind messages on post-it notes and stuck them on every locker and all around the school building. They arrived extra early to school so that when students arrived they would find messages waiting for them. 

The HOPE Squad worked on this secret project for many weeks. They wanted to surprise students and let every student know that they were special and loved. 

March Springville Mayor's Award


Springville students continue to showcase their great talents and abilities on Tuesday, March 17 at Springville's Mayor’s Recognition Awards.  

Award recipient  Daniel Beach is a seventh grader from Springville Junior High “who loves to read and challenges himself to excel,  reading books well above his reading level,” reveals Stephanie Riggs, his Language Arts Teachers.