Welcome to Springville Junior High School

The mission of Springville Junior High School is: "To ensure high levels of learning for all students, by being responsible citizens, effective communicators, and successful learners."


  • Shared responsibility for education belongs to students, parents, the school and community.
  • Optimal learning takes place in a caring environment characterized by respect, trust and high expectations.
  • Active engagement in the learning process leads to student success.
  • Instructional improvement is accomplished through disciplined reflection and informed change.
  • Student potential is realized through multiple curricular and extra-curricular opportunities.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills should be taught across the curriculum. 

For The Love of Cats

Article by Lizzie Kurban

There are many people here at SJHS who love their furry little feline friends. Fluffy, Hairless, chubby, scrawny, no matter their shape and size our cats are our loving little buddies,  here’s what the people of SJHS had to say about their cats. First we asked them how many cats they have. Mr Booth, the band teacher here at SJHS said that he has 2 cats. Rainy Hickman said that although she’s had many cats through her life she only has one little kitten right now.

Behind the Curtain

Article by Scout Benson

Did you know behind any theatrical performance you've been to, there's a whole crew of people behind the curtains working to make the show the best it can be? They make the props, design costumes and make sure things run smoothly. The bottom line, the play wouldn't play out so well, and the musical wouldn't be as magical without the behind the scenes people, or as I’ll be referring to them throughout this article, Techies.

School Counselors

Article by Hailey Gabbitas

Have you ever wondered about the school counselors? Or even what the school counselors do? Well the counselors are there for you when you need someone to talk to, They are also there for you when you need a class change or to switch from a class.