Welcome to Springville Junior High School

The mission of Springville Junior High School is: "To ensure high levels of learning for all students, by being responsible citizens, effective communicators, and successful learners."


  • Shared responsibility for education belongs to students, parents, the school and community.
  • Optimal learning takes place in a caring environment characterized by respect, trust and high expectations.
  • Active engagement in the learning process leads to student success.
  • Instructional improvement is accomplished through disciplined reflection and informed change.
  • Student potential is realized through multiple curricular and extra-curricular opportunities.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills should be taught across the curriculum. 

The Tennis Team

Hannah Mason; SJHS Staff Writer

Almost every day after school, you will see the SJHS Boys Tennis Team out on the tennis courts, working hard to prepare for matches against other schools. According to Mr. Dahl, a science teacher at SJHS and the tennis coach, they practice from 2:40 to 4:30, and they have matches on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Mr. Dahl said, “I started coaching about 6 years ago.  I love working with students in a different capacity than in the classroom, and I enjoy seeing students improve their tennis skills.”

We Will Miss You Ms. Murdock!

Meagan Jones; SJHS Staff Writer

Do you know Mrs. Murdock?  If you do not then you are missing out on a great person! She is our great finance office secretary.  She helps out our school a ton by helping with all the money and expenses, but sadly she is leaving because she is retiring. 

Mrs. Carpenter is Onto the Next Big Adventure

Ryan Popham SJHS Staff Writer

Mrs. Carpenter is an eighth grade science teacher here at SJHS. She teaches in room S207. Mrs. Carpenter has been teaching for 24 years, four of which at were a high school in Oklahoma, and the other 20 years were spent here at SJHS. At the end of this school year Mrs. Carpenter will be retiring. 

Kennedy Bird, an eighth grader in her class, said, “Mrs. Carpenter is really nice, and she's been teaching for a long time, so she's wise too.”

 According to Kaybrie Pratt, an eighth grader, Mrs. Carpenter lets students use their notes on all of their assignments.