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Counseling Office: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who will be my son or daughter’s counselor?

7th grade: Courtney Droz
8th grade: Todd Jackson
9th grade: Monica Distefano

 2. How do counselors help students in junior high school?

Counselors are trained listeners and problem solvers. They have observed many students negotiate the challenges of growing up and of junior high school. Counselors provide assistance to students with College and Career Ready Conferences, high school planning, post-secondary educational planning, and social/emotional adjustments to junior high school.

 3. How do I or my son or daughter make an appointment with a counselor?

Students are encouraged sign up on the appointment sign-up sheet in the counseling office. After signing up students will be called down to the counseling office to visit with their counselor. Parents are encouraged to make an appointment to avoid waiting for service. An appointment can be made at 491-7548 or 489-2880. The counseling office is open from 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. on most days.

 4. What is the purpose of a CCR conference?

College and Career Ready conferences provide students, parents, and counselors an opportunity to discuss the student’s goals for future success. Individual and small group conferences are held to identify strengths and celebrate the student. Academic assessments, career interest inventories, high school graduation requirements, and college entrance requirements are often discussed in these important conferences.

 5. What is the class change policy?

When registering for classes students need to carefully select the classes they are interested in taking. Occasionally there are errors in a student’s schedule that necessitates a class change. Class changes are permitted during the first five days of a semester depending on class availability. Students interested in making a class change should obtain a class change request form in the counseling office. A $5 class change fee should accompany all requests. Class changes are not permitted after the first 5 days of a semester. If there is a problem in a class after the first 5 days of a semester, a parent will be encouraged to meet with the teacher. If the problem cannot be solved with a parent/teacher meeting, a schedule concern form can be filled out in the counseling center. That concern will be brought to administration to determine the next step in the problem solving sequence.

6. How can I get help in an academic subject?

The first thing you should always do is talk to the teacher either after class or after school. If you are confused about the subject matter, try to have some specific questions in mind. Many teachers often provide help directly to students before and after school. The counseling office has tutoring lists and a math lab is also offered after school. Your counselor also has ideas on study techniques, planners, and organizational skills.

7. As a student, what can I do to be successful in school?

Attend class every day, if you are ill, make sure to see the teacher to find out what you missed. Develop your own system to keep track of assignments and due dates. Have a study plan at home with the following guidelines:

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by phone calls, family activities, TV, or other distractions.

Plan on studying at least an hour each night. Remember to not only do the written homework, but also complete reading assignments and review notes from lectures and labs every night.

Take care of your health by getting enough sleep, participating in physical activity, eating good foods, and staying connected to friends, your parents, and school staff. Be sure to communicate any physical, mental, or emotional health concerns with a trusted adult.

Take care of your personal hygiene by showering, wearing deodorant, and clean clothing each day. 

8. How can I track my student’s academic progress?

Parents and students can access academic and attendance records via the internet at the Nebo School District’s website: A student number and password is needed to allow you access into the SIS:Student/Parent area. Student passwords and numbers were mailed to each student’s home earlier this school year by the Nebo School District Office. If you have misplaced or did not receive that information, please call the Counseling Office at 491-7548 or 489-2880. For security reasons, we will request verification of your student’s date of birth when you call. Accessing your student’s grades and attendance on a daily or weekly basis is an excellent way to track their progress.

9. What are the requirements to complete junior high and high school?

7th Grade  
English/Lang Arts 1.0
Math 1.0
Science 1.0
Utah History .5
P.E. .5
Fine Arts .5
CCA 1.0
Elective 1.5
Total: 7.0
8th Grade  
English 1.0
Math 1.0
Science 1.0
Utah History 1.0
P.E. .5
Health .5
Career Tech Ed .5
Elective 1.5
Total: 7.0


High School Graduation Requirements (9-12)
Language Arts (1.0 required in 9th) 4.0
Math (1.0 required in 9th) 3.0
Science 3.0
Social Studies (Geography, World Civ. in 9th) 3.0
Healthy Lifestyles (Part Skills in 9th) 2.0
Fine Arts 1.5
Financial Literacy 0.5
Information Technology (Computer Tech) 0.5
Career Technology Education 1.0



Total: 26.0