Student News

Article: Banners! GREAT or GROAN!

Article by Mathew King - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Oh look! Up there are some people on banners in the hall! They have 9th graders on them and have been up for only 2 years. There are 20 banners up in the curvy hall down the Page page hall. Mrs. Bass was part of a team of teachers that narrowed down the results of the nominations that all the teachers made. She said, “I chose students who are successful learners, effective communicators, and responsible citizens.  Students who emulate these characteristics are good students; hard-working, kind, helpful.

Article: What’s with these new clubs?

Article by: Makailee Turner - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Clubs as we all know, maybe some of you don’t, is a time after school when you can do art, math, board games, etc… So why do we all of a sudden have it now instead of having it earlier in the year? Mrs. Merrell, who is in charge of the clubs and she’s one of the special education teachers, had this to say, “ The school had a grant for it so I had to do it. “ But why did they, the school, give us clubs? Mrs. Merrell explained, “ We wanted to give students something to do after school. It seems that Mrs. Merrell has explained why we have clubs now but what do the students think?

Article: Get rid of your seventh grade fear

Article by Leslie Ruiz - SJHS Student Staff Writer

For those of you that are in seventh grade it can be a little hard to deal with this new school year. It’s a new school, new people, new staff, and pretty much a new kind of lifestyle. A lot of you are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed and scared, but you just remember one thing. We all went through seventh grade. Your teachers, your ‘cool’ older siblings, everyone went through the horror that is seventh grade.  

Article: Cross Country

Article by Kekoa Akiona - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Are you board at home every day after school because your friends are doing things? Is there a school sport that you could play? A sport that is fun, you can make friends, and succeed in running. A sport that you can make friends in and hang out with for hours. A sport that will make you feel good in the long run. Your answer is cross country. At Sjhs we are doing Cross Country.

Article: The Masters of Singing

Article by Emily Snyder - SJHS Student Staff Writer

The Masters of Singing are here at SJHS! But first who are the Masters of Singing? The real name for them is Master Singers. Master Singers are the highest choir rank in our school here at SJHS. Master Singers is only for 8th and 9th graders, and only has one class period, which this year is fifth period. To get into Master Singers you need to have an audition, and auditions are held at the end of the year for 7th and 8th graders, who were not already in Master Singers that year. 8th graders that were in Master Singers in their 8th grade year do not have to audition again.

Article: Girls Tennis

Article by Elizabella Francom - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Girls tennis is one of the many sports that we have here at Springville Jr high. Mr. Dahl a science teacher here at Springville Jr high is also the tennis coach. Each year he has tryouts which are two days long and he looks for the best girls there. And the next day everyone who tried out come to his classroom and  he will tell you if you made the team or if you didn’t and if you made call backs. If you get a callback you go to the tennis courts after school one day and you play a mini tournament.

Article: Chinese immersion: New to SJHS

Article by Cheyenne Skinner - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Did you know that languages are easier when you learn them as a child? That’s why the Chinese immersion is so GREAT. The Chinese immersion started seven years ago. The students had one half of the day in chinese and the other half in English at Sage Creek. The students can not hear one word in english from their chinese teacher. Making it harder to understand what is going on, and easier to learn the chinese.

The Fight for Number One

Article by Stazie Killpack - SJHS Student Staff Writer

During the first couple of weeks of school, Mr. Shields does a competition for his eighth grade students called “The Sweet Sixteen”, which is a competition to see who know the states the best. He stands at the board with a map of the U.S. Two students face off against each other and try to name the state that he points at the fastest. Who ever wins the most in the class moves onto the bracket play. They then face other people from other class periods and work their way through the bracket towards first place.  Eventually,  you have a winner who receives a prize from Mr. Shields.