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Quest Time

Quest Time Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is Intervention?

Intervention is an opportunity for students to work with their own teachers to make up missing work or to get the help they need in any class.   Students who have an F or I on any daily progress report or students who just need to make up work because of absences will have this opportunity during Quest Time.  Keep in mind that an ‘I’ means you have an Incomplete in a class.  You could be missing a few assignments, need to make up a quiz or test, or work on a report.  Teachers have the ability to assign an ‘I’ grade even if the actual class grade is a C or above.

What is Enrichment?

Enrichment is an opportunity that students earn by turning in their work on time and receiving passing grades.  A variety of activities will be available for students to participate in.   Students may also choose to use this time to visit an Intervention room if they need additional help in a class. 

How will I know if I need to go to Intervention?

Every day you will receive a progress report during 3rd period.  You will need to go to Intervention if you have a D, F, or I in any class.  You can also choose to go to an Intervention room if you need extra help on an assignment or if you have work you’d like to make up.  This is the best time to visit with your teachers about class work.

What if my teacher’s room is full when I go there for Intervention?

If you have a deficiency in another class, you will need to go to that class instead.  Some departments may have a different teacher doing Intervention for the same subject that day.  You can check with them to see if they are willing to have you in their classroom.

What if I lose my Progress Report?  Can I still get into an Enrichment activity?

Unfortunately, you may not.  Your progress report is your daily ticket to get in to any room.  It is your job to hang on to it – we will not print another one for you if you lose it.  If you don’t have your progress report, you can still attend an Intervention class.  

If I finish my intervention early, can I go to another activity or to a different Intervention room?

Not that day.  Once you enter a room, you must stay there for the entire period.

What if my teacher doesn’t update my grades right away?

You will not be able to attend other activities until your progress report shows that your grade has improved.  You may need to report to that teacher again.  Teachers will be entering grades regularly (minimum once a week.)  Think of it this way – if you fail a test on Tuesday, but your teacher doesn’t update grades until Friday, you might miss two days of Enrichment.  However, you might also fail to turn in assignments, yet your progress report doesn’t reflect this and unless you self-select to go to intervention, you are allowed to attend Enrichment.  Things will even out in the end.

Can my teacher sign a note saying I’m caught up so I can go to Enrichment?

No.  Your progress report is the final word.  In order to get into Enrichment activities, you must present a progress report that shows you have earned that opportunity – that means no deficiencies.

What if I’m passing everything?

Excellent!  Give yourself a high five for working hard.  You can choose from the list of Enrichment activities or go to an Intervention teacher if you need help on something.  Keep it up!