Windows to the Workplace

The counseling center is hosting a series of career presentations.  Presentations will be held in room P105 during Quest Time (10:35—10:55).  All interested students are welcome to attend.

This year's presentations:

9/14  Melissa Wallentine--Software Consultant

9/13--Brodie Berg--Firefighter

9/27  Nancy James--Turning Talents & Skills into Business Opportunities

10/5--Lance Conrad--Author

10/11--Chad Rigtrup--Optometrist

10/19  Mike James--Media Technology

11/3  Scott Wakefield--Credit & Budgeting

11/15  Mike Johnson--AP Classes

11/17--Mark Middlebrook--MATC

2/7--Jeremiah DeLlamas--Physical Therapist

2/23--Dan Allen--Author

3/8--Craig Norman--Golf Pro

3/22--Dr. Isaac Bott--Veterinarian


Last year we had the followng presentations:

Michael Jenkins--Business/Sales
Nathan Rich--Oncologist
Wendy Hunter--Chef
Scott Wakefield--Financial Awareness:"Get Smart About Credit"
Roark Fisher--Information Technology
Terri Sawyer--Social Work
Roy Hammond--Radiologist
Kristine Widtfeldt--Marketing
Reed Park--Attorney
Jamie Jensen--Biologist
Jeremiah DeLlamas--Physical Therapist
Stephanie Fish--Dental Hygienist
Lois Brown--Author
Travis Morris--Police Officer
Mark Middlebrook--MATC Programs
Nicole Stewart--Chemical Engineer