PTSA Meeting on June 7th

Please join us at the next Springville Junior High PTSA meeting! The Parent Teacher Student Association will meet on Friday, June 7th at 11:00am in the SJHS library. Please call or text Sherelle Woodward for more info (385-236-2306).

Spotlight: Skye & Brylee Boschee

Article written by student: Remick Whiting

Skye and Brylee Boschee are some great friends and even though school may stress them out some times, they are always so cheerful. We asked Skye what she likes most about herself she said “That I am a unicorn loving country girl.” Brylee likes that she ”Is in love with watermelon I have a watermelon candy bag in my backpack” she says. One thing that makes them both happy is being with each other. “Because we don't get to see each other a lot because we are always busy“ Brylee said. What’s one of the hardest things about being twins “We get in fights about stuff that's not even that big of a deal”. Some of the sports Skye and Brylee played are soccer and cheerleading. Skye’s favorite thing to do is to sing and dance. There you go that's Skye and Brylee Boschee for you. Hope you can get to know them better and maybe see them dance or sing for you.

Students Compete in a Poetry Slam

Article written by student: Max Whipple

What are words? Words are a string of characters or a chain of emotion?  Words written aesthetic and rhythmic style is poetry and today we were treated to a poetry slam after school.  Students had the chance to explore this way of storytelling through competition in front of teachers. We heard poems about pencils to deep life experiences.  Some were funny while others were inspiring.

The last four years our school has won in the district finals. Every competitor had their own spin on the slam poems.  The poems were very well done. Chole Slight, a finalist says “It took me a very long time to write my poem and I just thought this sounds realistic.  Over the weekend I prepared. I basically performed to everyone, but when I got up there I was shaking internally. I told myself I’m going to do it this year. So, I kind of just went there with poem in hand and said to myself, I want to perform.”

Congrats to school winners Chloe Sleight, Francisca Hernandez, and Vance Nielson who represented SJHS at the district slam and runners up Shyla Torsak, Emme Trunnel, and Chelsie Nielsen. 

All of the poems were very powerful in their own unique way.  All the poems had a deep message from each of the creators. They presented these poems in an expressive way to broaden their messages. This is the poetry of our milenia.  


Meet Teo Sjoberg!

Article written by student: Carter Turley

Meet Teo Sjoberg. Teo is an 8th grader here at SJHS who loves the Utes and loves to play football with all of his friends. He also encourages others and helps brighten their day by making them laugh.

“My favorite class is by far is Peer Tutor, because it’s really fun to help the people in that class,” Teo shared. Teo also shared some of the other things he liked. Teo shared “The great thing about 8th grade is that you have lots of friends and they’re always there for you when you need them,” Teo said, “What I look forward to most in 9th grade is that I can put my best effort for the end of the school year and do the best I can”. Also, Teo wishes that there was more free time,”... because it’s fun to hang out with other friends and laugh with them during quest time or free time in classes. Teo is also ready to get out of school for his 8th-grade year. “I’m tired of all this testing. All I want to do is go on vacation and get some friends together and play some football with them.” Hopefully, Teo can stand at least 2 more weeks of school, but he’s confident to finish his testing.

Teo has a lot of things he likes that also you probably like, so maybe you can be his friend too. But, hopefully, now you know about Teo a bit more.

Meet Ms. Merrill

Article written by student: Sarah Hubbard

Ms. Merrill is a science teacher, she teaches 7th and 8th grade. She also coaches the school's girls basketball team. She has been teaching at Springville Jr. High for two years. Jade Murray, one of her 8th-grade students said, “Ms. Merrill is fun and always has a positive attitude. She gives examples to help me learn better when I don’t fully understand something.” Another 8th-grade student Ammon Taylor said, “She always tries to make class interactive. I like how Ms. Merrill is strict on the rules and helps us achieve our goals.” Ms. Merrill said she became a teacher because both of her parents were teachers, she loves a-ha moments and loves her coworkers. Her favorite thing to do in her free time is to play basketball and spend time with her family. She loves to get to know her students and watch them progress throughout the year. We love having Ms. Merrill as a part of our school at Springville Jr. High School!


Article written by student: Amber Haslam

Noah Jacobson and Audrey Hawkins are apart of the FFA 2nd semester. They competed on the Agricultural Science team. They got first! They will now compete in the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. They are very excited to represent SHS at the National FFA Convention in October of 2019. Although they won the Agricultural Science Convention they still wish that they could have done something a little bit better. Noah feels like he could have spent a little bit more time on the layout of his page. Audrey wishes she prepared more for her practicum. We then asked the question ‘What is your favorite part of state and FFA?’ Noah replied with “ The people that you get to meet are amazing and fun!” Audrey answered with “ Being with all of the FFA members from around the state and hanging out with them!” In the end, everything turned out good for everyone! We want to congratulate Noah Jacobson and Audrey Hawkins with winning and wish them luck in Indianapolis!

Wherefore Art Thou, 9th Grade English

Article written by student: Cam Hall

    At the end of this school year, 9th-grade English classes are watching and learning about Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet is a play written by Shakespeare in 1597 and describes a tale between two lovers, Romeo and Juliet. If you’ve watched or read Romeo and Juliet, you know it is more than a love story, and that’s what our 9th graders are beginning to learn.

    The 9th-grade English classes are watching the Globe version of the play, adaptations as well as reading it out of the textbook. “I like to see the adaptations, and how they can change the play,” said Bridger Mason, a ninth grader. “My favorite way to get the story has to be the movies, it’s easier to follow than reading it in the textbook.” Johann Orozco, another 9th grader, said: “I like Romeo and Juliet because it’s not like every other love story, where the love lasts forever because both Romeo and Juliet end up dying.” Along with watching and reading it, the English classes have been doing activities to go along with it. They did a Masquerade, which is a dance from the times of Romeo and Juliet, and the classes have been acting out scenes with props too. “I like the acting because it lets us experience a little bit of what it was like to be back then. Except we did it less gory, instead of doing the fight scene we played rock paper scissors,” Johann said. “I also liked the dance, I thought it was going to be a disaster but it turned out quite fun.”

    If you’re in 8th grade this year, be ready for Romeo and Juliet. Bridger says, “Be excited for the dance and for the movies, it’s a fun unit to study in English.”

Mr. Booths Harmony

Article written by student: Max Whipple

“How many instruments can one person play?” This was the first question I thought when I walked into his classroom three years ago.  I soon found out that it much more than the number of studio musicians in Steely Dan, and if you don’t know who they are, then learn your jazz-fusion bands.  Mr. Booth, a multi-talented musician and a music enthusiast, is just an awesome person. He found his music appreciation in Montana where he grew up.  He moved into Utah in 1992 and he has been teaching at SJHS ever since.  He says his greatest accomplishments are when students become more talented musicians and seeing them become better people in general. Coming to Jr. HIgh I heard a lot of great, fun things about him and he lived up to his reputation.  Every day I look forward to his class, his weird sense and humor and homemade cookies. Carsten Smith says, “I dare say he is the best teacher”. I agree with Carsten whole heartedly that he is the epitome of a teacher!


Here’s a few fun facts about Mr. Booth:


  1. He can throw a piece of gum into the trash from across the room

  2. He has Mr.  Booth sign language that’s his own form of communication

  3. He loves to find great sales or he likes to talk about them

  4. We know he’s upset when he fidgets with his knuckles

  5. Works in his garden as a pastime

  6. Was a drummer in a band called The DeSotos All-Star band for over 20   years

  7. Mr. Booths Ritz crackers song

  8. He’s always wanted to learn how to tap dance


On a more serious note…

  1. Eastern New Mexico University for 1 year.  Associates degree at Ricks College. And his bachelors at BYU

  2. When he retires he wants to continue learning the guitar.  He also said to continue learning and to work in his yar

  3. He knows how to play most brass, woodwind, stringed, and percussion instruments


I wanted to feature Mr. Booth in this article because he has become my friend.  SJHS voted that he deserved the crystal apple for the positive impact he has had on our school.  Since, he shares his knowledge and a deep understanding of music theory with passion and a sense of humor. He’s inspired me to develop my own creativity with music. He’s one teacher that his students will miss as they leave Jr. High hoping to see Mr. Booth’s quirks and nuances one last time.


Farewell, Dr. Rockwood!

Article written by student: Carter Turley

Mr. Rockwood has been working here at SJHS for 2 years as the Dean of Students. “The Dean of Students is like a Vice - Vice Principal”, says Dr. Rockwood, who has a Bachelor Science Degree in Psychology, Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology, and Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy. “...and so I’m getting a promotion to Assistant Principal at Payson.” He gave me some of his favorite things, like his favorite colors are Blue and Green, and his favorite things about each grade. Dr. Rockwood said,” My favorite thing about 7th graders are that they’re eager to start a new thing and school, but that they’re also nervous. 8th graders are in this time of comfort zone, because they know the school, and they’re not worried about High school yet, and they know how the school works. And 9th graders are just ready to start High School, they’re ready and excited, and they think it’s going to be pretty fun.” I asked him who he looked up to and who he wants to be like, Dr. Rockwood responded,” Well, I’m 5’9, so I look up to everyone, or just most faculty and some students. But I want to be like Mr. Boothe, he makes so much of a difference to people and students. He teaches amazing, and he makes students feel empowered in and out of the classroom.” And this is how amazing Mr. Rockwood is.

         We loved Dr. Rockwood helping students here and giving them great feelings and making them feel welcome. And so, Dr. Rockwood gave me some departing words of wisdom. He said,” I have loved teaching here at SJHS, and it’s been great. The faculty and students have taught me so many things, and I’m leaving a better person from before I started here. So, I will leave you this thought. If you remember these 3 lessons of virtue, which are to be courageous in being kind, honest, and hard working, there is nothing you can’t do.” And with that, from everyone, students, and faculty here at SJHS would like to say thank you, and good luck Dr. Rockwood!!

Springville Track 2019

Article written by student: Sarah Hubbard

Relay, distance, sprints, hurdles, jumping, and throwing. Track has so many options, so much to offer. Springville Jr. High track the girls won districts for the past two years, and the boys side is up there as well. Interviewing a few 9th graders who have been doing track for the past 2 or 3 years, Logan Tanner said, “My favorite thing about track is the high jump, because not everyone can say they can do it. Plus its like doing a backflip over the bar” Logan went onto say, “I did track to stay in shape and be with friends.” Ashley Edwards another 9th grader agreed with Logan saying, “I play other sports so I did track to stay in shape and to be with my friends.” With practices after school everyday Monday-Thursday, along with meets on Fridays, another 9th grade track runner, Kennedy Davis said, “I love going to track meets, and being able to sit in a hammock underneath the bleachers during meets.” Kennedy would also have to agree with Logan and Ashley saying, “The reason I did track was to help me improve, so I can be able run faster.” she replied when asked what her favorite event was, “Relay races are also the most fun race. You get to compete with a team of amazing runners.” In conclusion, track is an amazing way to make friends, stay in shape, improve, and have fun.