February 2010

Seventh Graders at SJHS Get Jobs

Kara Dunn, SJHS Staff Writer

Seventh graders at SJHS skipped school on February 5th and spend a day acting as an adult for Job Shadow Day.  Job Shadow Day is a day where the seventh graders spend a day with someone who has a job and learns about that job.

Ms. Josie Jarvis, CTE teacher at Springville Junior High, said, “Job Shadow Day is really beneficial because students get the opportunity to spend the whole day observing a specific job that they may be interested in. We want students to get thinking about a career path, so they can explore different paths before they head down a certain career path.”

Some students that went on their Job Shadow expedition had an interest in the job. Sarah Muir, a seventh grader who went to a massage clinic with her grandmother, was one of these students who had an interest in the job. “I really enjoyed it, I learned a lot and I’ve wanted to be a massage therapist for a long time,” she explained.

Other students discovered that they had no interest in the job they shadowed. Courtney O’Halloran, another seventh grader, enjoyed her experience at the BYU bookstore, but didn’t have an interest in perusing it as a career. “I had a lot of fun, but I want to be a chemist when I grow up.”

Lots of students at Springville Junior High participated in Job Shadow Day. Ms. Jarvis said that about 98% of her students were gone on Job Shadow Day.      

For some students, finding and keeping a job isn’t something they’re particularly concerned about, seeing as their only in seventh grade. But as time goes by, it tends to speed up and the time flies by. Now is the time for students at Springville Junior High to be thinking about a career path they want to take. 

Journalism Presents to Nebo School Board

Kristi Hatch, SJHS Staff Writer
Assistant Principal Dave Knudsen, Principal Darrel Rolfe, journalism students Christopher Taylor, Andrew Garza, Spencer Duncan, Katya Wagstaff, Kristi Hatch, Cody Woolsey, Kara Dunn, Julie Barbosa, and journalism teacher Tiffanie Miley.

On Wednesday, February 10, 2010, the journalism class of SJHS made a presentation to the Nebo District School Board.  Using the same presentation as when they presented to the Nebo PTA, the journalism class impressed the School Board. 

Mr. Rolfe, the principal of SJHS, introduced the class and the teacher, Ms. Miley.  Then three students of the class, Kara Dunn, Katya Wagstaff, and Christopher Taylor presented a brief summary about what the duties and opportunities of the journalism class, after which there was a video presentation that Ms. Miley put together. 

The video covered certain areas of journalism, and throughout the presentation, students were talking about what the certain things meant to them and how they do it well. A few the areas discussed were brainstorming, interviewing, drafting, editing, and peer review.  Students also expressed their satisfaction with being published in the Springville Herald and how their writing improved throughout the semester.

“Those who visited with me after the presentation indicated they were very impressed with the journalism program,” said Mr. Darrel Rolfe.  Ms. Miley also said, “I think the school board liked our presentation. They seemed interested in our video and were reading our newspaper.” 

There’s no doubt that this year’s journalism class has been very successful. Mr. Rolfe said, “The fact that we had published so many articles and 100% of our students had been involved stood out to [the school board] as very untypical.  Certainly this is not only a tribute to our students, but to Ms. Miley as well.”  

SJHS Parent Teacher Conference Thursday, Feb. 18th

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held at Springville Junior High on Thursday, February 18th from 3:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the boys' gym.  Please pick up your child's midterm progress report at the counselors' table  before visiting with your child's teachers.


Super Bowl Debate

Kristi Hatch, SJHS Staff Writer

In Mr. Shields’s eighth grade history classes, students have been debating and learning about politics as they determine who they think will win the 2010 Super Bowl.  On February 5, students used the Electoral College system to vote on who they thought would be this year’s champion. 

Electoral College is the system that the United States uses when it’s time to vote for the president of the United States.  Each state gets a certain amount of votes, based on the population in that state.  This system brings a different set of results than using popular vote.  For example, if a few lower-populated states all vote Republican and one higher-populated state votes Democratic, Democratic could still win in the Electoral College, but Republican would win in popular vote. 

Well, needless to say, Mr. Shields’s classes were excited and involved on February 5.  Before the voting, the classes had a debate. Half the class represented the Saints, and half represented the Colts.  Then each student picked a state out of a hat (some students got two so that all 50 states were represented), and then they voted.  Mr. Shields remarked, “The kids had fun with it. It was a little vocal and fun, and they got to campaign.”

The results are in, and the total (all the classes combined) Electoral College votes for the Saints was 1,255 (popular was 131), and for the Colts, 1,970 (popular was 175).  As it happened, there was one unusual score: in Mr. Shields’s third period class.  In popular vote, the Saints won with 27 votes to 23 for the Colts.  However, the Colts won in Electoral College, at 310 votes to the Saints score of 228.  Despite all of these students rooting for the Colts, the Saints pulled ahead in the game, winning 31-17. 

Love is in the Air at SJHS

Kara Dunn, SJHS Staff Writer

Valentine's Day is a holiday that is celebrated throughout the world. It has never been confirmed as to where this holiday originated, but there are, however, many speculations. The Catholic Church recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine that were martyred, but the real origin has never been confirmed. 

Springville Junior High school is celebrating Valentines Day this year in a few different ways. The Service Learning class is creating Valentines that students can buy and give to other students. These Valentines will cost one dollar, and the service learning class will deliver them to the appropriate student during the students’ sixth period class. 

Springville Junior High is also hosting a school dance for students at Springville Junior High. The dance will be February 11th from 7:00 to 9:00 and will be four dollars without their student I.D. and three with. Students are asked to wear best dress, but still follow the dress code found in the student handbook.

Spotlight on the Cello

Jacob DeRosia SJHS Staff Writer
Gavin Kent and Reid Dwiggins, members of the cello section at SJHS.

Have you ever been walking down the hall and heard the low hum of a cello? Every day the orchestra students have the opportunity to listen to the graceful sound of the Violoncello, Which is the long name for the cello. For the students who play the cello, “It’s great! I wish I could have 8 periods of orchestra!” said Reid Dwiggins, a cello player in the SJHS orchestra. Even the people who don’t play the cello love the sound.

The cello is one of the middle instruments in the string orchestra. Second only to the bass, the cello is one of the lowest instruments in the orchestra.  The songs played in orchestra are the favorites of every cello and violin alike. But according to the cellos, they sound so much better when they play them. And most of the cellos agree,”cellos are better than trumpets!”

Weightlifting with Mr. Hansen

Kaleb Barnum, SJHS Staff Writer

A lot of people in the world list weights almost every day; SJHS has a great teacher who is willing to spend his time and help kids work out. Mr. David Hansen, history teacher and weight lifting coach at SJHS, thought that there was a need to have a weight lifting program so students who have pent up energy can come and let some of it the energy go. Mr. Hansen thinks that lifting weight is a great way for students to physically exert energy in a good, positive way. Mr. Hansen loves to see kids come and do physical activity. It helps them meet their goals and look forward to something.

Mr. Hansen said, “It helps kids get stronger, and it gives them self confidence.” About 15-20 students show up everyday. They work hard and don’t goof off. A student like Kenny Roach, eighth grade student at SJHS, loves to work out. He says, “On bad days, weight lifting helps me get through the tough times.”  Weight lifting takes place after school except Wednesday. So people who don’t have anything to do after school, Mr. Hansen would love for anyone to work out after school with him. 

Ms. Jarvis: CTE teacher and professional barrel racer

Morgan Bowser, SJHS Staff Writer
Ms. Jarvis

One of the most popular classes among seventh graders at SJHS is Career Technical Education (CTE). Ms. Jarvis teaches the Introduction to Business section of CTE. Ms. Jarvis wanted to teach because in high school she was interested in teaching and the business field. She decided to teach business so she could combine the two.
Ms. Jarvis said, “I love teaching because I get to know the students; they are so funny and have great personalities.” Because she teaches also computers, she teaches information that they will use at school and at home, “It is so fun to see them take those skills and use them at home or in other classes.”
Hannah Thorn, a seventh grader, said, “She is super cute and nice; If you get this class you will love it.”  Olivia James, also a seventh-grade student, said “She is so nice; she lets us talk, but not too loud.”  According to Jehni McNeil, an eighth-grade student, she is always fun and she teaches well.
Besides teaching, Ms. Jarvis also enjoys horseback riding. Her family owns fifteen horses that they raise and train. They raise them to become barrel racing horses. In the summer she travels to two to four rodeos a week.

SJHS Journalism Class performs superbly at PTA presentation

Kara Dunn, SJHS Staff Writer

On January 20th, Springville Junior High’s journalism class gave a presentation to the district PTA board about what goes on in the journalism class and how they write their articles.  “Whenever the district PTA has a meeting, it’s hosted at a different school. The schools are asked to give a presentation for the PTA members, and Mr. Rolfe asked that the journalism class give the presentation at our school,” Ms. Miley, the journalism teacher, explained.

The journalism class worked together to make a video explaining the process they go through everyday and their thoughts about the different steps. Three students wrote up introductions and introduced themselves and the journalism class to the PTA members and school principals in attendance.

“I really appreciate all that the students have done to prepare for this presentation. I think it portrays a very good message about the academic climate at the junior high,” Mr. Rolfe, principal at Springville Junior High, said. 

Although the students worked hard on their presentation, Ms. Miley really made the presentation possible. “Ms. Miley has helped this class come alive to the students,” Mr. Rolfe observed.   “I believe it was very obvious to those who saw the presentation that our students are totally involved in the class and learning these wonderful principles of writing,” Mr. Rolfe said.

“I’m glad that the community reads what my journalism students have written throughout the semester. There are so many good things that go on at Springville Junior High, and I’m glad that we get a chance to share them.” Ms. Miley commented.

The journalism class has also been asked to give a follow up on this presentation to the Nebo School Board on February 10th about how they feel and why they enjoy journalism.  

Mrs. Murdock, New Teacher & Coach at SJHS

Jacob Simmons, SJHS Staff Writer
The ninth-grade girls’ basketball team.

Front row, left to right:  Ashley Crookston (manager), Sarah Patrick(manager),  Courtney Lefevre, Ripley Tew, Maddi Staheli, Mackenzie Morris, Amanda Sly, BreAnna Elzinga (manager),  Ashly Endicott(manager),  and Assistant Coach Murdock.  Back row, left to right: Emily Daybell, Kara Stoddard, Sarah Ripley, Brooke Caswell, Amy Tingey, Cami Sumsion, Mindy Staple, and Coach Kindrick


Springville Junior High School got a lot of new additions to their teaching squad this year. One of the many was Mrs. Becky Murdock, who has proven to be a great new addition to the social studies department.

Mrs. Murdock teaches eighth grade U.S. History and ninth grade World History/Geography. She enjoys teaching both.  “I adore teaching. I love to see the light bulb go on inside my student's heads,” she said.

Mrs. Murdock went to Brigham Young University, where she majored in Social Studies Teaching. “I switched my major four times and tried everything from Geography, Geology, to Archeology and Anthropology; trying to decide which social science to go into,” she stated. Finally she decided to go with social studies teaching, deciding she would get the “best of all worlds.”

Another element Mrs. Murdock brought with her to the junior high, is coaching.  Mrs. Murdock is the assistant coach to Mr. David Kindrick for the girls basketball team. She said, “I love coaching. Period.” 

Mrs. Murdock doesn’t just teach and coach, besides that she loves to cook, spend time with her family, and play lacrosse.