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January 2011

Model UN Practicing Parliamentary Procedures at SJHS

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Fri, 01/14/2011 - 19:19
Cody Woolsey, SJHS Staff Writer

Model United Nations team has been a tradition at SJHS for many years. It is supervised by Mr. David Hansen, history teacher at SJHS, and Mrs. Lise Carpenter, science teacher at SJHS. In Model UN, the students represent a country and practice parliamentary procedures to find solutions to certain world issues. Model UN practices every Monday and Friday during Quest Time.

“Model UN is a simulation of the real United Nations,” said Mr. Hansen, “we practice public speaking, research skills, parliamentary procedures, negotiation skills, and communication skills.” This year, the Model UN team is representing the country of Brazil; they will compete at the statewide BYU United Nations competition this year. According to Mr. Hansen, in the past, the junior high’s team has done fairly well, and has even won some awards.

In Model UN we “talk about real-world issues and model the real United Nations,” said Jackson Dozier, ninth-grade student at SJHS. The students have to practice writing certain types of papers, which can often prove difficult due to the required vocabulary and the format for the papers. The students practice researching their topics and writing the different types of papers for two times a week for twenty minutes each time.

Geometry Decks the Halls

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Fri, 01/14/2011 - 19:16
Emilee Christensen, SJHS Staff Writer
Mrs. Gleave's sixth period class sings geometry Christmas carols to the journalism class.

During the month of December, geometry students at Springville Junior High memorized formulas and got into the Christmas spirit by singing carols. These weren’t just the ordinary Christmas carols you hear on the radio. Before Christmas break, Mrs. Gleave, Algebra 1 and Geometry teacher, had geometry students create math Christmas songs.

Mrs. Gleave has had her classes carol for the past four years now.  Before that, she researched on the benefits of music in memorization. Mrs. Gleave decided inventing Christmas carols for math formulas and theorems would help students remember them better. And so the tradition was born. 

Students used these different formulas to make a geometry carol. They used Christmas tunes of their choice and rewrite the words using their math brain power. “By studying the formulas well enough to write a song about them, students learn to identify helpful characteristics about the formulas they use in math.” said Mrs. Gleave.  The hard work paid off when geometry students caroled around to other classes.

Students liked making up the songs and singing them to the classes. Many of the students still have their songs living in their heads from singing them over and over around the school. According to Taya Rasmussen, eighth-grader, said “My favorite part about caroling was the no homework part.” It was a nice Christmas present for the students.

Caroling didn’t just benefit Mrs. Gleave’s students, but as well as the classes they visited. Many students have a negative feeling about math. According to Mrs. Gleave, this caroling unit can help students see that math can be fun and provide a laugh or two. 

The teachers at SJHS love it too. Mrs. Gleave’s classes had more teachers willing to be interrupted than they could get through in a periods time.

The Students were able to laugh at themselves and their brilliant math carols. Some of the student’s favorite songs they invented were Carol of the Bells using slope-intercept, and Deck the halls for the formula n-2(180) and Triangle Rock to Jingle Bell Rock.  “I think we have some up and coming lyricists at SJHS,” said Mrs. Gleave.

Journalism Waves Goodbye to First Semester, and Says Hello to Second Semester

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Mon, 01/10/2011 - 15:18
Andrew Creer, SJHS Staff Writer
The journalism class busily working on their articles

The first day of school started, and so did the journalism class, which is taught by Ms. Tiffanie Miley during sixth period.  They started to work on their first articles about a week in, after practicing to become the new journalism staff. Now it’s January and the journalism staff is about to leave and join new classes next semester.  “It's really sad to me. This is my second and final year as a journalist, and I've really enjoyed the class and the teacher,” said Cody Woolsey, ninth-grade student at SJHS.  After January 13th, most of the journalism students will not be taking the journalism class the next semester.  “I really enjoyed teaching this semester's journalism class. The students worked hard and became much better writers over the course of the semester. I enjoyed getting to know everyone,” said Ms. Miley

In one semester all journalism students agree that they learned a lot.  “Its a great way to practice your writing and social skills. You also get articles in the newspaper for others to read,” said Mason Barnes, ninth-grade student at SJHS.  In order to write articles, the journalism staff interviews teachers and students.  “I got to meet a bunch of new people, teachers and students,” said Amanda Ripley, eighth-grade student at SJHS.  Students and Ms.Miley all agree the class is a great way to improve writing and social skills.  “I think journalism helps kids in several different ways. First of all, students become better writers. They practice writing every single day, and that practice really makes a difference. Students also learn how to ask good questions and then organize their ideas in a logical manner. When doing interviews, students learn how to better communicate with people. Each of these skills are used in many different areas of the students' lives,” said Ms. Miley.

At the end of the first semester the current journalism students will leave, and new students will be coming in.  “I would definitely recommend journalism to anyone and everyone! It will be a great experience for whoever is in this class. You will be sorry if you don't take it,” said Taylor Bennett, eighth -grade student at SJHS. The first semester journalism class has been writing articles since the beginning of the year, but soon they will no longer be able to.   “I will miss this class. Not only is the class full of good writers who work hard, but this class is a fun bunch of kids to be around,” said Ms. Miley.

The Office Spreads Christmas Cheer

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Mon, 01/10/2011 - 15:12
Amanda Ripley, SJHS Staff Writer
Mrs. Janine Murdock, finance secretary, and the festive Christmas decorations.

As Christmas Break approached, students and teachers alike found ways to spread the Christmas spirit throughout Springville Junior High School. Mrs. Brenda Bales, school attendance secretary, found her own way to celebrate the holidays: she has decorated the office!

As soon as Thanksgiving break ended, Mrs. Bales and her teacher assistants (TA’s) quickly started putting up decorations around the office. Some of the decorations were: two decorative snowmen, a Christmas tree, and various snowflakes around the room. Mrs. Bales said, “The tree here was finished before my tree at home.”

According to Mrs. Bales, the TA's always help put up the decorations. “They are all such a great help to us. It's fun to hear about all their family traditions while we decorate,” she said.

The teachers aren’t the only ones who enjoy the beautiful and festive decorations. Joee Lowe, a ninth grader and office TA, said, “I think [the decorations] really bring Christmas spirit into the office.”

The office sends out many thanks to their TA’s, and hopes all the students at SJHS had a very merry Christmas.

Serving Little First Graders

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Mon, 01/10/2011 - 15:09
Emilee Christensen, SJHS Staff Writer

At Springville Junior High, students are learning how to serve by interacting with first graders. Mrs. Diane Bird’s service learning class visits the first graders at Brookside Elementary every Monday during the service learning class period. This helps the class learn how to serve kids younger than themselves.

The students who signed up for service learning had the obvious intention of learning how to serve.  Mrs. Bird said, “Service is about other people and not about yourself.”According to Mrs. Bird, from serving a handful of energetic first graders, her students learn patience, cooperation, and how to be in charge. Working with first graders takes lots of discipline. One to two students get partnered up with a single first grader.

Seth Daybell, ninth-grade service learning student, said, “I didn’t have big people to come visit in first grade.” He now wishes that there would’ve been older kids too. Seth and his classmates are glad that they have the chance to hang out with first graders and do fun activities with them. 

The students do several activities to interact and serve the first graders. They’ve read and played different games and activities. They’ve played word games to help the 1st graders spell.  Mrs. Bird’s class has played games that teach the little kids different skills and learn teamwork; like by playing basketball.  Service Learning also taught the first graders how to dance. Kristen Rasmussen, eight-grade student in service learning, said, “My favorite activity was when we danced and sang songs.” The first graders love it when service learning stops in for a visit.

SJHS Choirs Tour Elementary Schools

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Mon, 01/10/2011 - 15:06
Michelle Herrera, SJHS Staff Writer

On Friday, December 12th, the eighth and ninth-grade choir students and the choir teacher, Mrs. Leslie Walker, went around to different elementary schools and sang Christmas songs.

The junior high choir students sang at Art City, Sage Creek, Brookside, Westside, and Cherry Creek Elementary Schools, but in the middle of the tour they stopped at the mall and had lunch. Josh Dalley, eighth grader at SJHS, said, “I enjoyed it because it was really fun!”

The students sang lots of different songs. A few are “Oh Come Oh Come,” “Raise up Sheppard,” “Bity Bog,” and “Dig That Crazy Santa Clause.” The Journeymen and Master Singers switched off between who was singing. Some songs the Mastersingers (ninth graders) just sang, and some the Journey Men (eighth grade boys) just sang and others they sang together.

The junior high choirs sang to the elementary schools to entertain the kids and get them in the Christmas spirit. They also sing to the elementary schools to let them know about the choir program at SJHS. Aaron Meyers, eighth grader at SJHS, said, “I would want to do it again. Next year I am going to try out for the Master Singers.”

Students make Haan Crafts

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Mon, 01/10/2011 - 15:02
Shannon Lott, SJHS Staff Writer
Erika Frischknecht made a giant snake in the SJHS sewing class.

Students in the Springville Junior High sewing and clothing class are now making Haan Crafts. Haan Crafts are a fancy name for different types kits you get to make stuffed animals and/or pillows and blankets. If students are in a sewing or clothing class, they have the opportunity to make these kits.

Students at SJHS had lots of choices on what they wanted to make. “I wanted to make a soccer ball, and they looked fun!” said Ashley Cutler, an eighth grader a SJHS.

The first thing students did was to order the type of Haan Craft they would like to make from the catalog. Students waited for their orders to get here and started sewing the shapes together; leaving a hole so they can put stuffing in. Haan Crafts are made of different fabrics, thread, stuffing, and buttons.

Erika Frischknecht, and eighth grader at SJHS, made a Haan Craft. “They are fun!” she said, “[My favorite part was] Stuffing the guts into it. Because then it started to look like... real!”

They started these kits before Christmas and kids are still working on them. Students in sewing and clothing are making different types of Haan Crafts like basketballs, soccer balls, giant green fuzzy feet, and even a big snake.        

Cool Counselor at SJHS

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Mon, 01/10/2011 - 14:58
Rachel Standley, SJHS Staff Writer
Mrs. Monica Distefano, seventh-grade counselor at SJHS

At Springville Junior High there are several counselors. The seventh-grade counselor, Mrs. Monica Distefano, was born in Cleveland, Ohio and grew up in a suburb called Sheffield Lake, near Lake Erie.

She went to BYU for a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and later, went to the University of Phoenix to get a master’s degree. She spent 10 years working for a company that provided services to people with disabilities. She was a manager and a director over some residential programs. Later she was the director of staff development.

She always knew that she wanted to work with youth, but it took her some time to discover that school counseling would be the best job for her. Mrs. Distefano says, “I love my job! It is so much fun to work with junior high students!”

Mrs. Distefano is a mom, and has four children ages: 13, 11, 9, and 4. This is her seventh year at Springville Junior High School.

Revolution War Posters in US History

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Mon, 01/03/2011 - 14:08
Andrew Creer, SJHS Staff Writer
War posters from Mr. Nelsons history class

At the start of chilly December, the students in Mr. Cole Nelson’s eighth-grade history class started a new project, Revolutionary War posters.  “The main theme of these posters was Continental Army recruitment in the Revolutionary War,” said Mr. Nelson. After hearing the instructions the students got to work.  “When I first heard we were going to make war posters, I thought it would be a great experience,” said Nik Grosland, eighth-grade student at SJHS.

When making a war poster the students started  off by thinking of a theme, they thought of something that made the colonists want to go to war, like the Boston Tea Party.  Or students could base the poster off of a famous battle, like Lexington, Concord, or Bunker Hill.  Next students designed and drew their posters.  The last step was to make it colorful.  “In the end we had many posters that shared a strong message,” said Mr. Nelson.

The students finished in about three days and then started on something new. “When doing these projects we used a different way of learning.  I think it’s better than taking a quiz or writing on paper,” said Mr. Nelson. After the students finished they hung the posters on the wall.  “What this assignment taught me was how posters were influential to the colonists.  It was a totally terrific assignment,” said Nik.

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