October 2012

Introducing SJHS’s New Student Council

Samantha Sorensen, SJHS Staff Writer
The 2012-13 SJHS Student Council

Springville Junior High School has recently elected a new student council. SJHS’s election took place during the end of last school year. The following students were elected: Jacqueline Bradford as president, Betsy Vega as vice president, Maddie Taylor as vice president, and LeGrande Bair as vice president. Mrs Murray,the SJHS student council advisor, said, “They are outgoing, excited, and hard workers.”

SJHS has a student council for many reasons. Maggie Anderson, an eighth-grader at SJHS, said that the student council exists “because we get our input into what we do.” The student council at SJHS does a number of things that helps SJHS be a successful school.

Student council has many responsibilities, some of which are announcements, assemblies, decorating for dances, SJHS’s  virtues of the month, and as Jacqueline Bradford said, “Watching out for people.” These responsibilities take preparation and time. According to Mrs. Murray, the student council meets once a week and takes the Service Learning class at SJHS where they discuss and take care of student council business.

Maddie Taylor said that being on student council is “really cool and a lot of fun.” This year be sure to watch for SJHS’s student council and their radiating examples of a true SJHS knight.

Can a girl play football?

Maryn Giles, SJHS Staff Writer
Mikinna Mchoes

Have you ever wondered if a girl could  play football? Well, according to the students at Springville Junior High, a girl can definitely play football.  Mikinna Mchoes, eigth grader at SJHS, is a girl that plays on the Reams Springville Junior High team. Her older brother and her dad both loved football, and when she saw how much fun they were having she decided to have a go at the sport. In third grade she signed up for flag football just to give it a try. After that year she really liked it, so she did it again the next year and every year through sixth grade. When she moved up to seventh grade, she decided to sign up for tackle football,which she really liked it so she signed up this year. Mikinna said, “I really like playing football, and it makes it a lot easier to play when you have family members that play and you can get good tips from them.” 

Kelsey Simons, and eighth-grade friend of Mikinna, said, “She doesn’t care what people think about her, she’s determined to reach her goals.”  A lot of people notice Mikinna and her abilities to do many things. The students in her classes notice what a talented student she is. Savannah Simmons, another eighth-grade friend of Mikinna, said, “She is very good at math. Whenever I have a question all I have to do is ask her and she fully explains it.” 

Many of the players on her team agree that she is an amazing football player, and that she puts her heart into playing.  Mrs. Morrell, a teacher at Springville Junior High, said, “I notice that she has a lot of friends, but she doesn’t let that distract her from her school work, instead it helps her achieve her school work.”

Mikinna’s favorite football team is the San Francisco 49ers.  She has a passion for football, and she also loves to watch it. She loves to hang out with her friends, and the sport she likes besides football is longboarding. Her favorite T.V. show is “Go-On.” Her favorite food is anything that has to do with seafood, and her favorite color is orange.  There are a lot of people at Springville Junior High that think Mikinna is amazing.

HOPE Squadians Learn While Having Fun

Chloe Wilson, SJHS Staff Writer
The 2012-13 Hope Squad.

On Wednesday, September 12th, the Springville Junior High School HOPE Squad members and counselors attended a HOPE Squad training session. It was held at the Grant Building during school. The training lasted the whole day. 

HOPE is an acronym for “Hold On, Persuade, and Empower.” Students were voted onto the squad at the beginning of the year by their peers and were nominated based on who you would talk to in a time of crisis. Mrs. Maughan, a HOPE Squad advisor, said, ”The purpose of HOPE Squad is to be there for and help their peers. HOPE Squad tries to prevent suicide, and also to just be a listening ear if someone is having a bad day.”  Mrs. Droz, an SJHS counselor and HOPE Squad advisor, agreed. “The purpose of the HOPE Squad is to provide a link between students in crisis and adult helpers. The HOPE Squad members are trained to support and help their peers, provide information about suicide prevention to the school, and refer students in need to those who can help.”

During the training day, students participated in activities like role playing, hot potato, practicing being observant, and eating snacks. They also ate lunch at the Grant Building. The HOPE Squad also had the opportunity to listen to a guest speaker: a BYU teacher and HOPE Squad founder named Monte Marshall, who talked to them about the importance of the HOPE Squad, shared some suicide statistics with them, and shared one of his personal experiences.

Clarissa Scott, an SJHS student and HOPE Squad member who was on the squad this year and last, said, “I thought the training was very helpful... it helped me know what I should do and what I’m doing in HOPE Squad.” Abi Maccabee, another member, said, “I think it went well. It was very well organized.” All the preparation was worth it, though. “We needed to take the time to make sure students understood what to do when helping other students. It’s always worth it if you can teach some skills and help students help each other,” said Mr. Mikesell, an SJHS assistant principal who is also involved in the squad.

The Impressive Foods l Class

Marynda Chipman, SJHS Staff Writer
A few of the foods l class members. From left to right; Depfany Reyes, Cassie Buhler, Kiera Archibald, Andrew Puckoris.

One elective class that is offered at Springville Junior High School is called Foods l.  In this class, ninth-grade students are learning to cook so they will be better prepared for the future.  Mrs. Luke, the foods teacher at SJHS, said, “Cooking is a life skill that can be used for the rest of our lives and starting at a young age to learn how to make foods, choose healthier alternatives, and spend more time at home are things that will make us better adults.”  

Students enjoy taking the foods class.  According to Kimber Hicken, a ninth grader at SJHS, the class is fun because they are learning how to make recipes from all around the world.  Kimber said, “I want to be a chef.”  

Right now, the area that the class is focusing on is Scandinavia. Some of the different things that the classes have made in this unit so far are, raspberry ribbons, icelandic pancakes, and cardamom braid bread.  Mrs. Luke said, “We focus on learning to make and try foods from around the world because I think when you try new foods you not only broaden your opinions and appreciation for other cultures, but you also realize and appreciate the foods that we eat on a daily basis.”  

According to some students that take this class, it is important to learn how to cook because you will need to use those skills when you are an adult.  A different foods class that is offered at SJHS is called Foods Exploration, and is for eighth graders.  Students that are interested to learn these skills and techniques, should sign up next year during registration.

SJHS Welcomes Mr. Penrod

Sadie Clark, SJHS Staff Writer
Mr. Penrod, the new assistant principal at SJHS.

Springville Junior High School has a new administrator. His name is Mr. Penrod. “I love it here!” he said. According to Mr. Penrod, the people here at SJHS have great energy and enthusiasm. The students and staff have really made him feel welcome. 

Mr. Penrod is no rookie in education. He has been an elementary school teacher, elementary school principal, and a middle school principal. “He’s been in education a while, and he knows kids,” said Mrs. Bales, a secretary at SJHS.  According to Mr. Van Ausdal, the principal at SJHS, he will be a great addition to the school because he is a good problem solver and won’t over-react in important situations. 

In his spare time, Mr. Penrod enjoys riding motorcycles and four wheelers, reading, and spending time with his family. He also likes BYU sports, and his favorite subject is history. He has worked on a farm too.

In the time he has spent at SJHS, his favorite thing about the school is the students. He likes the kindness that the students at have shown him. He also likes the idea of our Super Knights program and our Quest Time program. 

SJHS is thrilled to have Mr. Penrod. He is a great addition to the junior high, and he will help the school in many ways.

8th Grade Football Teams Dominate at SJHS

Maryn Giles, SJHS Staff Writer
Eighth-grade football players at SJHS, left to right: Brennen Rymer, Jantsen Thorpe, and Seth Mortenson.

This year at Springville Junior High we have two eighth-grade Football teams. One of the teams that plays for us is undefeated, that team is the red team—the Quality Cleaners Vikings. The other team is not far behind, that team is the blue and green team—the Reams Bagders.       

Practices for football start at 5:30p.m. and end at 7:30p.m. everyday, and sometimes on Saturday early in the morning, at the SJHS field.  Josh Elison, an eighth-grade football player, said, “The hardest part of football practice is the after-practice conditioning.” Some of the drills the football teams do at practice are hitting drills, passing patterns, running, and conditioning. Jantsen Thorpe, another eighth-grade football player, said, “Practices are hard, a lot of hard work goes into it.”  Sometimes the coaches will put them into offense and defense teams, and they will scrimmage against each other. Brennen Rymer, another eighth-grade football player, said, “Practices are very hard but they are worth it once you get to the actual game.”

The Quality Cleaners Vikings last game was against Payson; they beat them 21-0. Jantsen Thorpe, an eight-grade football player, said, “The games are going really good, our team is undefeated.” 

Peer Tutors Lend a Helping Hand

Zoe Dalley, SJHS Staff Writer

Here at Springville Junior High School, we have a class made for kids who are need a little help in learning new things, or have learning disabilities. What is special about this class? These kids are tutored by other students here at SJHS! It’s an elective class, one semester long, and is taught by Mrs. Hunsaker.

All grades participate in the peer tutor class, but the tutors are mostly eighth and ninth-grade students. According to Mrs. Hunsaker, the class makes a big difference in her students’ education! “If I didn't have peer tutors teaching my class it would be very difficult,” she said. “They make it possible so that I can help all of my students, and help all of them learn at their own pace.” She also said that she can always use more peer tutors, and judging by the other students opinions, the class would be fun and helpful, all in one!

“I love it!” said Alexis Pool, a seventh-grade SJHS student. According to Alexis, not only does it make you feel good to help the other students, you also learn valuable skills along the way. “I learned how to be patient, and to put details into my explanations.” According to Hagen Tischner, a seventh grader at SJHS, the best part of being in this class is that it allows you to be more free, and is comparable to being a teacher assistant, or TA. The peer tutors love being a part of such an important class, and enjoy seeing the kids being tutored progress and grow.

In the peer tutor class, the tutors help with subjects such as English, math, and even P.E! They help teach these subjects by slowly working through the problem or word, taking their time, and using tools like markers and whiteboards. All of the peer tutors interviewed said they loved being able to help the students make progress. It sounds like this would be the perfect class for those who love to lend a helping hand.

Dancing Around with Mrs. Maughan’s Dance Class

Bailey Patterson, SJHS Staff Writer
Mrs. Maughan's dance class

Here at Springville Junior High there is a dance class where students in eighth and ninth grade can get down.  SJHS students get to practice awesome, new, random dances in many different dance styles including jazz, hip-hop, and ballroom.

Students really enjoy Mrs. Maughan’s dance class. Lauren Otteson, an eighth grader at SJHS, said, “I enjoy dancing very much!  Have been dancing since I was three.”  The dancers don’t  need to have a lot of dance experience to take the class though. All they had to do was sign up for the dance class at the end of last year.  According to Holly Hutchison, another dance student at SJHS, she really likes the  dance class.  Most dance students at SJHS say that their favorite dance style is jazz.   

Mrs. Maughan, the dance teacher, has been teaching the dance class at SJHS for two years and English for four years.  She really enjoys teaching the eighth and ninth-grade dance. According to Mrs. Maughan, “I love the kinesthetic of dance, and it’s fun to break up the routine and get a chance to move around during the day.”

The Amazing SJHS Girls Tennis Team

Abi Maccabee, SJHS Staff Writer

Tennis is one of the many sports that Springville Junior High offers. There are two teams, one for the girls, and one for the boys.  Mr. Dahl is the girls’ tennis team coach.  The girls’ season for tennis is August through October, where as the boys season is during the spring. 

According to Mr. Dahl, there are tryouts that the girls must go to in order to join the team. Participants in the tryouts can make several different teams. The teams are varsity, junior varsity, and the B team. Only girls on the varsity and junior varsity teams will be able to compete in matches, but the B team is welcome to come and practice with them.

Practices are after school from three to five. They also have matches after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are two district tournaments that players will compete in. Sarah Christensen, a ninth grader at SJHS, said, “I like it when you hit the ball over the net and make it in.”

According to Tiana Taala, another ninth grader at SJHS, tennis is a great way to meet new people, and it’s also a fun way to play a sport she loves. We wish the SJHS tennis team luck and hope they do well this year.

FFA Members Attend State Fair in Salt Lake

Marin Rosenberg, SJHS Staff Writer

On Friday, September 7th, all of the FFA members in Springville Junior High were excused from class at 1:00  to attend the State Fair in Salt Lake. It wasn’t just the kids at SJHS though, all members of the Springville FFA chapter went. FFA stands for Future Farmers of America. It’s a class that students can take in ninth grade, and it teaches them about the agriculture of America. 

FFA members learned a lot about animals and farming at the State Fair. According to Mrs. Giffing, FFA teacher at SJHS, students that go to the State Fair every year learn lots of important lessons, such as showing and selling a market animal, as well as entering shop projects or fresh vegetables and fruit from their gardens.  

They also attended the PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) rodeo while at the fair. Nicole Robbins, a ninth grader at SJHS, said, “We saw these guys jump out of a plane and parachute down into the rodeo arena. It was really cool.”

The FFA members got to eat at a restaurant after being at the fair for a while. Brett Perkins, a ninth grader at SJHS, said, “We got to see a lot of animals. We saw rabbits, cows, sheep, live fish, and even a tarantula.”