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October 2013

Ready, Set, HUT! SHS Freshman Football Team!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 10/31/2013 - 10:49
Sarah Larson, SJHS Journalism Staff

What team? Red Devils! The freshman football team has won five games with a loss of only two games so far! In a recent game against Wasatch on October 17th, the freshman team won 28-0! Not only that, they competed against Salem a couple of weeks ago, and won 24-6! For these past four years that the team has played together since sixth grade, their motto has been, Get better everyday! “As coaches, we stress that principle often with the boys and hope and expect them to apply it, both on and off the field,” Coach Murphy said. 

“We push each other to do better, get along well, and work hard as a team,” Harrison Holley, a receiver on the team said. Josh Elison, who plays free safety as well as backup quarterback, said, “There are so many different personalities from all of the players, but we still work hard together as a team.” According to the assistant coach, Coach Hullinger, football is a great team sport where in order to achieve success, everyone has to work together towards a common goal. “We may not get along well off the field, but once we’re on it, we get along and never fight. We stick together,” Jantsen Thorpe, the team’s starting quarterback, said. 

The team is very talented and devoted to their sport. According to Coach Hullinger, starting on June third this summer, the team showed up at the high school weight room at 6 AM to train, for two hours every day, four days a week. “They did this all summer long! Their commitment was impressive! You can imagine what all this hard work- together- has done for their friendships. They push each other, they encourage each other, they joke and laugh together. When mistakes are made, they don’t blame or finger-point, but working together they figure how to fix and improve things.” 

“Football is an amazing sport because it takes so many people executing their job at just the right moment. If even one person forgets or misses his assignment on a given play, that play usually doesn’t work- it takes all eleven guys on each play!” Coach Hullinger said. “It’s been fun, physical, and takes a lot of practice- that’s what makes it fun! You just do your best,” Bennett Hullinger, a receiver on the team, said.

“I’m confident that this group of boys will finish the season strong and continue improving over the next few years and also will win a State Championship in a few years. I know they’re capable of reaching that goal and I look forward to watching all of them compete, on and off the field,” Coach Murphy said.

A Shout Out to the Student Council

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 10/31/2013 - 10:28
Aubrey Stewart, SJHS Journalism Staff
Members of the Student Council dressed up for Red Ribbon Week

Every new school year we get two new student councils. One for first semester and one for second semester. This year’s  first semester student council is Cortez Nelson as president, with Teresa Morse, AnnaClaire Smith, and Tanner Allen as vice presidents.       

This semester’s student council is very excited to help! Teresa mentioned that she wanted to be in student council to be involved with the school. Cortez said he wanted to be able to help. AnnaClaire wanted to make a difference, and Tanner wanted to help plan.       

Now that they have been on the student council for a couple months, they all have special things that they enjoy doing to help our school. Teresa and Tanner enjoy doing assemblies. Cortez and AnnaClaire both mentioned that they enjoy helping people. Something most of the student council mentioned was that they enjoy working with the other members and they consider them their friends.       

The SJHS staff has positive things to say about the student council. Mrs. Murray, the student council adviser, said, “The student council officers are very excited and are hard workers.” She also added that she is excited to work with them this year.       

Mrs. Bales, the attendance secretary, really admires the way that they handle announcements. She said, “I have been very impressed with the members I have worked with.  The student council is responsible for making announcements everyday.  They have been responsible for this task without reminders and do a great job at it. “       

Mr. Argyle, an assistant principal, said, “In the meetings that I have been to they are always talking about students and how they can improve this year for everyone.”       

Thanks student council for doing such a great job so far! If you need any help you can always ask them!

Pass the Ball to Mr. Dahl

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 10/31/2013 - 10:23
Lauryn Davis, SJHS Staff Writer

Hello ladies! If the SJHS tennis team looks interesting to you, this would be the article for you.  It will tell you all of the qualifications to be a real tennis player! 

Mr.Dahl, the tennis coach at SJHS, said, “Tennis is a fun sport, and it’s not as competitive as some sports get these days. Plus it’s not as much pressure.” He also said, “You are in charge, it’s not a huge team; it’s just you and your partner.” 

Well, what are some fun things about tennis? Sariah Rencher, a tennis player at SJHS, said, “I get to hit stuff with a racket, you can’t get funner than that.” 

Hannah LaBuda, another tennis player at  SJHS, said, “I like playing the matches and meeting new people.”

Some other important facts about tennis is that it cost 30 dollars that includes a jersey and lunch for the girls on the day of the meets. The meets are 2-3 times a week with practice every day. Tennis is a fun way to be healthy and active you also get to go to lots of different schools and meet new people.

Here Comes Down the Stretch- SJHS Cross Country Team!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Wed, 10/16/2013 - 11:26
Sarah Larson, SJHS Staff Writer
Members of the Cross Country Team run at a Meet

 Placing first and third in recent meets, practicing daily, and otter pops? Yes, our cross country team covers all of that! Everyday right after school, several students don their running clothes and practice for upcoming meets on Fridays. “We have had so many great kids come out to run this year,” Coach Spellman, the cross country coach, said. The team is close and trains diligently. “We’re amazing and we work hard,” Nathan Merrill, the boys team captain said.        

The team’s constant training pays off at meets on Fridays. The team goes to different schools across our district to compete in the mile and a half long courses. So far, the girls team has placed first in most of their meets, while the boys team averages third. “I am anticipating getting the same places- first and third at the district meet,” Coach Spellman said. “Racing pushes you to do your best; it is great to see everyone’s hard work pay off.” Cross country is a sport where the team must work together to win meets. According to Nathan, the team trains really hard to accomplish the best they can. 

“Everything we’ve been working on, is leading to district, where we hope we’ll win,” Kaitlyn Gee, the girls team captain said.        

“Winning is nice, but the most important thing is to do your best, and I have been very impressed with how hard our kids work,” Coach Spellman said. “Their hard work is paying off and they are steadily improving at each meet.” According to Spellman, they compete in cross country to learn that discipline and practice do benefit them. “I try to teach our runners the importance of setting goals and then working towards those goals.” The team trains for these meets by alternating between running longer runs and sprinting. They also run lap-relays, according to Kaitlyn Gee.        

Anela Christensen, a runner from the team, described the overall cross country experience as, “Hotmazing.” The team has a lot of fun working and running together. An awesome reward for their hard work each day is the otter pops they get. Sometimes they will compete to get more otter pops, or even Gatorades. Although otter pops are an added bonus, practice brings stronger lungs, legs and overall health improvements as well, according to Coach Spellman.

“It’s awesome to be involved in an extracurricular activity such as cross country!” said Kaitlyn Gee.

Brand New English Teacher, Ms. Asay

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Wed, 10/16/2013 - 10:15
Aubrey Stewart, SJHS Staff Writer
Ms. Asay with her students; photo by Aubrey Stewart, SJHS Staff

We want to welcome a fabulous new teacher in the English department. Her name is Ms. Asay and she is a book-loving seventh grade Language Arts teacher!

Ms. Asay started here at Springville Junior High this school year. She said she chose to teach English because she loves reading. She says, “I would often be caught reading rather than doing chores or homework.” She wanted to be a librarian until she decided she would rather have interactions with students. This led to her changing her English degree to an English teaching degree. Her favorite part of teaching is the students. She said, “They are so smart and funny!” She especially  likes when students are able to help one another understand.Her students feel similar about her.  

Melody Anderson, a seventh grader in Ms. Asay’s class, said, “She explains everything,” she added, “she makes sure we understand it and she explains it if we don’t.” Novalee Espinoza’s favorite thing about Ms. Asay is that she lets them do lots of grouping. 

Other teachers in the English department like her too! Ms. McBride said, “Ms. Asay is really nice. She cares about her students.” She also mentioned that Ms. Asay has great ideas for fun learning.

Ms. Miley said, “She’s easy to get along with.” When asked what makes Ms. Asay a good English teacher she said, “She works hard. She’s nice to her students. She prepares  good lessons.”

Those three lines sum it up; Ms. Asay is a great addition to the English staff and an awesome teacher!

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Wed, 10/16/2013 - 10:12
Chloe Wimmer, SJHS Staff Writer
Ihovanni Tinoco and Bob Gabbitas with Mr. Shields
Ihovanni Tinoco and Bob Gabbitas

Congratulations to Ihovanni Tinoco for winning the Around the World States Competition in U.S. History! For six years now in Mr. Shields’ history class he has had an Around the World Competition on learning the 50 states.  

When explaining how the competition works Mr. Shield says,  “It is called around the world, where you have two students stand up and I point to a state on the map and whoever says the state first wins.  Then I took  the fastest in each class and had them compete against each other to find the three fastest in each class.  Then I had a little bracketed tournament for all my classes.  We started out with a sweet sixteen.”  The overall grand champion winner for the whole eighth grade was Ihovanni Tinoco.  He won a gift certificate to a local restaurant.For some people that might sound a little strange.  So Mr. Shields went on to explain,  “I started it because I wanted to find a fun way for the students to learn the states.  I think it makes learning easier when we can make it fun or make a game out of it.   A lot of students perform better when there is some competition on the line.        

Ihovanni Tinoco, the winner, said, “ It feels awesome to win. I was super nervous but the states just came to me.” 

The following students made it to the sweet sixteen and won a king sized candy bar: Kazdin Lewis, Carly Staheli, Kaden Jepperson, Emma Kucharek, Nate Segeberg, Isaac Englund, Bob Gabbitas, Allysa Gardiner, Tanner Huber, Emma Ferrin, Lydia Davies, Kelsea Johnson, Ihovanni Tinoco, Kaylie Remund, Cougar Pope and Kaylee Marshall.  

They may not have won but, they still did a really good job!

Mr. Bailey

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Wed, 10/16/2013 - 10:06
Adele Radandt, SJHS Staff Writer
Mr. Bailey; photo by Adele Radandt, SJHS Staff

We have a new school psychologist, and his name is Mr. Bailey.

For those who do not know much about him, he helps kids that need special help. He has a similar job to the counselors but in a way they are different. His job is different than the counselors because they control more of the schedules and problems with kids in the school, but they have three for each grade.

Mr. Bailey is the only psychologist in the school because his profession is in a bit of a different category. “I help with the special education kids, that need the help” he said. What his job mostly consists of is counseling with kids, giving test, and writing reports. Mr. Bailey said, “I mostly have been working with seventh graders, but in general I work with all of the age groups equally.” 

He loves his job, and working with kids is really fun to him. He works at different schools, not only our school. That is why he is only here on Mondays and Wednesdays for a half day, and on Friday for a full day. He really enjoys his job. It is fun for him and just a good learning experience. Make sure to welcome him to the school.

The Girls Volleyball Freshman Team!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Wed, 10/16/2013 - 10:04
Emma Whipple, SJHS Staff Writer
Members of the Girls Volleyball Team; photo by Emma Whipple, SJHS Staff

Volleyball season is on, and the girls freshman volleyball team has been playing against teams from our school district.  They have been practicing all summer and they have been getting ready to beat the competition!  Currently their overall score is 2-3, with 2 wins and 3 losses, but that doesn’t deter the team!  “It’s still pretty fun, even if we lose a game!” said Nicole Wheeler, a player on the team.  The volleyball  team practices almost everyday after school, and has games on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  You might even see them wearing their team jerseys around the school! 

 A few weeks ago, they played in the Bingham Claim tournament and took second place!  That is only one of the tournaments they are playing in because sadly, only the sophomores, juniors, and seniors get to travel out of state for tournaments.  But the freshman team still gets to travel to different cities in and around Utah County.   Erika Crystal, Savannah Simmons, Haley Snarr, Tyree Strong, and Nicole Wheeler are all players from SJHS on the team.  Practices and tryouts for the team start in the end of May for girls going into ninth grade.

A Spotlight on Ms. Norr

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Wed, 10/16/2013 - 10:01
Kazdin Lewis, SJHS Staff Writer
Ms. Norr

 As we, the students and staff at SJHS,  all know with a new year usually comes a hand full of new educators.  Amongst the new arrivals is Ms. Norr, the new seventh and ninth grade Language Arts teacher at SHJS.  

Before coming to SJHS, she says she used to work at a ranch in Idaho; teenagers would come up to the ranch for a week of camping fun.  Ms. Norr’s job was to take them on high rope courses and also horseback rides and whitewater rafting trips.  “It is pretty easy to manage teenagers when they are either terrified or exhausted,” she says.  

Now Ms. Norr is thrilled to be teaching seventh and ninth graders at SJHS.  She also is excited about her portable classroom, in so much that she has nicknamed it “the north forty”, because of its distance from the main building.  The best thing about teaching seventh and ninth graders she says, is that, “both grades are excited for the future.  One is happy to be out of grade school, and one is happy to be going into high school.”  

Greg Reindhart, a ninth grade student in Ms. Norr’s class, says that they have learned a lot of different things in her class.  Most recently he said that they have learned about characters in books and how to categorize them.  

Daphne LeSeur, a seventh grader in Ms. Norr’s class, says that, “she’s really nice and pays attention to all the students.”  She also says that they have learned a number of things too, such as reading strategies and how to use them while reading a story.   She says that they are currently reading Tangerine, a 1997 novel by Edward Bloor.  

So let’s welcome Ms. Norr to  SJHS, the home of the Knights.

Tips for the School Year

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Wed, 10/16/2013 - 09:55
Stephen Gantt, SJHS Staff Writer

The newspaper is helping students succeed and enjoy this school year; this list of tips and advice will help you in your endeavors.

How to Make Sure You Are On Time to Class:

* Avoid the hallway with the elevator because it’s crowded and kids stand in the middle of the hall, even after the bell rings.

* The seventh grade hall and the hall in front of the office are less crowded and a good way to get to class.

How to Make Sure You Have Good Grades:

* If you are sick for a few days then “GO TO INTERVENTION!” says Tanner Gren, an eighth grader.

* Turn in all your work, on time.

Books You May Enjoy Reading:Suggestions by Chloe Wimmer, an eighth grader.

* Ender’s Game

* Michael Vey

* The Hunger Games

* Racing in the Rain

* The Wang Doodle Book


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