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February 2014

What Do Politics Have to Do With Football?

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 02/10/2014 - 10:10
Holly Hill, SJHS Staff Writer
Mr. Shield's eighth graders prepare for the Super Bowl

 Whether your whole family has been a die hard Broncos fan for as long as you can remember, or you lived in Seattle for 10 years, this year’s Super Bowl was a big deal.  Many people around the country placed votes or bets on who would win.  Mr. Shields’ eighth grade history class is one of the many groups of people doing that.       

“The purpose of this activity,” Mr. Shields said, “was for the students to learn about the Electoral College System, which is the process by how we elect the President of the United States. So I do an activity where we actually have a mock election.  But since it is not a Presidential election year I do this activity before the Super Bowl.”  Each student was given a paper that had a state and how many votes they have in the electoral college.  Students recorded who they would want to win the Super Bowl on that paper and turned it in.  Then, the fun began.  Mr. Shields told his class who each state wanted to win.  It was then put into the computer, Broncos or Seahawks.  “I had a student on the computer click on the state with the number of electoral votes from that state,”  Mr.  Shields explained, “red represented the Seahawks and blue the Broncos.  The first team to get 270 electoral votes was the winner.” 

Many students, like Lauryn Davis, an eighth grade student at SJHS, found that if they had voted for the other team, that team would have won the electoral vote.  That is, if they had a state like California, which had 55 votes, their vote counted more, but if they had Utah, which has six votes, it would not have made a big difference.  Mr. Shields said that in all but one of his classes the Broncos won the electoral vote.  However, the Broncos won the popular vote in every class.  Most of the time, they won by a lot too!

This activity in Mr. Shields’ class not only taught students how elections work, but it got everyone pumped up for the Super Bowl.

Ms. Dunn’s Guest Speaker

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 02/10/2014 - 10:08
Daniela Melendez, SJHS Staff Writer
Chris Crowe talks to Ms. Dunn's ninth grade English class about Emmett Till
Chris Crowe answers student's questions after his presentation

On January 23, Chris Crowe, the author of the book Mississippi Trial 1955, came to Ms. Dunn’s English classroom to visit her ninth graders.        

Ms. Dunn’s ninth grade English class read Crowe’s books Mississippi Trial 1955, and Getting Away With Murder. Both books are about the murder of a 14 year old boy, Emmett Till, that helped ignite the Civil Rights Movement.According to Cortez Nelson, a ninth grade student in Ms. Dunn’s class, Chris Crowe talked about his book Mississippi Trial. Ms. Dunn said he had a powerpoint presentation ready and at the end he “opened it up for questions.”        

Crowe also talked all about the possibilities writing holds, and how long it takes to write a book. Connor Farr, another ninth grade student, said, “He taught us that you are never going to have a perfect audience, and that if you find at least one person that likes it, then you are successful.” Conner also mentioned that he loved having Chris here because he is an inspiration to him because he plans on going to B.Y.U and becoming a story writer himself.         According to Debi Ashcraft, a student in Ms. Dunn’s class, she enjoyed having Crowe talk to them because he was not too serious and joked around with them. She also mentioned that “he was fun.”        

It was nice having you here Chris, we hope you come back next year!

Buttons for Sale--by Seventh Graders!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 02/10/2014 - 10:00
Emori Brown, SJHS Staff Writer
A student with a button he bought from Mr. Taylor's CTE students
Students display the buttons they bought from Mr. Taylor's CTE students
Students in Mr. Taylor's CTE class preparing to sell their buttons

Did you know that a class of seventh graders have started their own businesses, right here in school?

At the end of January Mr. Taylor’s CTE class started a new project: making pin-on buttons. The students worked together in groups and got to design their own buttons. Then they went to Mr. Rencher’s CTE class to “sell” the buttons to the kids. According to Mr. Taylor, the purpose of the buttons was, “to give an opportunity to show kids what real-life business is like.”

Mr. Taylor got the idea because it was a suggestion at a State Conference, and it seemed like a good activity. Each student in Mr. Rencher’s CTE class received $100.00 (in fake money, of course), and then they got to decide which buttons they wanted to buy. “I think everyone had fun,” Mr. Taylor said.

Mr. Taylor thought his students liked the project. “They’re not happy they don’t get to keep the buttons, but they enjoyed working on them,” he said. According to Mr. Taylor, there were a variety of pictures and themes on the buttons. Because the kids got to design them themselves, each group came up with different ideas.       

Students in his class had a lot of good things to say about the button project. Matt Rawle, a student in Mr. Taylor’s seventh grade CTE class, said he thought the project was a good idea because, “it represents selling and marketing as a job. I liked working with other people, and working with my friends, and I like designing things.”       

Wallin Mulipola, another student in Mr. Taylor’s CTE class, said, “I liked helping everyone work and I liked coming up with the slogan.”       

Alicia Dunn, another student in Mr. Taylor’s class, said she liked the project because, “it taught us a new skill and we got to be creative.”       

It looks like Mr. Taylor’s class has learned an important lesson in business!

Boys Basketball

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 02/10/2014 - 09:57
Cami Ward, SJHS Staff Writer
Members of the SJHS Freshman boys basketball team
Members of the SHS Sophomore boys basketball team

Do you enjoy basketball? Well, our school has their own boys Freshman basketball team! They have had about 14 home and away games this season. There are thirteen boys total on the team, and Ryan Jenkins is this year’s captain. 

Both the boys and girls basketball teams participated in the regional tournaments. They all enjoy playing basketball, and say tournaments are fun. Charlie Fry, a member of the SJHS freshman team, said, “Our season didn’t go like we wanted, and practices were difficult.” They had a lot of practices and worked very hard. 

Another boys team from our school, is the SHS boys Sophomore basketball team. There are four students from our school on the team which include, Josh Ellison, Jantsen Thorpe, Seth Mortensen, and Bennett Hullinger. Jantsen Thorpe, a member of the SHS sophomore team said, “We are struggling but slowly making progress.” It has been a lot of work for them having practice everyday, but they enjoy it.

Josh Ellison said the difficulty of the practices depends on their attitude and if they are willing to try. Another thing that determines the intensity of the practice is if they win their game. If they do not win, that means they have to work that much harder to make sure they win next time. 

Mr. Taylor, a CTE teacher at SJHS, is the scorekeeper for the school’s basketball games. Mr. Taylor really enjoys being the scorekeeper and would like to continue doing it.

All the boys have worked very hard this season and enjoyed playing together. The games have been fun for everyone and we are all very excited for next season!

Girls Basketball

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 02/10/2014 - 09:56
Amanda Smith, SJHS Staff Writer
Members of the SJHS girls Freshman basketball team

Basketball! Here are SJHS we have a girls basketball team. If you have not gone to see them play they are amazing! They recently participated in a region tournament where they represented the SJHS Freshman girls basketball team. Maddy Hargett, an athlete on the girls team, said, “My favorite part of this season was beating Spanish Fork… twice.” These girl have worked very hard this season. 

Alexa Whitlock, another member of the team, said, “My favorite part of practice  is the ones when we don’t have to run suicides.”         

At all home games they had a lot of support many students from Springville Junior High who would go to support and cheer them on! Aubrey Conrad, one of the team members, said, ”We did our best that’s what counts right?” 

One of the supporters was Mr. Argyle, an assistant principal at SJHS, who has coached high school sports for 17 years and loves to go watch the games. He said that there are four supervisors  that will get assigned games and they will go and watch. 

Emily Bird, a ninth  grade girl, plays for the high school team. She said it is really fun on the high school team because you get to meet new people. She said, “Our season is going okay. We have lost three games.” Emily said that she has been playing basketball since the fourth grade. We have a lot of talented kids here at SJHS. All of the girls said that basketball was really hard but they are sad that their season is over.

Congratulations girls on your season!

SJHS Jazz Band

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 02/10/2014 - 09:54
Chloe Potter, SJHS Staff Writer
Students in Jazz Band practice. Photo by Chloe Potter, SJHS Staff

Mr. Booth, the SJHS band teacher, organizes a jazz band every year, composed mainly of students from his ninth grade band class.  

After trying out, the students start meeting Wednesday mornings and Tuesdays after school.  Mr. Booth thinks it is a great way for his students to learn a wide variety of musical styles.  

The students in the jazz band are excited for this year’s concert.  “It’s fun,” said Elizabeth Setzer, a ninth grade student playing keyboard for the jazz band, “but it does take practice.”  Another jazz band student, Jack Layton, said that being in jazz band is a good way for him to broaden his perspective.  

The students will be playing many pieces, including a classic jazz piece, a bossa nova, a few motown pieces and a 1950s rock piece.  Some of the students will even get their own solos.  

“I’m very impressed, so far, with the jazz band this year,” said Mr. Booth, “they have the potential to be one of the best, if not the best, jazz band we’ve had at Springville Junior High.” 

The concert is on May 14th at 7:00pm in the SJHS auditorium.

Helping out in Peer Tutoring!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 02/10/2014 - 09:51
Rachel Harker, SJHS Staff Writer
Students in Ms. Hunsaker's class with peer tutors

Some of you may be asking “What is peer tutoring?” Peer tutoring is a semester long class where you help students here at SJHS who are struggling academically or have a difficult time being in a regular class. You go with a student  to a class and help them with their work.

Mrs. Hunsaker, the peer tutor teacher at SJHS, said, “Peer tutors are like extra hands and brains. Since every kid is at a different level, I can’t work with every kid all the time, so the tutors are a really big help then.”

 Marti Pace, a peer tutor teacher, said, “The tutors need to be a good example while around the kids.  They look up to the peer tutors. Some of the kids watch the tutors and want to copy them.” There are three peer tutor teachers, Mrs. Hunsaker, Mrs. Pace (Marti) and Mrs. Tomco.  

Chris Webber, a ninth grader peer tutor at SJHS said, “I read with them and I really like it! I have a sister with cerebral palsy so I’m use to helping out! I want people to be friendly and say ‘Hi’ to them in the hallway.”

Peer tutors get to do a lot of fun things too! “We went on a field trip to the mall to help with their money working skills. I thought it was really fun!” said Ashlie Elmer, an eighth grader.

The class is an elective for eighth and ninth graders. You can help students who need it and make new friends!

Back to the Future at SJHS

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 02/06/2014 - 15:54
Holly Hill, SJHS Staff Writer
The SJHS time capsule made by Mr. Rencher

Everyone at SJHS is getting ready for the new school, coming to us next year!  To commemorate moving to a new school, we have put together a time capsule, to be opened 20 years from now!       

Over the summer Mr. Rencher, a CTE teacher at SJHS, spent lots of time in his classroom making our time capsule.  He said that he made it from old doors that were in the basement of the school.  The whole capsule is made of items from the school, except for the rope that holds it up.       

“We want to celebrate the traditions of SJHS and make connections to the past,” said Mr. VanAusdal, the principal of SJHS.  “We want people to be able to reflect on the rich history of SJHS and realize that where they are now was set in place by the past.”       

Ms. Miley, an assistant principal at SJHS, said that the meaning of what goes in the capsule is what is important, not the size of the object and not just getting your idea put in.       

Mrs. Murdock, the finance secretary at SJHS, said that she is excited for future students to see what is in the capsule.  However, they cannot bring it to its full potential without more submissions!  You can go to the front office for more information on how to submit an idea.       

Many students at SJHS are excited to get a new school next year.  Lauryn Davis, an eighth grade student at SJHS, said that she thinks that the time capsule is cool and she does not want everyone to forget the memories we have here.  When asked what she thinks the reaction will be when it is opened she said, “I think they’ll be like, ‘Woah, look, my mom’s picture is in there!’”       

We are all very excited to get a new school, and the time capsule is a great way to keep memories of this building fresh.

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