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April 2014

SJHS Students Participate in Service Project

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Tue, 04/29/2014 - 17:03
Mackenzie Walker, counselor
SJHS students participate in a service project during Quest Time.
SJHS students participate in a service project during Quest Time.
SJHS students participate in a service project during Quest Time.
SJHS students participate in a service project during Quest Time.

The counseling office hosted a service project on April 25th during Quest time.  Students had the opportunity to work on four different projects.  The first one was writing uplifting letters to soldiers.  The notes will be distributed to active duty and wounded soldiers worldwide.  The second project was putting together "bedtime bags" for kids in the women's shelter.  The bags included a book, a stuffed animal, a blanket, and a toothbrush.  The third project was making baby hats out of yarn and blankets, and the last project was putting together hygiene kits for the homeless shelter.  The kits included soap, tissues, razors, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.  

Big thanks to Ream's, Corn Wagon, Smile Center of Utah, and SJHS faculty for donating items to our service project!  There will be one more service project next Friday, May 2nd during Quest time in the game room (#14) for anyone who wants to participate.

Thanks and great job SJHS students!

Another Step to Next Year

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 04/24/2014 - 11:21
Holly Hill, SJHS Staff Writer
Student Council candidates hung posters in the school hallway

The end of the school year is approaching quickly, and there is so much to do to get ready for next year!  One of those things to get ready is next year’s student council election.         

“Student council is changing for the next school year,” said Mrs. Murray, a student council supervisor at SJHS. “We will have eight students, like we have had in the past, but they will all be on the council together for the whole year. We will work together, like a knights of the round table. Student Council will help plan activities, plan and prepare for dances, do the morning announcements, help maintain the new school, and get involved with students and school activities.”    

“Student Council is a leadership and service organization.  They help out in a lot of different school functions.  They help plan fun activities for the school, and they act as leaders among their peers,” said Mr. Rowley, the new assistant principal at SJHS.       

You can run for student council in your eighth grade year at SJHS, to be on the council in ninth grade. Election week begins Monday, April 21.  Final elections will be held May 5.

Ms. Anderson Spotlight

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 04/24/2014 - 11:16
Cami Ward, SJHS Staff Writer
Ms. Anderson, teaching her ninth grade class

 Have you met Ms. Anderson, one of our teachers here at SJHS? She has taught for eighteen years, 10 in Green River, Utah and eight here in Nebo District. Ms. Anderson has always wanted to be a teacher. She said that in elementary school they drew a picture of their career, and she was a teacher.

“I like to see the excitement in students when they learn a concept they think is too hard to do, and they do it. I like interacting with youth. I learn things from my students as much as they learn things from me,” said Ms. Anderson.    

Ms. Anderson grew up in Delta, Utah. She is the oldest of six children. She has five brothers! One of her brothers is a bodyguard for the Governor. Ms. Anderson said she loved to roller skate, play with barbies, and ride her bike around town with her brothers. A funny story about Ms. Anderson is, she used to sell her neighbors their own newspaper for a nickel! Also, she would wash rocks and sell them out of her front yard. 

According to Ms. Anderson, she worked at Taco Time in high school until it closed, and then worked at a grocery store. In college she went back to Taco Time as an assistant manager, and in Green River she worked on a melon stand after school; she became a watermelon expert!         

Ms. Anderson’s parents still live down in Delta, and all but one of her brothers are married. She has thirteen nieces and nephews for right now, and another nephew on the way! He will be here in October. She really enjoys being with her family.

“Ms. Anderson’s class is super fun! She’s a really good teacher, and she’s really enthusiastic!” said Haillie Carly, one of Ms. Anderson’s students. 

“I love working with Ms. Anderson, she helps keep me sane! She is lots of fun and has a good sense of humor,” said Ms. Hamilton, a teacher at SJHS that works with Ms. Anderson.

An interesting fact about Ms. Anderson is, she was born in Honolulu, Hawaii! She also lived in Honduras and Belize for eighteen months, so she speaks some Spanish. The mascots she has had in her lifetime are, Delta Rabbit, SUU Thunderbird, Green River Pirate, and SJHS Knight! 

We have enjoyed her time here and hope she stays many more years!

Spotlight on Mr. Kindrick

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 04/24/2014 - 10:52
Daniela Melendez, SJHS Staff Writer
Mr. Kindrick, a science teacher at SJHS

Mr. Kindrick has been working at SJHS for 12 years. He is one of the science teachers at SJHS.  “Everyone always told me I was good with kids, or they always told me I acted like a kid. I can’t remember,” Mr. Kindrick said. 

Spencer Livesy, an eighth grade student, said, “He’s funny, and he’s a good teacher.”  

Sarah Tucker, another eighth grader, said, “He’s the funnest to joke with. He’s awesome, and he is always willing to help even in the studpidest situations.” J

ulia Singleton, also one of Mr. Kindrick’s students, said, “He’s funny, and he does fun experiments for the sake of science.” 

Mr. Kindrick’s favorite thing about teaching is that he loves to see how students not only learn about science but about life. Mr. Kindrick is married, and has three daughters, and one son.  Mr. Kindrick also does shirt designs. He designed the Latinos In Action shirts and hoodies. Some of his hobbies are, soccer, logo design, any sport, and puzzles.

We are happy to have Mr. Kindrick as a teacher here at SJHS.

Mouse Trap Car

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 04/24/2014 - 10:50
Amanda Smith, SJHS Staff Writer
Mouse trap cars made in Mr. Kindrick's science class

Have you seen Mr. Kindrick’s class? They have been working on mouse trap cars. They have been driving them down the upstairs hall. 

Daniela Meledez, a eighth grade girl in Mr. Kindrick’s class, said her mousetrap car went well and got her an A. Daniela said her favorite part was “finding out it actually worked.” The hardest part was trying to come up with a model, Daniela said. It took Daniela two to three days to complete.

Shayra Riches, an eighth grade girl, is starting to work on her mousetrap car. She said so far it has taken her one week to get as far as she has. Her favorite part is the lever, it seems really powerful.  Shayra said the hardest part is getting it long enough and getting it to work right.

Mr. Kindrick, a science teacher, said he has been running the mousetrap cars for twelve years. The kids use a combination of simple machines, levers, wheels, and axles. Mr. Kindrick said it is “part of the state core, plus it is always fun to learn.”

Good luck to everyone making a car!

Science With Mrs. Caras

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 04/24/2014 - 10:49
Chloe Potter, SJHS Staff Writer
Mrs. Caras, a science teacher at SJHS

Mrs. Caras is a science teacher here at SJHS.  Her favorite color is periwinkle and her favorite tv show is “Modern Family”. She often goes to the movies with her husband, and she especially likes the super hero movies. 

Mrs. Caras has a passion for science. “I love that science is all about discovery,” she said. “I love to learn new things about living organisms and our world.”

Mrs. Caras loves teaching at the junior high because the students want to have fun in her class.  She has been interested in science since she was little.  She collected things like geodes and sea shells. 

Amanda Smith, a ninth grade student, said that Mrs. Caras makes it easy to learn. Mrs. Caras loves to teach and help her students out.

Orchestra II Students Perform with New Horizons Orchestra

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 04/24/2014 - 10:14
Emori Sky Brown, SJHS Staff Writer

The students in SJHS’s Orchestra II class had an opportunity to perform a concert with the BYU New Horizons Orchestra on Thursday, March 27. The concert was held in the Springville High School auditorium at 7:30pm.

The New Horizons Orchestra is a group made up of adults who just recently started to learn how to play their instruments. This orchestra is for people who want to learn a string instrument and never got a chance to do it when they were younger. The group is mostly made up of elderly members who just started playing sometime in the past two years.

The Orchestra II class played their songs first, then the New Horizons members played a few numbers, and then they both got on stage and played together. During the combined portion, each Orchestra II student sat with a member of the New Horizons group, and they got to meet each other and experience playing next to someone new.

Both the students in the Orchestra II class and the members of the New Horizons Orchestra had a great experience performing together. Maria Ramirez, an eighth grade cello player, said that it was her favorite part of the concert. “They were nice, and it was an honor to perform with them,” she said.

“My favorite part of the concert was sitting next to the New Horizons people,” said Maren Cooper, a viola player in Orchestra II. “I enjoyed it a lot. It was fun to hear older people play their instruments at the same level as us.”

Medieval Superheros at SJHS

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 04/15/2014 - 08:59
Holly Hill, SJHS Staff Writer
The March Super Knights

 On Friday, March 28th, we held another Super Knights Assembly.  This month’s Super Knights were Melody Anderson, Macarthur Reilly, Anne Wallace, Dakota Dalley, Carlie Maughan, and Steven Bartholomew.  Here are some comments by teachers at SJHS about each Super Knight:

Melody Anderson - 7th Grade

● I think she is the ideal student. She is always on task, willing to do whatever the teacher asks, and always smiling.

● She is very hardworking. She completes her assignment above and beyond what is asked of her.

● She is always ready, prepared and enthusiastic about class. She completes assignments early and they are excellently done. She is a wonderful student who sets an amazing example for her classmates.

Macarthur Reilly - 7th Grade

● I appreciate his hard work in class. He is a very respectful student. He has a positive attitude and is willing to help others. He's an exceptional student

● He is a hard worker who asks excellent questions. He often volunteers to explain instructions to other students when they don't understand the assignment. He is works well with other classmates and always enters class with a smile.

● He is a very hard working, never give up kind of kid. It has been a pleasure having in my class this year. He is helpful and kind and works so hard. He isn't afraid to ask questions, which helps him learn so much more. He is an amazing kid.

Anne Wallace - 8th Grade

● She comes to class with a smile and does an excellent job. I appreciate her work ethic, positive attitude and caring personality.

● She is a sweet girl who always does her best. She cares...and that is a great quality to have. Because she cares, she learns and sets a great example to others. When projects were difficult she worked the problems and achieved her goals.

● She is a great young lady who is so kind and shows her gratitude. She is very responsible and a joy to teach.

● This student always goes the extra mile with kindness and academics. She is very thoughtful and caring. She makes sure to thank and greet and help others along who don't have many friends.

Dakota Dalley - 8th Grade

● He is always willing to help in any way possible. He will often randomly come into my classroom and ask if there is anything that he could do for me. He is always positive in class.

● He is kind. He always asks what he can do to help in my classroom.

● He comes prepared to class every day. He always does his best work. He is always kind and respectful to me, which I really appreciate. He is a great example of a responsible citizen and successful learner.

Carlie Maughan - 9th Grade

● She is a great member of our HOPE Squad. She is very caring, and helpful to her peers. She is friendly and makes everyone around her feel included and happy.

● She is extremely nice to everyone! She’s very conscientious, works hard and does her best work. She thanks me, as a teacher, for helping her. She’s an all-around amazing young lady.

● She always has a good attitude and a smile on her face. She not only participates in class, but she gets other students excited about what we are doing in class. I love her fun, spunky attitude!

Steven Bartholomew - 9th Grade

● He is bright and fun—an engaged learner

● He is thoughtful and funny. I can always count on him for a funny comment in class. He is always kind to those around him

.● He is an excellent student and young man. He is respectful, polite and has an above average sense of humor and intelligence. He has a sweet collection of corduroy clothes and some dance moves that would make Napoleon Dynamite jealous. I've really enjoyed having him in class throughout junior high!

Ms. Miley, an assistant principal at SJHS, said, “The teachers and staff each nominate a boy and a girl from each grade, then a ballot goes out to all of the adults at SJHS to vote on the nominees.  The boy and girl from each grade with the most votes are named Super Knights.”  She said that she loves the Super Knight program because we get to recognize students that are doing a great job at SJHS.

Sixth Graders Prepare for Junior High

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 04/15/2014 - 08:35
Emori Sky Brown, SJHS Staff Writer
The sixth graders visiting SJHS
Mrs. Walker conducts the choir as they sing for the sixth graders

Do you remember taking a field trip to SJHS when you were in sixth grade? The sixth graders from Art City, Brookside, Cherry Creek, Sage Creek, and Westside elementary schools came to visit SJHS on Wednesday, March 26. The sixth graders met in the auditorium to get their registration sheet and learn about the different electives available to them next year. 

“One reason I think it's important to have them come is to ease their anxiety about the transition from elementary school to junior high,” said Mrs. Distefano, the seventh grade counselor. “We want to answer their questions, and we want them to be excited!”

“The sixth graders learned from our principals a little bit about junior high, and how it differs from elementary school,” said Mrs. Distefano. They learned that they would have seven different teachers, lockers that may or may not always open, and a lot more homework.”  

“They will have to be more responsible about getting to their classes and doing their work on their own,” said Mrs. Tarin, the counseling secretary.

The sixth graders listened to the counselors tell them about all the classes they could take and learned all about registration. “We presented registration information to them, so they can pick their classes for next year, and then they were treated to a skit and some advice by our student council,” said Mrs. Distefano. “The students seemed really excited to be here, so I hope they had a good time. We were impressed with how well they behaved! I think they are looking forward to being junior high students.”

The sixth graders were also treated to excellent performances by the ninth grade band and Master Singers choir. Many of them seemed interested in taking music classes next year!The field trip was a great experience for everyone, and both the teachers and the students are very excited for next year with our new students! “It's fun to see the new seventh grade students each year,” said Mrs. Tarin. “In 2014-15 it will be even more fun because the school is new and we all will be confused about where to go and where the teachers are, so it's kind of like we are all new seventh grade students.”


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