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September 2014

Introducing the New School in Town

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 09/26/2014 - 08:25
Kazdin Lewis, SJHS Staff Writer
Rick Ainge, Nebo School Board President, cuts the ribbon.

The Springville community erupted as the silky red ribbon was split down the middle.  To celebrate the opening of the new school, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held Monday, August 18, 2014 at the new school building.  

Since the beginning of construction last year, everyone had been eagerly waiting to see the new school.  Those who attended include Superintendent Rick Nielsen, Shannon Acor, a member of the Nebo School Board of Education, Mr. Van Ausdal, principal of SJHS, and his assistant principals Ms. Miley and Mr. Rowley.  Several teachers attended as well.  According to Mr. Hatfield, a science teacher at SJHS, his favorite part of the ceremony was knowing the school was finally official.  

Over 500 parents and soon to be students attended the ceremony.  After Scout Troop 64 performed a flag ceremony Mr. Nielsen, Ms. Acor, and Mr. Van Ausdal all gave speeches.  Mr. Nielsen spoke on the vision of the school, Ms. Acor spoke on the transformation of the land and how it had become “a place where dreams and goals can begin to be accomplished.”  Mr. Van Ausdal thanked all the people who were involved in the school construction.  Then Rick Ainge, President of the Nebo School Board, cut the ribbon and officially opened the school to the public.

Mr. Van Ausdal said that they have been excitedly planning this for the whole summer, and it is great to have the school finally open.  The student council also helped out by “[helping] kids open their lockers,” said Jared Buhler, a student council member.

Well now there is a whole school year ahead, and we, the students of SJHS, have so many people to thank for this new school building.

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