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March 2015

HOPE Squad Write Notes of Kindness

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 03/27/2015 - 09:29
Members of the HOPE Squad put up post-it note messages
Members of the HOPE Squad put up post-it note messages
Members of the HOPE Squad who put up the messages

Members of the SJHS student body were greeted by a surprise from the HOPE Squad when they arrived at school on Tuesday, March 18.

The SJHS HOPE Squad wrote hundreds of kind messages on post-it notes and stuck them on every locker and all around the school building. They arrived extra early to school so that when students arrived they would find messages waiting for them. 

The HOPE Squad worked on this secret project for many weeks. They wanted to surprise students and let every student know that they were special and loved. 

March Springville Mayor's Award

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 03/27/2015 - 09:22
Pictured: Daniel Beach (SJHS), Jayden Rogers (SJHS), Peggy Sorenson (SHS), Councilman Rick Child

Springville students continue to showcase their great talents and abilities on Tuesday, March 17 at Springville's Mayor’s Recognition Awards.  

Award recipient  Daniel Beach is a seventh grader from Springville Junior High “who loves to read and challenges himself to excel,  reading books well above his reading level,” reveals Stephanie Riggs, his Language Arts Teachers.  

Jayden Rogers, also a SJHS seventh grader, has a contagious smile and goes out of his way to make everyone happy. Assistant Principal, Rhett Rowley, states, “ Jayden is a great example of positive energy and loving life!”

Congratulations to these great students and thank you to their nominators for recognizing their positive contributions to our community.  

March for Hope

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Wed, 03/18/2015 - 17:43

Please join local Hope Squads in a walk to promote mental health and the prevention of suicide in our community.  The walk will take place on March 31st at 7:00pm in Spanish Fork. 

2015 Student Council Elections

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Wed, 03/18/2015 - 17:07

Each year, eight 9th grade students are selected to be on the student council.  Student council members represent the school and help to set up and run various programs.   All application materials are due March 26th.  Please see the attachment for more information.

2015-16 Student Council Informational Meeting

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Fri, 03/13/2015 - 16:41

Students interested in running for the 2015-16 student council should attend the informational meeting during Quest Time on Monday, March 16th.

Track Season is Starting!

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Mon, 03/09/2015 - 11:43

Track season is here!  All interested students should attend an informational meeting on March 9th after school in the multipurpose room.  All paperwork needs to be turned in by March 13th.  Practice starts on March 16th.  Please join us!


Springville Mayor Recognition Award for January

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 03/06/2015 - 16:36

Congratulations to eighth grader Mallory Murdoch! She was honored with the Springville Mayor Recognition Award for the month of January. She was recognized by Mayor Wilford Clyde alongside high school students Danny Salazar and Rebecca Morrison. 

For further information visit the link below:

Honors Classes at SJHS

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 03/06/2015 - 16:31
Isaac Hodson, SJHS Staff Writer

Aside from the regular classes, SJHS has advanced classes called honors classes. They have honors math, english, and biology at SJHS. Honors classes are for students who are willing to go at a faster pace and work hard. To get into Honors Biology, taught by Mr. Hatfield, you have to be one year ahead in math, and have a desire to learn more about biology. “We go into a lot more detail and cover a lot more content,” said Mr. Hatfield. According to Mr. Hatfield, he likes teaching honors classes because he can challenge students more.

To get into Honors Math, taught by Mrs. Gleave and Mr. Anderson, you have to have good skills and work ethic. “Honors math is quicker paced, and we learn alternate forms of problem solving,” said Mr. Anderson, Secondary Math One (Honors) teacher. According to Mr. Anderson, he likes teaching honors classes because they get to learn more material and the students are highly motivated.

“In Honors English, we have online and in-class discussions, we role play, write essays, narratives, and read great books!” said Ms. Neeley, the Honors English teacher. “To get into English honors, students need to have good grades, be willing to work hard, and do more than is required,” explained Ms. Neeley. According to Ms. Neeley, she likes teaching English honors because the students are willing to work hard. 

“I like honors classes because it’s challenging but also very fun. For example, in honors English, we read To Kill a Mockingbird, which is a great book,” said Kazdin Lewis, a student in both honors English and honors math.  Students and staff at SJHS enjoy the honors program.

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