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October 2015

I Can Run So Far Across The Country

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 10/08/2015 - 10:17
Jade Poulson; SJHS Staff Writer
The SJHS Boys and Girls Cross Country Team

The Cross Country team is a team at Springville Junior High School, who runs long distances. This team is going on right now at SJHS! This team is an amazing team and loves to run a lot and would like to encourage more kids to join next year.

“This team is full of hard workers, and you have to work to be on this team,” said Kate Chatfield, a member of the SJHS Cross Country team. 

Mathieu Quinlan, another member of the SJHS Cross Country team, said, “Cross Country is a team that builds running skills together.” 

This team practices every day right after school for an hour. Mrs. Bodily, the Cross Country team coach, said, “Students are to come to practice every day and to work hard. They should always do their best. They are also expected to get good grades.” 

A lot of students say Cross Country is fun. Morgan Roper, a seventh grader at SJHS, said, “It is fun to be on a team at school and get to know more kids.” 

Heidi Sumsion, another seventh grader at SJHS, said, “ I enjoy running. I have been running ever since I was little. My whole family runs, and what inspired me to run was my dad. I like to run a lot of 5ks, and normally I get first in all of my races.”

According to Kate Chatfield, Cross Country is really fun, and it is a good learning experience for everyone on the team, and helps those who want to be on the track team later in the year get ready for track. According to Mrs. Bodily, Cross Country is awesome and anyone and everyone can run Cross Country!

Peer Tutors

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 10/02/2015 - 17:37
Kennedy Huston; SJHS Staff Writer

What do Peer Tutors do? Well a lot of people do not actually know what peer tutors do. Peer Tutoring is an elective students at SJHS can take if they are in eighth or ninth grade. Peer tutors get to work with the special education kids in the school. Students report to Ms. Merrell’s room and either go to class with students or stay in Ms. Merrell’s room and help students with their work.  Peer tutors usually help to keep the special education kids on task and help them if they have questions.

According to Baylee Neil, a ninth grade student in the Peer Tutor program, she enjoys working with the students and loves joking with them. She said, “I think my favorite thing is seeing them have fun.”

Ms. Merrell, a special education teacher at SJHS said, “The Peer Tutor program is fantastic! I don’t know what I’d would do without it.” She also wishes she had more Peer Tutors.  According to Ms. Merrell, the program does not just help the special education kids, it helps the Peer Tutors too. “In the beginning there is some hesitation because the Peer Tutors don’t know what to expect and are nervous to step in and help. Sometimes it may not be the most fun thing to do, but they will do it anyway and come back with an awesome experience,” said Ms. Merrell. Ms. Merrell likes having the Peer Tutors to help out and it may not be easy all the time, but in the end it is worth it.

Where o Where did the Gym Go?

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 10/02/2015 - 17:36
Jakob DeLlamas; SJHS Staff Writer

Eighth and ninth graders were baffled when we found out our nearly new gym was already getting a new paint job. But that was not the only reason it was closed here a Springville Junior High School. What we now know is that wet cement turned our nice new gym into a spongy bouncy castle. What happened was when the construction workers were originally laying cement they did not give it ample time to dry. When the construction was finished the cement was still wet. The moisture rose forming air bubble which gave the gym a slight bouncy feeling. Even though the difference was small, it only took our gym teachers a week to notice something was amiss.

Ms. Bales, the attendance secretary, explained that had you entered the school during summer, you would have found an odd sight indeed.  Imagine giant fans with long pipes blowing hot air into the floor through holes. For the entire summer. Or maybe the sight Mr. Chambers, one of our gym teachers, saw of the entire gym being sanded and dried. Luckily, this entire procedure turned out to be under a warranty, meaning it was all free.

Even though the gym was closed over the summer because of the cement, the gym was closed for the first week because of paint. As it turns out, the painters were overloaded with painting jobs over the summer and only just finished the gym before school. After that, we were literally waiting for paint to dry.  According to Mr. McGuire, our brand-new principal, they had added foam to the floor and changed the paint scheme.They changed so much that Kinzie Lewis, an eighth grader attending here, immediately noticed. The gym will be closed for a small time during Christmas break.  Until then we are extremely happy to have our gym back, hopefully for many years to come!

Back To School Dance

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 10/02/2015 - 17:36
Destiny Trammel; SJHS Staff Writer
The Back to School Dance
Students at the Back to School Dance
The Back to School Dance

The Back to School Dance took place at the school on Thursday, September 3. They decided to put it outside to try something new. The dance was held out on the blacktop behind the school. Many students complained that it was hot in the cafeteria, so that's another reason why they moved it outside. 

Mr. McGuire, the principal, said, “I thought it was a lot of fun. Students seemed to enjoy themselves.” 

Mr Rowley, the assistant principal, said, “It was great”. 

Jamie Haws, an eighth grade student, said, ”It was crazy.”

In order to make the dance more exciting Mr.Rowley suggested that more kids danced, and Jamie Haws suggested more updated music.


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