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January 2016

Penny Wars Is On The Battlefield

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 01/29/2016 - 12:03
Leighlou Brown; SJHS Writer Staff

The Student Council found a way to make raising money fun. The Penny Wars was created to raise money for Takoda Alldredge, an eighth grader, who was diagnosed with Burkitts Leukemia. The school set the goal of raising one thousand dollars. The students reached the goal, and as a reward they got in the Christmas dance for free. Jennessa Crystal, an eighth grader, said, “The Penny Wars is a good competition.” Seventh grade, eighth grade and ninth grade could add money or subtract by adding pennies or dollars for adding, and sliver change to subtract from other grades. SJHS raised about  2,000 dollars for Takoda. The seventh grade won. 

Students and teachers helped out by donating at the front office. Jennessa Crystal said her health class made a get well poster for Takoda. Will Daybell, an eighth grader, said, “It’s great to do stuff for Takoda.” Will likes that SJHS is raising money for people who need it. 

Ishmael Mavae, an eighth grader, said, “I like that SJHS raised money for a good cause.”

 According to Mrs. Bodily, a eighth grade math teacher, raising money like this for Takoda is a great idea for the school to do. She said, “I think students had a lot of fun with the competition and worked together for a good cause at the same time.”

SJHS Has Talent

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 01/29/2016 - 12:02
Jade Poulson; SJHS Staff Writer
A group of students perform an a capella and clap rhythm number.
Bennion Messenger, a seventh grader, performs the Indiana Jones theme song.
Kaiden Exon, a ninth grader, performs a song by The Beatles on the guitar.

This year SJHS had a talent show. Many students auditioned and a lot made it. The judges of the talent show, Mrs. Pina, Ms. Jensen, and Mrs. Ottley, said they were very stunned at how much talent we have at our school. “It was very hard to pick only a few to be in the talent show,” said Ms. Jensen.

The talent show was held on December 1st. There was a night show and an assembly. Some of the atcs were a cappella singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, and so much more!

According to Hannah Mason, an eighth grader at SJHS, it was really fun. She was a part of the a cappella group that sang "White Winter Hymnal" and did a clap rhythm.

Kabrie Pratt, another eighth grader and part of the a cappella group, said, “Kennedy Bird, Jake Jackson, and Hannah Mason (all eighth graders), came up with the idea, so we all just practiced during Quest Time everyday with some other kids in the Master Singer choir class; that’s what got us all together.”

According to Luke Gleave, a ninth grader at SJHS who was also in the talent show, he played the ukulele and was motivated to do the talent show because last year it was so fun to watch, and he wanted to be a part of it. 

Emma Rich, another eighth grader at SJHS, said, “My talent was playing the piano, a song I composed called ‘I Wish I Never’.” She went on to say, “What got me into my talent was my love of music, and how it brings comfort to me. I always wanted to write a song, so I had an inspiration and pursued it.”

Adi Walker, an eighth grader at SJHS who danced for the talent show, said, “It was really fun, and I wanted to try out for the talent show this year because we also danced last year, and it is really fun.”

Thanks Ms. McBride and Student Council for putting this talent show on and all the hard work she has put into this event. It was great!

Windows to the Workplace: What Is It?

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 01/26/2016 - 10:38
Leighlou Brown; SJHS Staff Writer

Do you hear over the announcements about Windows to the Workplace? Ever wonder what it is? Windows to the Workplace is an activity during Quest Time in room K307. People with different job professions come and show students what they do. Mrs. Distefano, the ninth grade counselor, said, “This is the third year we have been doing the career presentations.” SJHS tries to do it at least twice a month.

On Thursday, November 12, they had Terri Sawyer, a social worker, come to SJHS. She showed students what she does and answered questions for them. Carson Poole, an eighth grader, said, “I usually always go to see what types of jobs are out there.” 

Derek Diaz, an eighth grader, said he went with a friend and enjoyed it more than he thought.  According to Derek Diaz, Windows to the Workplace is always a fun thing to do. “You can get candy and learn about different jobs.” He went to learn more about possible future career options.  According to Derek, he thinks it interesting. He likes the way the social worker explained how and what she did.

Carson said, “It’s really fun, and you should go.” She likes how everyone gets involved. According to Mrs. Distefano, she thinks it is important for junior high students to start learning about careers. 

“Windows to the Workplace is a fun way to learn about future jobs,” according to Carson Poole. She thinks getting to learn about the careers is what is fun.  

Mrs. Distefano said, “Typically presenters share what they do in their occupation, how much education or training they needed, what the job outlook is like, and what an average salary would be for that career.” According to Mrs. Distefano she feels it is a valuable way for students to spend Quest Time, and she hopes students will take advantage of the opportunity.

Oh the Suspense

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 01/26/2016 - 10:37
Ryann Brockbank; SJHS Staff Writer

In November, here at SJHS, Ms. McBride’s, and all the eighth grade English classes, started a new project: writing suspense stories to better help them understand how they can make their stories better. “Suspense makes stories more interesting; I love seeing the students’ creative ideas,” said Ms. McBride, an eighth grade English teacher. The students learned the definition of suspense, which is “a state or feeling of excited or anxious uncertainty about what may happen.” 

To start their writing process, the English students filled out a brainstorming packet, describing their story, their main character and the main pointers. Most students, like Abi Macias, a student of Ms. McBride, got their ideas from the inspiration prompt pictures posted in the back of the classroom. But some people, like Nate Conrad, another English student, got inspiration from  events in their own lives.

Nate said, “I came up with my idea on my own- Friday the thirteenth, but I gave it a little twist. Instead, I did Thursday the twelfth, the seconds leading up to Friday the thirteenth.” 

The English classes learned the difference between suspense, horror and surprise. According to Ms. McBride, there are a lot of examples of suspense in books and movies, so it is easier for the students in her classes to better understand suspense.A lot of the students of Ms. McBride’s classes like writing suspense stories because they can express themselves in any way they want. Abi Macias’ favorite part is sneaking in the subtle hints leading up to her grand reveal.

Who are Hayley Johnson and Katelyn Hollister?

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 01/25/2016 - 14:35
Anna Birch; SJHS Staff Writer
Hayley Johnson, an eighth grader at SJHS
Katelyn Hollister, an eighth grader at SJHS

Some students do not have enough time in the spotlight. Some of them have great talents that need to be shared, like Hayley Johnson and Katelyn Hollister. Hayley Johnson and Katelyn Hollister are eighth graders at SJHS this year. 

Hayley Johnson does gymnastics. On her YouTube channel, she shows how good she is. She also does drama in school. Hayley said, “Drama is the bomb.” She likes the teacher and has been inspired to be an actress when she grows up. Hayley has four siblings, Jack, who is the oldest, then Logan, Cristy and Shelby. As a kid she played softball, but according to Hayley, she was not very good. One day while playing, a softball was thrown to her, so she raised the mit up to her shield her face and she caught the ball. Hayley is a girl of many talents. 

Kimberly Bortolone, an eighth grader, who is also Hayley’s best friend, said, “Hayley is always there when you need her. I can always talk to her.”

Autumn Olsen, a ninth grader, said, “Hayley is very energetic and her laugh is amazing.” According to Autumn, Hayley moved into her old house and that is how they met. 

Ms. McBride, an eighth grade English teacher, said, “Hayley is really nice!” 

Katelyn Hollister is an eighth grader at SJHS this year. She loves to write and draw. She also loves music and the internet. She has four siblings, Ashley, who is the oldest, then Grant, Melanie, and Trevor. When she is older she wants to be a writer. During school her favorite subjects are health and drawing. Katelyn said, “I like health mostly because of my teacher, Mr. Hammon, and because I like my classmates.”

AnnMarie Humble, an eighth grader and Katelyn’s best friend, said, “Katelyn is really funny and she has a good perspective on everything.” AnnMarie has known Katelyn since kindergarten. According to Hayley Johnson, Katelyn is funny and easy to talk to, and they have great inside jokes. According to Cassandra Vazquez, an eighth grader, she is creative, nice, funny, and nice to be around.

One Letter, One Dollar, One Wish

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 01/25/2016 - 14:32
Kennedy Huston; SJHS Staff Writer

L.I.A. (Latinos in Actions) class has started a new tradition. L.I.A. class asked everyone in the school, teachers included, to write a letter to Santa. During seventh period on December 3, the L.I.A. brought around papers so all the students and teachers could write letters to Santa. The L.I.A. students found out from Mr. Beebe, the Spanish and L.I.A. teacher, that if you bring letters to Santa to Macy's Department Store, they give one dollar to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The L.I.A. students were the first ones to write letters to Santa.

 Gaby Torres, a ninth grade student in the L.I.A. class, said, “The letters to Santa get everyone in the Christmas spirit, and we are helping the kids in the Make-A-Wish foundation that need our help.” 

According to Stefania Lopez, a ninth grade student in the L.I.A. class, her favorite part of doing the letters to Santa was that they got to do something simple yet fun for the holiday, and that they are giving to someone who needs it. Stefania said, “It reminds us what to be thankful for.”

Field Trip for Computers

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 01/25/2016 - 14:31
Jakob DeLlamas; SJHS Staff Writer

Learning is usually associated with being in school, but that does not mean that kids do not travel to other places to learn.  On December 8th, 64 girls from SJHS traveled to the Advanced Learning Center in Springville for a lesson on computers.  This field trip was reserved only for girls, and they learned about career opportunities in computer science and engineering, especially coding. 

According to Mr. Rowley, the assistant principal, he took the girls so they could look at a field of work girls traditionally do not go into. According to Sophie Mendivil, a seventh grader who went on the trip, it was fun learning about computers and watching a movie about teenage girls learning how to code apps.

In the end, 400 girls participated in the activity from multiple schools around the district. Jaylem McCann, another seventh grader that attended the field trip, said, “I would definitely do it again!” With a lot of great opportunities in this world, we are happy to have people pursuing a wide variety of opportunities here at SJHS.

What Kids Think About The New Springville Aquatic Center

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 01/22/2016 - 09:10
Jade Poulson; SJHS Staff Writer

As many of you may know, the Springville Aquatic Center passed. We are getting a new pool! This pool is going to be located down by Walmart. This pool will be great for swim teams and people who just love to swim. The vote for this aquatic center was really close. It passed with about 60% of the vote. They will start building in 2016. If kids could vote for this aquatic center, this would be what they say.

Isabel Alvord, an eighth grader at SJHS and a swimmer on the UV Rays, a local swim team, said, “We seriously need a new pool; the old one is gross.” 

Michael Quinlan, a ninth grader and swimmer on the UV Rays, said, “As a member of the swim team, I think a new pool would be awesome.” 

The reason Springville needs a new pool is because the pipes in the current one are corroded and it will not last forever; they have to tear it down sometime.  

Jacob Jackson, another eighth grader and swimmer on the Rays, said, “If I could vote for this new pool, I would because our pool now is old, gross and just plain old creepy.” 

Amelia O’Berg, a seventh grader at SJHS and swimmer on the UV Rays, said, “We really need a new pool because as a member of the UV Rays, I would like to hear my coaches, not be swimming in a hot tub, and have more room in our lanes.” 

The new Springville pool is said to have twelve lanes; that is double what we have now!

According to Kinzie Lewis, an eighth grader at SJHS, she loves pools and always wants to go to the Provo Rec. Center, but it is too far and takes time out of her mom’s free time to get there. When she heard about the one in Springville, she crossed her fingers and hoped it would pass; and it did! She was super excited.

“This new attraction for Springville will be amazing,” said Michael. “It will get lots of business and will be easy for close cities like Spanish Fork and Provo to come to for swim meets.”

Geography Class Explores the Middle East

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 01/22/2016 - 09:08
Bethany Stewart; SJHS Staff Writer
Porter Olsen (l) and Devin Ashcraft (r) dressed up for Mr. Bentley's unit on the Middle East

During the month of October, Mr. Bentley's class has gone on an adventure to learn about the Middle East. Mr. Bentley, a ninth grade geography teacher, said, “About 90% of the region is Islamic which has an impact on culture. What they eat, how they dress, and how they behave are all tied back to their religious beliefs. The other 10% are Christians and Jews. This unit is taught as a comparative with more emphasis on what they have in common than their differences.”

According to Moroni Wright, a ninth grader in Mr. Bentley’s geography class, you get to learn about the cultures, religions, and physical features of the land they are learning about.  One of the assignments they did was fill out a map and label some of the countries.

According to Mr. Bentley, he enjoys doing this unit, and he believes his students enjoy it as well.  Moroni Wright said about the unit, “It’s really fun.”

Let’s Go On a Quest

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 01/15/2016 - 11:34
Andrew Messenger; SJHS Staff Writer

Quest Time has been part of SJHS for a long time. With every new year, new students have new opinions about it.

According to Kade Rasmussen, a seventh grade student, if he has good grades he likes to go to open gym or the conversation room in the cafeteria. Kade said, “Quest Time helps me keep my grades up.” According to Jenessa Crystal, an eighth grade student, she is part of the Quest Time fiddle band. When she is not at the fiddle band, she likes to go to conversation rooms with her friends. Jenessa said, “Quest Time is the true quest for excellence.”

Ms. Piña, a seventh grade English teacher, said, “[Quest Time] is really helpful for students who need help in class or have missing work.” According to Ms. Piña, students with good grades get to take a break and have fun in an activity room. In addition, she thinks that students enjoy her game and karaoke rooms. According to Mrs. Porter, a history and Utah Studies teacher, Quest Time gets students to get on top of their grades. In addition, she thinks students with good grades enjoy going to conversation rooms, open gym and the many other activities.

Many students enjoy Quest Time and have fun playing games or working hard to get their grades up so they can go hang out with their friends.


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