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February 2016

Seventh Graders' Day Out

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 02/26/2016 - 12:08
Joseph Harrison; SJHS staff writer

It’s Friday! Not only does this bring the long awaited weekend, but this particular Friday means something else. Friday, February 5th, also known as job shadow day. 

Job shadow day is a special day where seventh grade students follow an adult through their occupation, and learn about what they do. “Job shadow day is a structured career activity where students play an active role in learning,” Mr. Rencher, the CTE/Workshop teacher at SJHS, said. “[It helps] students understand connections between education and careers.”

“I think it’s helpful to find out what you want to be when you grow up,” Daniel Harrison, a seventh grader at SJHS, said. Daniel job shadowed a Reams associate, saying that it was a good opportunity.

According to Clark Warren, another seventh grader taking part in job shadow day at SJHS, job shadow day is a great way to get job experience, not to mention an exciting way. “I’m excited because I get to skip school,” Clark said. Clark shadowed an elementary school teacher. “I kind of want to be a teacher,” he said about his choice. 

Job shadow day is a really good thing for students, because they get job experience, are able to explore things they like, and have fun while doing it.

Today They’re Singing in the SJHS Choir Room; Tomorrow They’ll Perform for the World!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 02/26/2016 - 12:07
Abby Carlton; SJHS Staff Writer
Joint Choirs Perform at the Christmas Assembly

Choir is an elective at SJHS, and probably one of the most popular ones.  Mrs. Utrera is the choir teacher here and she is amazing.  Haylee Carpenter, a Knightengale Singer, said, “Mrs. Utrera makes you want to sing.  She is very patient and energetic, and I love the way she teaches us. We learn so much!”  Every day at school Mrs. Utrera teaches kids how to sing and increases their love for singing.          

Mrs. Utrera teaches four choir classes: the seventh grade Apprentice singers, the eighth grade girl Knightingales, the Men’s Choir and the Master Singers.  She said, “I like having multiple choirs.  It gives more students a chance to be in a choir that fits their needs. Each choir is unique and different.”  

Most people that are in choir say that they take that class to sing with their friends.  Braxton Hansen and Caleb Faber, both Men’s Choir singers, said, “That is exactly why it is such a great class!  Mrs. Utrera lets you interact and meet new people and make new friends!” 

Mrs. Utrera said, “Often students say they can’t sing, so they can’t be in choir.  Everyone can sing, and everyone can learn to sing in a choir.  Learning music helps your whole brain develop and gives you a way to connect with the world around you.  You never know until you try it!”  Choir is an amazing class and if you get a chance to take it, do it!  It will be worth your while!

Special Education Teacher by Day, Basketball Coach by Night

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 02/25/2016 - 15:04
Caitlin Buhler; SJHS Staff Writer
Ms. Merrell, a Special Education teacher

Have you ever wondered who the special education teacher is? Well, her name is Ms. Merrell. She teaches all grades here at SJHS. “She is hilarious!” said ninth grade student, Katrina Britt. Not only does she teach special education, but she is also the girls basketball coach! 

“Merrell is great at everything,” said Mrs. Porter, the assistant basketball coach.

Ms. Merrell loves everything at SJHS, but her favorite thing would have to be the students. She started teaching special education last year. According to Ms. Merrell, the purpose of peer tutors is to help students with disabilities to succeed in school with learning and social situations. Peer tutoring in high school really inspired Ms. Merrell to be a teacher.

All of her students adore her. Kylie Childs and Michael Price, both ninth grade students, said that “She is really funny!” 

Not only do students love her, but teachers do too! Mrs. Porter said that she is nice, and has lots of energy, but in basketball she can get pretty heated. Not a lot of people know that she played volleyball in college, and Mrs. Porter said that she could have easily played basketball too.

Eight Students Participate In Honor Choir

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 02/25/2016 - 15:02
Kennedy Bird; SJHS Staff Writer

How would it feel to be one of the eight people selected to sing with 30 schools from all across Utah and be conducted by a world famous conductor? Thanks to Ms. Utrera, the choir teacher at SJHS, eight lucky ninth grade students were able to have that experience, singing in the Utah Honor Choir. These students were Abigail Smith, Laura Reina, Vanessa Goodman, Michelle Miller, Adam Kreiger, Luke Gleave, Shane Staple, and Christian Small. 

Before Christmas break, they received the sheet music and a CD with the soundtracks for all of the songs they would sing and were able to practice on their own time for most of January. 

According to Michelle Miller, on January 22nd they met at Diamond Fork Junior High and rode a bus to Orem High to practice with all 30 schools from 8am-6pm. On January 23rd, they met at Diamond Fork Junior High at 2pm and rode in a bus to Salt Lake where they had practice from 4-6, and their performance started at 7:30.

They sang songs such as “Adonai Adonenu” and “Psalms 8” which were conducted by Henry Leck, a very well-known conductor. Abigail Smith said, “I really liked ‘Adonai Adonenu’ because it showed us what our voices are capable of, and it was pretty legit.” 

Christian Small mentioned that “all the music was pretty swagtastic, and ‘Psalms 8’ had dope harmonies.” 

“My favorite part was meeting so many people that all had a common interest,” said Michelle Miller. According to Abigail Smith, it was fun meeting everyone, but her favorite part was performing because it was “mindblowing.” 

Christian Small said, “The cute girls were definitely a plus, but I just really liked the whole experience, even though choir kids are crazy which made the bus rides super loud.” 

“It was great to have students participate in the experience. I wish I could take all of my students. It is such a great experience to sing with and get to know so many students from all over the state. The sound is incredible, and the feeling the students have from being a part of it all is life changing,” stated Ms.Utrera, the choir director.

All the participants said they had a great time, and highly recommend all the eighth grade choir students to audition next year because it is an overall great experience.

Step it Up a Grade for Ninth Grade Registration

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 02/23/2016 - 14:48
Savannah Clyde; SJHS Staff Writer

Moving from eighth grade to ninth grade is a big step, but a heads up never hurt right? Registration papers for soon to be ninth graders will be given out on February 25th. To go right along with registration, what is better than a look at the Utah Scholars college prep presentations?Recently in the SJHS science classes students were given a presentation about a college prep program called the Utah Scholar program. This program has a series of requirements that are only a few credits more than are required to graduate high school. The program has many benefits for completing the requirements some of these are, you receive a medallion to wear to your graduation, it is a requirement to qualify for the Regents scholarship, it saves money, looks good on college applications and prepares students for college.

Now, why would you give a presentation about college prep to eighth graders? It get students thinking ahead and gives them a view of the near future. It might even persuade them to consider going to college because, 66% of the jobs in Utah by the year 2020 will require some type of college education. Mr. Jackson, the eighth grade counselor, said, “Anything to help students is a positive thing.”

With that in mind let's take a look at the ninth grade classes. Most are familiar with a lot of them, but ones specifically offered to ninth graders are woodshop, teen living, seminary, and PE separate from seventh graders. But those are just electives. Required classes are math, both  world civilizations and geography- world civilizations and geography are half years and will alternate when the semester switches. For science, Biology is offered if you are in math honors. English is another required class. English honors is available via application.

And there you have it, 4.5 credits of required classes and 2.5 credits of electives. Ninth grade may seem intimidating, but it is not that different. Mrs. Distefano, the ninth grade counselor, said, “By the time [students] get to ninth grade they have more confidence, less anxiety and it's the mentality of ‘we own this place.’” Jumping from eighth grade to ninth grade may seem like a big step, but in reality it i not as bad as it seems. So here's your heads up!


Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 02/23/2016 - 14:21
Meagan Jones; SJHS Staff Writer

What is HOPE week?  HOPE Week is an event at our school that starts on February 29th and ends March 4th.  This week is full of different fun activities that helps all of SJHS students with things they are having troubles with. It also encourages kids to always be happy!  Most of this week is held at our junior high and is hosted by our awesome HOPE Squad members.  

The first day of this fun week is Mental Health day.  The students are asked to wear yellow that day, and if they wear yellow they will get a prize and candy at lunch.  

Tuesday is called Have a Laugh day.  Everyone can dress up like 80’s people, and there will be an awesome dance party at lunch!  Mrs. Droz, the seventh grade counselor, said that having this day shows kids that “laughter is good for your mental health.”  

Wednesday is Be a Superhero and do not keep deadly secrets day.  This day you dress up like a superhero!  At lunch they will have an obstacle course and who ever is the fastest they will get prizes and treats!  

Thursday is Be an Ally day and we wear pajamas! There will also be a thing called Compliment Cards. You can write a card to anyone saying nice things.Caitlin Buhler, one of the HOPE Squad members, said, “This is my favorite day of the week.”

Friday is March for Hope day!  This day is the last day of HOPE Week, and the students are asked to wear red.  At lunch they will hold a poster contest, and the winner will also get treats.  Later on in the day they will have a HOPE Walk in Spanish Fork and anyone can come! 

According to Max Davis, another HOPE Squad member, his favorite day of the week is on Tuesday when they get to have a dance off.  He also said he loves “spreading hope and joy.”

How does this week help our school though?   Kennedy Bird, another HOPE Squad member, said it “raises people's awareness of mental health or sadness in general.”  This week can help kids be more happy and have a good time.  

Max Davis said, “It makes our school more united and it makes everyone more friendly.”  HOPE Week is a great week to participate in, so come have fun!

Boys And Girls Basketball Tournament 2016

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 02/22/2016 - 15:19
Brayden Giles; SJHS Staff Writer
Members of the boys basketball team
Members of the boys basketball team

The Girls and Boys Basketball teams had their final tournament Wednesday, February 3 through Friday, February 5. The Boys Basketball team participated at Mount Nebo High School, and the Girls Basketball team participated at Salem High School. 

They do these tournaments to see who is the best in a single elimination series of games, which means if you lose you are out. Teams could play up to three games. You just have to win to be the best according to Tanii Foster, a member of the Girls Basketball team.

The boys made it to the final four in the tournament, and the girls got sixth place, according to Mr. McGuire, the principal at SJHS. 

The members of the Girls Basketball team includes: McKell Weight, Kim Bayles, Katrina Britt, Emmalee Smith, Alice Giatras, Jenica Freeman, Tanii Foster, Camille Davies, Hayley Herker, and Kailee Thurman.

And the members of the Boys Basketball teams includes: Alex Ashton, Riley Dustin, Josh Ireland, Nick Cloward, Camen Rollins, Kolby Carter, Daren Mumford, Matt Stoker, Brodie Taylor, Devin Cutler, and Ayden Christensen.

The boys and girls were equally amazing and should have made it further into the tournament but just fell short. They definitely represented us well.

Wuv. Twu Wuv.

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 02/22/2016 - 15:18
Autumn Olsen; SJHS Writer Staff

It is the season of love… and the students of SJHS were buzzing with excitement for Valentine's Day. How did the students celebrate this lovebird holiday you ask? Valegrams! These small paper hearts were made for the Romeo and Juliet’s in the school, or just the nice people who love everyone. Students could write their name on the paper, and then send it to their crush. The Valegrams were delivered Friday, February 12th. Not only could students send a card, they could send beautiful carnations! 

“My favorite part about Valentine's Day is how you get to tell the person you like that you care about them!” said Kaitlyn Gee, one of the members of Student Council. 

“My favorite part about Valentine’s Day is all the cute laddddddiiiiiiiieeeeessss,” said Shane Stapel, another member of the Student Council. 

Not only are there Valegrams going on, but there is a service project called H20 For Life. Each card you buy gives straight to the project. Cards are $1.00 and created by the drawing students. More designs will be available soon!

“I think that our school can feel awesome about making a huge difference in these students lives and for their families but we need more support!” said Mrs. Wallace, the drawing teacher at SJHS.So not only is this a fun holiday for our school community, but it is a AWESOME time for doing service as well.

Spotlight Ms. Allred

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 02/22/2016 - 15:18
Kennedy Huston; SJHS Staff Writer
Ms. Allred, a seventh and ninth grade math teacher

Ms. Allred is a new math teacher at SJHS. Ms. Allred started working at SJHS on January 19.

According to Ms. Allred, she originally did not know what she wanted to do. Right before she started attending BYU, she met with an advisor to ask for some help registering for classes and instead he tried to convince her to choose a major. He noticed that she had taken a couple of AP math classes, and he told her all the reasons that math teaching would be a good job. “He convinced me to try it,” Ms. Allred said, and at first she was not sure if she would stick with it or not, but as soon as she started learning about it and practicing, she found out she really loved it.  

Ms. Allred said, “I actually grew up in Springville, and I was student at SJHS (at the old building) when I was in eighth grade. It was super exciting to find out I got to come back as a teacher.”

According to Isela Filoteo, a ninth grade student at SJHS, she likes Ms. Allred because she is really nice, and she likes helping people if they are struggling or having a hard time on a subject.  According to Aurora Ashby, a ninth grade student at SJHS, Ms. Allred is pretty chill, and she is really nice. Aurora Ashby said, “All in all, I love Ms. Allred as a teacher.”


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