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April 2016

Podcasts for Ninth English Honors

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 04/19/2016 - 15:28
Caitlin Buhler; SJHS Staff Writer

All ninth grade English honors students have been working on podcasts in Ms. Dunn’s class. A podcast is an audio file that you can listen to on a smartphone or computer. Often times podcasts are made for informational purposes. The students got to choose their own topics. The topics are all uniquely individual. Ms. Dunn, the English honors teacher, said, “There is such a fun variety of topics- Bigfoot, the history of names, stupid criminals, the education grading scale, Disneyland injuries, water bears, ASL etc.” 

According to Ms. Dunn, she decided to do this assignment because she thought it would be an interesting way to teach students informational skills. Ms. Dunn said, “I noticed as I was listening to podcasts that often times they have to do research to find out more about their topic, and I thought that creating a podcast would be a fun, relevant alternative to the traditional research paper.”

Kallysta Strong, a ninth grade honors student, said that at first she and her partner Claire Duncan, also a ninth grade student, could not decide on a topic. About a week later they had a revelation and finally decided on The Office vs. Parks and Recreation. 

Adam Krieger, another ninth grade student, said, “My podcast is on water bears. They are little microorganisms that can survive anything, even the vacuum of space.” 

The honors English students finished their podcasts on March 16th. After they finished recording students had the opportunity to listen to one another’s. 

Kallysta Strong said that she listened to several podcasts, including Andrew Hammond and Jaymon Jordan’s about Bigfoot.. She said that theirs was really funny, because they used funny accents and music.

The Math Class That is Actually Fun

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 04/19/2016 - 15:04
Jacob Jackson; SJHS Staff Writer
Mrs. Gleave, a math teacher at SJHS

At the end of Page Hall there is a class that is loved by all that walk in.  Mrs. Gleave is a math teacher who teaches ninth grade and eighth grade honors math. 

According to Kaitlyn Gee, a ninth grade student, Mrs. Gleave has an awesome teaching style. 

Mrs. Gleave said,  “Math is all about problem solving.  We use numbers and relationships to sift through facts and find solution.  Math class is where we practice problem solving strategies for real life challenges.  Pretty cool huh?”

Mrs. Gleave also said, “Our students are capable of thinking through rather complicated concepts, and it's exciting to see. I enjoy helping students become successful at something they thought was too difficult.”

According to Mrs. Gleave’s students, she is an amazing teacher.  Gracie Sentz, one of Mrs. Gleave’s eighth grade honors students, said, “Mrs. Gleave is nice and a good teacher.”  

Kaitlyn Gee also said, “I love Mrs. Gleave.  She is super nice, and she is an awesome teacher and person.”  

Seth Harward, one of Mrs. Gleaves ninth grade students, said that she is fun and teaches concepts well.  

Caitlin Buhler, one of Mrs. Gleaves eighth grade honors students, said, “Mrs. Gleave makes math fun, and I love her jokes.”

All in all, everyone loves the class and the teacher.

Don’t Mock Them, They’ll Put you on Trial

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 04/15/2016 - 09:17
Savannah Clyde; SJHS Staff Writer
Students on the SJHS Mock Trial team with Mr. Hansen
Students on the SJHS Mock Trial team
Students on the SJHS Mock Trial team

Mock Trial is an after school club that is run by Mr. Hansen, a history teacher. Many people have no clue what mock trial is all about, and it is about time they did. Mock trial is where students have a case that contains witness statements, exhibits, and other things all related to a crime. Students participating in mock trial study this case and take the positions of attorneys, bailiffs, and  witnesses. They meet everyday after school where they compile evidence and do run throughs of the trial.  Wesley Rey, a ninth grade student, said, “I like the way it makes you think.” 

Mock Trial is open to anyone grades seventh-ninth who want to join. Many people in mock trial were recruited either by their friends, or Mr. Hansen, and some join out of initial curiosity. After many meetings of preparation it is time to compete. Mock trial has two teams, an A team and a B team. Team A competed on February 22nd and 24th. These competitions are run just like a real trial. It gives students a sense of professionalism. 

 Mr. Hansen said, “It teaches the court process, higher level thinking skills analysis and reasoning skills. Mock trial gives confidence in presentation, you have to think and speak on your feet. You have to work together as a team where you and all the attorneys have to work together in supporting a common idea.” 

SJHS has won several mock trial competitions. One team even got to the quarterfinals. Overall mock trial provides opportunities for students, and helps them develop their skills and talents. It is a fun way to get involved with the school. 

Thinking about checking it out, and want to know what it takes?  Mr. Hansen said, “Having fun, experience, attorneys and witnesses who can work together, and everyone doing their part. You have to be able to think, and everyone has to know their parts, and be able to be a believable witness. You have to anticipate what the other side is going to do and counter their arguments, in the opening, closing and during the direct.” Mock trial is a challenging, educational, confidence boosting, fun program, and we look forward to it for years to come.

All Girl Seventh Grade Choir Class

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 04/15/2016 - 09:01
Kennedy Bird; SJHS Staff Writer
The Apprentice Singers practice during class

Here at SJHS, we have an all girls seventh grade choir class called Apprentice Singers. This year, the class takes place during second period, and according to Ms. Utrera, the choir director, there are usually 35-40 girls in the class. 

According to Victoria Hunt and Kloey Iese, both participants in the class, Apprentice Singers is a really fun class, and they like having so many friends in the class. 

“If I had to describe the class in one word, it would definitely be fun,” said Bryton Miller, one of the girls in the class. 

Sophie Mendevil, a student in Apprentice Singers, said, “It’s a really relaxing class. It’s a nice break from all my other classes.”

According to Victoria Hunt, they start the class with vocal warm-ups, then they sing the songs that they are currently working on, and Ms. Utrera gives them corrections to help them sound even better, and at the end of class they put their binders away and have a little bit of time to talk before the bell rings.

“Ms. Utrera is really nice, and she’s really good at helping us. She gives really good corrections,” said Kloey Iese.

The songs they are learning right now are “Sing Alleluia”, “Funga Alafia”, “Goodnight”, and “Chariot’s Coming.”

“I really like ‘Sing Alleluia,’” said Victoria Hunt. “I really like singing loud and high in it. I feel super accomplished when I can hit the high notes.”

“‘Goodnight’ is a really nice song. I like the way it sounds,” said Bryton Miller. 

According to Sophie Mendevil and Kloey Iese, “Chariots Comin’” is a really upbeat song, and it is really fun to sing. It is also a tradition to have Apprentice Singers learn this song every year.

One of the higher level choirs at our school is Master Singers. Auditions will be at the end of the year, and they are available to everyone, whether they have taken choir classes or not. “I really want to try out for Master Singers,” said Victoria Hunt. “It’s a great way to be involved in lots of singing. If I made it in I would feel really accomplished.” 

Overall, Apprentice Singers is really fun, and all of the participants say that they have a really fun time, and everyone is very friendly.

Life in the Drama Class

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 04/15/2016 - 07:30
Hannah Mason; SJHS Staff Writer
Students in Ms. Clement's first semester drama class

If you are looking for a fun elective to take, sign up for Ms. Clement’s drama class! Drama is a class for students who love theater, acting, dancing, and singing. In drama, you learn all of those things, and it is a fun opportunity to practice and tune up your skills. There are classes available for all grades: Drama 1 is for seventh graders, Drama 2 is for eighth graders, and Drama 3 is for ninth graders. 

Drama teaches you a lot of different skills to use in the theater world. Meagan Jones, an eighth grader in Drama 2, said, “My favorite thing about drama is learning stage combat. It is super fun!” 

Will Francom, an eighth grader in Drama 2, said, “I like learning to use facial expression and body movement.”

 According to Ryann Brockbank, an eighth grader in Drama 2, in February the class choreographed their own numbers to musical theater songs that they will perform for their families. Ryann said, “It’s fun to be creative and dance however you want.” 

According to the students in the class, one of the best things about taking drama is the teacher, Ms. Clement! Lucy Bradshaw, a ninth grader in Drama 2, said, “Ms. Clement is a fun teacher. She really wants to help us understand what we are doing.” According to Meagan Jones, Ms. Clement is not afraid to express herself and make class a fun environment. Will Francom said, “She’s chill when you make a mistake, and will always help you fix it.” 

Drama is all about learning new things, and having more experience performing. According to Meagan Jones, at the end of the year the students perform all of the things they have learned in class. You learn different skills ranging from stage combat, to vocal training, to choreographing dances. Lucy Bradshaw said, “My favorite part about drama is getting to choreograph and come up with a show.” 

Overall, drama is a really fun class, and all the students recommend taking it next year!

Mrs. Bird’s Super Sewing Class

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 04/14/2016 - 14:07
Abby Carlton; SJHS Staff Writer
A seventh grader is Mrs. Birds' sewing class threads her machine
Students look over material and projects

Looking for a fun elective that you can learn a lot from too?  Take Mrs. Bird’s sewing class!  She teaches you how to sew many different types of things like pajama pants, duffle bags, pillowcases, aprons, a mystery project, etc.  Every day in her class students learn more and more. 

Mrs. Bird, the sewing teacher, said, “I like teaching students to do something that helps them to be creative.  Sewing is a stress reliever, and it is a skill that will help you with your future career if you’re looking into fashion or interior design.”  Mrs. Bird also said, “You don’t have to have experience with sewing to take the class.  I start from the beginning.  I teach the basics and we learn more from there.”   This class is for boys and girls. Even though it may seem like it is a class for girls, boys have enjoyed this class too.  Clint Mickelson, an eighth grader, said, “I took this class because I thought it would be interesting to learn how to sew, and it is!”  

This class is really fun for students to have a chance to learn from each other. According to Katie Jackson, an eighth grade girl, she loves how students get to sew together and help each other with their projects.  She loves to be able to talk to her friends and have them help her.  Breanna Eves, an eighth grader, said, “Sewing is a good opportunity to learn how to sew for future families or to fix your own clothes and not have to buy new ones!”  

The students love Mrs. Bird. Katie Jackson said, “Mrs. Bird is outgoing and fun. It makes the class more fun and interesting!”  

Sewing is a good class to take if you have any desire to learn how to be a designer, or to even fix your kids’ clothes one day!  Ask any kid in the sewing class this year, they will recommend it!

It’s Not too Late to Walk Down the Path to Knighthood

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 04/14/2016 - 09:57
Savannah Clyde; SJHS Staff Writer
The Path to Knighthood Pin

The school year is almost over, and with that excitement there are more opportunities to complete the requirements for SJHS’s very own Path to Knighthood program. The Path to Knighthood program has a series of tasks or requirements, fourteen in total, from the following categories: Academics, Physical Fitness, Arts, Service, and Other (Miscellaneous). These can be completed through the course of the year. They can be found on the back of the student handbook. Lots of them are super easy. One is to participate in the school's intramural program. Another is attend a school play or concert and write a review. Lots of these you could even do with friends!   

 Mr. McGuire, SJHS’s principal, said, “It’s an opportunity for students to promote good citizenship.”  This is for every student in the school, to work toward a long term goal and be recognized for doing so, giving them a sense of accomplishment. By completing the tasks you earn a party, a gold knight pin, recognition at the end of year awards assembly, and your name permanently displayed in the Knight Hall. 

This program is unique to SJHS and is an incredible opportunity to connect with the school. Mr. Rowley, SJHS’s assistant principal, said, “It challenges students to do a little more to try to become a little better in different aspects of life.”

 Even though we are almost through the school year, it is not too late to work on it. There is still time to participate. Even if you do not think you will make it, think about it for next year. You will not regret it!

Seventh Grade Field Trip To State Capitol

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Wed, 04/13/2016 - 10:52
Kennedy Bird; SJHS Staff Writer

On Tuesday, March 8th, the seventh grade students in the Gifted and Talented program went on a field trip to the State Capitol. According to Joey Hammond, one of the seventh graders who was able to go on the field trip, the busses came at 8:05 in the morning, and once they got to the Capitol, they took a tour, ate lunch at 11:30, then came back to the school. 

According to Daniel Kawaii, a seventh grader in Gifted and Talented, they picked students who have good SAGE test scores and good grades to be part of the program. “It’s for kids who are future leaders,” said Jane Wilson, one of the participants in the program. 

Joey Hammond said that “Gifted and Talented people were chosen because they have good talking skills. That’s what Mr. Hansen told me.” 

Amanda Gardner, a seventh grader in the program, said, “We found out we were in the program about a week before the field trip. They called us down to the library and explained what Gifted and Talented is, and gave us a paper that explained the field trip and the program. We had to bring it home to our parents and have them sign it, then we had to bring it back to school and turn it in.”

Daniel Kawaii said, “We got to learn about the senate and how it works. It was really cool.” According to Jane Wilson, they got to see how the law process works, and it was really interesting. 

Jayden Tate, a student who went on the field trip, said, “I really liked the Gold Room; it was really pretty. That’s where they have meetings with people from other countries.”

Amanda Gardiner said, “I liked seeing all the artwork. Especially the gallery of artwork done by kids in highschool.”

Overall, the students who went on the field trip thought it was a great experience, and they are all very excited to find out where they are going next.

Slam Poets Come to SJHS

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Wed, 04/13/2016 - 07:51
Kennedy Huston; SJHS Staff Writer
The Slam Poets perform during Quest Time
Kari Lindsey, a Slam Poet, teaching Ms. Dunn's first period
Ben Barter performing "Rubix Cube" during Quest Time

Kari Lindsey, Jose Soto, Ben Barter, and Salma Nizam, all slam poets attending University Of Utah, came to SJHS on March 15th, to teach the students of SJHS about Slam poetry. Kari, Jose, Ben, and Salma, went to different seventh and ninth grade English classes and taught the students about poetry. The Slam poets were at SJHS throughout the whole school day, and during Quest Time they went to the cafetorium where they each performed a poem, and then answered any questions students had.

According to Gavin Jones, a seventh grade student at SJHS, it was interesting to see them do something like poetry professionally. Alexi Love, a seventh grade student at SJHS, said, “It was cool how they performed actual poetry and not just little kid poetry. It was interesting how much they expressed themselves through poetry.”  

According to Ben Douglas, a ninth grade student as SJHS, Jose was pretty cool, and he was really easy to connect with.

According to Ben Douglas, “Rubix Cube” performed by Ben was his favorite poem that the poets performed.  Gavin Jones, said, “All the poems were good, but I liked “War” (performed by Salma).” According to Alexi Love, she liked the “God of Bench Pressing”  performed by Jose. 

Ms. Pina, a seventh grade English teacher at SJHS, said, “All the poems were so great. I loved Kari’s English major poem, because I was an English major and got many of the same questions. Ben had a poem that he performed just for my class and also performed last year written from the perspective of Luna Lovegood which I loved, because I love Harry Potter of course, and also the poem was just hilarious. If I thought through it, I could say something I liked from most poems probably, but those are the two that stood out.”

According to Gavin Jones, he learned that everyone has their own opinion and emotions. According to Alexi love, she learned that there are a lot of different ways to express yourself, and poetry is one of them. 

According to Ben Douglas, he would like to try poetry. He thought it would fun, and he could do it during his free time.

Calling All the Band Members!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 04/12/2016 - 11:28
Autumn Olsen; SJHS Staff Writer

On March 9th, when all the students were gathering into their classrooms, the ninth grade students from band were all dressed in suits and dresses to play in a festival. The festival started at 9:00 a.m., and students got back during seventh period. 

The band classes of Nebo School District all gathered at Springville High School to play the songs they learned over the semester. Our school did awesome!

“We had a really good performance, and we celebrated it with pizza,” said Matt Rawle, a ninth grader at SJHS in band. 

“My favorite part was performing our awesome songs, and being able to celebrate with pizza,” said Joseph Harrison, another ninth grader at the school. 

“Our ninth grade band received a Superior rating and did an amazing job! They worked very hard to prepare for the festival. I loved listening to all of the groups and seeing our ninth grade band perform so well,” said Mr. Booth, the band teacher at SJHS.

Our band students did a great job at the festival. This year’s students will be an awesome example for future band students.


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