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April 2016

Track and Field

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 04/12/2016 - 11:25
Meagan Jones; SJHS Staff Writer

Hey guess what?!  Track and Field has started! You don’t know what Track is?  Keep reading and you will find out!

Track and Field is an activity all runners here at Springville Junior High can do.  Practices are held everyday after school starting March 21st!  After a certain amount of practices, there is a track meet.  A track meet is where your school goes and competes against other schools.  Kate Chatfield, one of the track runners from last year, said, “I love kicking other school’s butts at track meets!”  

Track has many awesome coaches!  One of them is the eighth grade health teacher, Mr. Hammon. Mr. Hammon said, “Track is such a fun sport.  I’ve made some of my best, and lifelong, friends through track.  I feel that track is a great way for students to have fun, make new friends, learn hard work, and make great memories.”  Mr. Hammon is the sprint and throwing coach.

We have many other great coaches who make us better runners and more committed in life!Each different events has a different coach.  Coach Hotchkiss is the hurdles coach.  She is an amazing and fun coach.

Another coach is Mrs. Bodily, a math teacher.  Mrs. Bodily said, “Track teaches students/athletes the value of hard work and dedication.  Students who work hard and do their best can see results as they get better throughout the season.  It is also a great way to meet people and make great friends.  Students come together to compete as a team and create a great sense of camaraderie.”  All of the coaches are amazing!

There are many different events in Track.  Each event is very fun and can keep you physically and mentally in shape. A few of the events are the 4x100 relay, 100 meter hurdles, shot put, discus throw, high jump, 100 meter, etc.  All of these events may not be for you, but you are welcome to choose any events that you like.  For each Track meet there are four events that you can compete with.  It can either be a throwing event and running or just throwing.   

According to Connor Snapp, one of the runners last year, his favorite event is the 4x100 relay. He also said his favorite part about track is competing at the track meets. 

Track is not just fun though; you have to work really hard to be faster and do your best at everything you do.  Kate Chatfield said, “You have to train really hard, and you have to stay in good health.”   Track is fun but also hard work at the same time.  Having Track and Field helps kids be more healthy and be more active.

Now you know what Track and Field is! Do not forget to have fun and exercise to be ready!

Mr. Booth Spotlight

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 04/01/2016 - 15:16
Joseph Harrison; SJHS Staff Writer
Mr. Booth conducts his students in band

Mr. Booth is the band teacher at SJHS, and the best one anyone could ask for. According to Mr. Booth, he has been working at SJHS for 20 years, and has done it because of his immovable love for music. His students love him, and would all agree that he does some legendary things in their presence.

Michael Quinlan, a student of Mr. Booth’s, said, “He’s good at teaching music. He takes it seriously and is good at what he does.” Michael plays the percussion in band class. Michael’s favorite thing about band class is when he chills with his friends, and when he gets to play his instruments. 

According to Macarthur Reilly, another student of Mr. Booth’s, Mr. Booth is a legend. “He’s pro, and can play a lot of instruments.” Macarthur’s favorite thing about band class is being excellent, for the great reason that it is excellent. 

Mr. Booth’s favorite moments when teaching include working with students, helping them improve their musical talents, and the concerts. “It’s great when I see their improvement as musicians,” Mr. Booth said. “And on the rare occasion that I can get a class to laugh.” 

Mr. Booth is a great teacher, and really does do awesome things for the students of SJHS. His overwhelming kindness and sense of humor make him such a great teacher.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 04/01/2016 - 14:22
Gabbie Grimes; SJHS Staff Writer
The Faculty Room was decorated as part of Teacher Appreciation Week
The Faculty Room was decorated as part of Teacher Appreciation Week

All teachers deserve appreciation, and that is what Teacher Appreciation Week was all about. During Teacher Appreciation Week the PTA  organized games, dress up days and delicious food for the teachers. March 14-17 students and teachers dressed up differently everyday to show appreciation. Monday was dress up like your favorite Star Wars character. Tuesday was 80’s day. Wednesday was sock day, and Thursday was wear your favorite sweat pants day.

Mr. Hammon, an SJHS health teacher, said, “It’s probably the best week in the year.  My favorite part is definitely all the fun stuff and delicious food the PTA gives us.  My least favorite part is that it's only four days long.” 

Ms. Dunn, an English teacher, said, “I love it. I appreciate the time and effort the PTA take in making us feel special.”

Always show appreciation to the teachers! They do so much to make sure we get the education we deserve.


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