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May 2016

The Tennis Team

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Wed, 05/11/2016 - 07:48
Hannah Mason; SJHS Staff Writer
Members of the SJHS boys tennis team

Almost every day after school, you will see the SJHS Boys Tennis Team out on the tennis courts, working hard to prepare for matches against other schools. According to Mr. Dahl, a science teacher at SJHS and the tennis coach, they practice from 2:40 to 4:30, and they have matches on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Mr. Dahl said, “I started coaching about 6 years ago.  I love working with students in a different capacity than in the classroom, and I enjoy seeing students improve their tennis skills.”

Cooper Riggs, an eighth grader who plays on the team, said, “I really like playing tennis. It feels good when you make a good shot, or when you win a match.”

According to Luke Carter, an eighth grader on the tennis team, tennis is super fun because you get to be active, make new friends, and learn how to play tennis. 

According to Mr. Dahl, if you love tennis but you did not make the team, you can still get practice and try again next year. He said, “Anyone is welcome to tryout.  If I have enough people wanting to play, I generally run the regular team and an intramural team so students who don't make the team can get experience.”  Max Davis, an eighth grader on the team, said, “Tennis is really fun! My favorite part is going to matches; it’s fun to beat the other teams.”

Cooper Riggs said, “Mr. Dahl makes playing tennis even more fun. He does everything he can to help us, and practices with us.”

According to Luke Carter, tennis is pretty easy, and anyone can learn how to play well. You just have to love doing it, and be dedicated to playing. 

All of the participants really like tennis, and agree that it is super fun and a good opportunity. If you get the opportunity to try out next year, then go for it!

We Will Miss You Ms. Murdock!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 05/10/2016 - 10:50
Meagan Jones; SJHS Staff Writer
Ms. Murdock, the finance secretary at SJHS, is retiring at the end of the school year.

Do you know Mrs. Murdock?  If you do not then you are missing out on a great person! She is our great finance office secretary.  She helps out our school a ton by helping with all the money and expenses, but sadly she is leaving because she is retiring. 

Mrs. Murdock is a great person, and, everyone loves her, and will miss her after she leaves.  Mrs. Murdock has worked at the Springville Junior High for 27 years, and also attended here when she was younger.  At first she worked here part time to help pay for her sons to serve an LDS mission.  Then she started working here full time!  Mrs. Murdock said, “I probably won’t miss taking care of all of the money and receipts, but I will miss all of the many friends, co-workers and students I have gotten to know over the years.”   She also said,  “I have enjoyed working with the other secretaries and administration in the front office.”  

Many people have became good friends with Mrs. Murdock and will miss her very much. Ms. McBride, one of the eighth grade English teachers, said, “I will really miss working with Mrs. Murdock!  She is so easy and fun to talk to, and she has become one of my good friends.  Even though I’m sad she’ll be gone, I’m happy for her that she will get to spend more time with her grandkids.”   

One of the many students who Mrs. Murdock has helped and influenced is a ninth grader named Alice Giatras.  Alice said, “I’ll miss her kindness that she shows to me and everyone that she talks to.”  She likes having Mrs. Murdock work here because she has a friendly personality, and she has a great smile.  

Ms.McBride also said, “Mrs. Murdock is really good at her job.  She has a lot of details to keep track of, but she is always very organized.  She helps out our school behind the scenes all the time.” 

All of us will miss Mrs. Murdock and everything she does for our school.  She has been a great help here at SJHS.  We will miss you Mrs. Murdock!

Mrs. Carpenter is Onto the Next Big Adventure

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 05/09/2016 - 10:46
Ryan Popham SJHS Staff Writer
Mrs. Carpenter, a science teacher, is retiring at the end of the school year.

Mrs. Carpenter is an eighth grade science teacher here at SJHS. She teaches in room S207. Mrs. Carpenter has been teaching for 24 years, four of which at were a high school in Oklahoma, and the other 20 years were spent here at SJHS. At the end of this school year Mrs. Carpenter will be retiring. 

Kennedy Bird, an eighth grader in her class, said, “Mrs. Carpenter is really nice, and she's been teaching for a long time, so she's wise too.”

 According to Kaybrie Pratt, an eighth grader, Mrs. Carpenter lets students use their notes on all of their assignments. 

According to Mrs. Carpenter, the best parts of teaching have been getting to know the students each year, and watching students have an “aha” moment, when something finally makes sense. She said, “They get excited and feel very successful. I love it.”

Ammon Elzinga, one of Mrs. Carpenter's students, said, “My favorite thing we have learned is simple machines, and making mousetrap cars.” 

Mrs. Carpenter said, “The next big adventure in my life will be having more sleepovers with grandchildren! I will start exercising for real. Next year we will be going on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We won’t know the details for awhile, but it will be great.”

Good luck Mrs. Carpenter, and thanks for all you have done!

It’s Time For a Quest

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 05/09/2016 - 10:45
Autumn Olsen; SJHS Writer Staff
Students participate in a Conversation Room during Quest Time

You hear a lot about the different activities and classes here at SJHS, but there is a time period that does not get spotlighted often: Quest Time!

Quest Time is a 25 minute period that falls right after third period. There are a bunch of different things you can do during Quest Time. Some of these activities include movie rooms, game rooms, and conversation rooms. There is also intervention where students go to teachers’ rooms and make up their grade.        “I like Quest Time because I get to be with my friends,” said Ryan Popham, an eighth grader at SJHS. “It is a slight break from the long school day.”

“I like going to the conversation rooms and talking about the weirdest topics with my friends,” said Rachel Rimmasch, a ninth grade girl from SJHS. Rachel also says that she likes to steal her friends stuff, and wait until they realize it is gone. “I like the break that we get. It’s nice to laugh with my friends because sometimes it can be a hard school day.”

“I like the opportunity to hang out with my friends that I don't have classes with. It is nice to catch up with them, so we can have more to talk about later,” said Heidi Sumsion, a seventh grader.

Quest Time is a great opportunity to make up your grade, meet new people, and keep your grades up. Quest Time might just become the best part of your day.

Earthquake in Utah? SJHS is Prepared

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 05/09/2016 - 10:39
Abby Carlton; SJHS Staff Writer
Students at SJHS participate in The Great Shakeout

On Thursday, April 21st, schools, businesses and hospitals in Utah participated in The Great Shakeout earthquake drill, and here at Springville Junior High, we did the same. This earthquake drill is very beneficial to us in Utah because it has been about 300 years since we have had a major earthquake in the state and the earthquakes come about every 300 years. However, according to the article, “Big earthquake could happen in Utah sooner than we think”, by Jason Nguyen, in KSL, we have about 800 earthquakes a year that we just do not feel. But, chances are that we will have a big earthquake soon. The Great Shakeout website said, “90% of Utah's population lives in active earthquake zones.”

But there is no need to worry. You can be prepared by practicing the earthquake drill with the schools in Utah and preparing a 72 hour kit with flashlights, food, first aid, etc. for you and your family.  According to KSL, nearly 1 million Utahns participated in The Great Shakeout earthquake drill. That is a lot of people! But, it is really good to be prepared for. 

Grace Elison, an eighth grade student at Springville Junior High, said, “The earthquake drill helped me feel prepared, and I learned what to do and how to act if there is ever an earthquake at school.”

Megan Jones, another eighth grade student, said, “I know that I need to be serious about the drills, because if there is an earthquake I need to stay calm and be prepared.”While earthquakes can be very scary, students here in Springville are now more prepared than they were, and luckily, we got to participate in this earthquake drill and prepare for any possible future earthquakes.

The State Math Competition- It's as Easy as Pi

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 05/06/2016 - 11:49
Savannah Clyde; SJHS Staff Writer
The students who participated in the State Math Competition at BYU

On April 25th, ten students from each grade here at SJHS, went to BYU to take a math test. These students were selected because they scored the highest in this last year’s exam. The top ten were invited to go. 

This test was designed to be taken without a calculator, so it challenged students to think more about the problems and use their knowledge and problem solving skills for each problem.  There were forty questions on the test for students to solve. Sabrina Scott, an eighth grade participant said, “The most challenging part was trying to decide what the questions meant.”  The scores on the state math test will be compared to other scores in the state. 

After the test students went to the BYU Cannon Center for lunch. Jenessa Crystal, an eighth grade student, said, “I saw Cosmo there!”

 According to Mrs. Bodily, a math teacher here at SJHS, there are lots of benefits to taking this test. It is a good motivational challenge, to do mathematical problems that they have not seen before. It will also serve as a learning experience when students see their scores, and looks good to colleges. The students also got a free T-shirt for participating.

Many students said that it was hard. Janessa Crystal said, “I enjoyed the satisfaction and enjoyment of finishing the test.” Students were also able to spend the day with their friends and miss the majority of the school day. 

Mrs. Bodily said, “We had a lot of fun at the State Math Competition, and look forward to going again next year!”

The ninth graders were, Melody Anderson, Ashley White, Joseph Price, Porter Olson, Grant Gardner, Rebecca Gee, Kolby Carter, Jaxon Wilkinson, Kallysta Strong, and Alexys Griggs. 

The eighth graders were, Luke Carter, Trae Hillstead, Brandon Hawkins,, Kimberly Bartholomew, Ammon Elzinga, Timothy Harlow, Monte Taylor, Janessa Crystal, Sabrina Scott, and  William Francom. 

The seventh graders were, Zachary LaBuda, Isaac Vaughn, Helen Tulley, McKay Francom, Jonathan Christensen, Cameron Monson, Ryan Hubbard, Kaylee Smyth, Samuel Gee, Caleb Lanier, and Jacob Paynter.

Ms. Dunn Is Done With SJHS

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 05/05/2016 - 10:43
Jacob Jackson; SJHS Staff Writer
Ms. Dunn, right, with her second semester Journalism class

As many of you know, this is Ms. Dunn’s last year here at SJHS. Ms. Dunn left Starbucks for McCafe. She is leaving Brick Oven for an Easy Bake Oven.  She is leaving Abraham Lincoln for Donald Trump.  Ms. Dunn is leaving SJHS for Maple Mountain High School. 

Ms. Dunn, an English and Journalism teacher, said, “I am going to Maple Mountain High School.  I wanted to try teaching high school at some point, and an opportunity came up that worked out.  I am really sad to leave SJHS.  It has been such a wonderful place to work for the past five years.  But I am also excited for change, and a new adventure.”

Ms. Dunn is also loved by her “amazing students,” and they all have a favorite memory with her.

Brayden Giles, one of Ms. Dunn’s journalism students, said that his favorite memory with Ms. Dunn is singing to her and the “password” they use to get into her classroom.

Abby Carlton, another one of Ms. Dunn’s journalism students, said that her favorite memory was, “when we ate bagels because she loves us, and when we had our photo shoot.”

Juan Patino, one of Ms. Dunn’s ninth grade honors students, said that his favorite memory with Ms. Dunn is from  seventh grade when she let the class pet, Winston the bug, into the hall, where he was most likely was killed.Some students at SJHS are torn because of Ms. Dunn’s departure.  

Melisa Miles and Benson Bird, students of Ms. Dunn’s past seventh grade class, said, “I am sad that I can not take her class next year.”

Melisa also said, “She is really kind a patient”

Benson also said, “She is positive and joyful.”

Kallysta Strong, another one of Ms. Dunn’s ninth grade honors students, said, “She is always happy.  I think it’s dumb that she is going to leave to MMHS.”

Abby Carlton also said, “She is really organized and amazing.  She is my most favorite teacher.”

Juan Patino also said, “I hope Mapleton treats her well.  SJHS will miss her.”

Farewell Ms. Dunn, SJHS will miss you.

Ready... Set… Play!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 05/05/2016 - 10:38
Brayden Giles; SJHS Staff Writer

Intramurals takes place every day after school, except Wednesdays, in the gym or multipurpose room. At intramurals students can play amazing and fun activities.  “I like being active, and it’s fun,” said Simon Smith, an eighth grader who goes to intramurals. 

Intramurals is something fun to do after school, especially if you have nothing to do; it also gets you active. “You get to play legit sports, and it’s something fun to do after school,” said Ty Carter, an eighth grader who attends intramurals regularly. 

“The sports are always unique, and they change every week,” said Ammon Elzinga, a newcomer to intramurals, “and it’s fun to be with your friends playing sports.”

“I really enjoy being a part of intramurals. I love sports, and I got part of my college degree in PE/Coaching,” said Ms. Elison, one of the art teachers here at SJHS, who helps with intramurals.

Intramurals sports change about every week, and it is fun for everyone. To participate you just go to the gym with all of your friends to participate in all the unique and amazing sports, and sign the book and get credit for playing sports after school. Everyone should definitely come.

Slam Poet’s Throw Down

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Wed, 05/04/2016 - 10:30
Kennedy Huston; SJHS Staff Writer
Alyssa Badger, an eighth grader, performs at the SJHS Poetry Slam
Kaitlyn Gee, a ninth grader, performs at the SJHS Poetry Slam
Trey Widtfeldt, a seventh grader, performs at the SJHS Poetry Slam

April was National Poetry Month. To celebrate poetry SJHS and individual English classes decided to host poetry slams. The SJHS school slam was hosted on April 27 after school at 2:00. A poetry slam is a competition using elimination rounds for the reading or performance of poetry. The top 15 finalist for the school poetry slam, get to go to a District slam and perform their poems. According to Ms. Pina, an English teacher at SJHS, the poetry slams were a chance for students to show off their own poems. Ms. Pina, Ms. Bass, Ms. Jensen, Ms. Ottley, Ms. Maughan and Ms. Dunn, all English teachers at SJHS, hosted individual class poetry slams. 

According to Grace Ashby, a seventh grade student at SJHS, she thought the class slam was a fun opportunity to express herself in front of the whole class and not be judged. Nathan Ewing, a seventh grade student at SJHS in Ms. Pina’s class, said, “If you haven’t tried a poetry slam before, you should try it at least once.” According to Caleb Patten, an eighth grade student in Ms. Bass’ class, he liked getting up in front of the class and reciting his poem.

According to Savannah Bloom, a seventh grade student at SJHS and a finalist for the district poetry slam, it was hard remembering every individual part of her poem and not stuttering. Tevita Hill, a seventh grade finalist for the district slam at SJHS, said, “The poetry slam was a great event for kids to come and present a poem to their friends and school mates.” According to Tivita Hill, actually writing the poem was the hardest part, because he wanted to make the poem meaningful and worthwhile.

 According to Gavin Jones, a seventh grade finalist for the district slam at SJHS, he was nervous for the slam because there was a big crowed looking at you, and you had to put yourself out there in a really vulnerable position. Gavin Jones said, “It was a really good experience.”


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