May 2016

Mr. Hammon’s Disease Unit!

Meagan Jones; SJHS Staff Writer

Mr. Hammon’s health class has been learning about diseases!  Learning about this is very important and can help kids through life.

 Mr. Hammon, the eighth grade health teacher, said, “Students learn about different diseases, and they gain a better understanding of what people go through who have these diseases- whether those people are in their own family or in another part of the world.”  

Teaching about diseases can help kids be healthy and stay healthy, by learning how to prevent getting any diseases.  One of his students, Justice Farr, said that the important thing about learning this unit is so you know what not to do so you don’t get disease.  According to Justice, one of the things she liked to do during this unit are “making a disease chain and seeing the effects of diseases.” 

Mr. Hammon has many ways he helps kids to be healthy and clean.  Mr. Hammon said, “When we learn about the nasty germs that make us sick, it helps us to become more aware of what we touch and why we need to wash our hands.  We also talk about positive ways to deal with getting a non-communicable disease.”  

Some of his students have also thought of ways that they can prevent getting diseases.  Brayden Zubia, his third period TA, said, “Wash your hands, use hand sanitizer and sneeze in your arm instead of everywhere.”  

Onikah Locklear, another one of his students, said, “You can prevent getting diseases by not touching your face.”  

Their first week of learning about diseases, students went around the school “swabbing things.”  They used cotton swabs and went around wiping dirty things then putting them in a petri dish.  In the petri dish there was stuff that feeds the germs and makes them grow.  Mr. Hammon keeps the petri dishes in his cupboards and lets them grow.  In a few weeks students will pull them out and see where in the school is the dirtiest!

So if you are in health, listen to Mr. Hammon’s advice, and be healthy and clean!