September 2016

Which Is Better- Monday Or Wednesday For Early-Out?

Article by Kelby Jeppson

Have you noticed how much our school is changing?  The students here at SJHS and the rest of Nebo School District are now having early-out day on Monday instead of Wednesday.  This is something new to our district and it started this school year!  According to Mrs. Shepherd, the Dean of Students at our school, the reason why they changed it was to help spread out events in the week and so sport events won’t cut into family night.

Many students here at the school do not like the change.  Sarah Hubbard, a 7th grader, says that she is “not exactly happy” about the change.  She says that it makes the week seem shorter when early-out is on a Wednesday.  “It also changes your whole schedule around and makes things feel weird,” said 9th grader, Alicia Britt.  

According to Logan Herrick and Sydnie Nelsson, it is nice to have a break in the middle of the week rather than at the beginning of the week.

Although many people do not like this change, there are some people that do like the change.  According to Mrs. Porter, a history teacher at the school, the Monday change works better with Quest Time because it keeps all the intervention days together and Quest Time doesn’t get split up.   Also, Mrs. Edenfield, an English teacher, explains that having early-out on Monday will be good for teachers to start the  week off by collaborating with the other teachers.  Alicia Britt also noted that people will look forward to Monday more if early-out is on a Monday.

Many students that said they didn’t like the change said that if they could chose any day for early-out to be on, they would choose Friday.  Mr. McGuire, the principal at SJHS, said that Friday's wouldn’t work because too many people would just skip school.  

This change of early-out switching from Wednesday to Monday is here to stay, so we better get used to it, whether we like it or not!