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December 2016

College Week at SJHS

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 12/14/2016 - 10:23
Article by Alex Yoder

This year the administration and counselors decided to try something new. The end result being, you guessed it, college week. College week is a way to urge students, ninth graders especially, to start considering post highschool education. College week has brought with it many in school activities, from teachers talking about their college experience, to quest presentations. This article will be giving you the information about college week, hope you enjoy!

College week was organized at our school by Monica Distefeno, 7th grade counselor here at SJHS. When asked what college weeks purpose was, she told us, “College week is a way to encourage students to start thinking about a future, learning ways to receive college credit, and to show that college education is for everyone.” She later elaborated on what college for everyone meant, saying “College is traditionally looked at as a 4 year program… I want to show kids that there are more options, from apprenticeships, to learning certificates. College is learning new skills, something that can qualify you for a job.”

On Monday, teachers were supposed to talk about their college experience. They were supposed to talk about their degrees, tuition, and everything in between. Later in the day at lunch, there was an activity where students signed where they hoped to go to college. The options included BYU, University of Utah, SUU, and more. By the end of first and second lunch, a large majority of the school had signed.

On Tuesday, there was a lesson for the ninth graders in their science class. Mr. Jackson, 9th grade counselor, showed the ninth graders how to navigate Utah Futures. They looked at college and university statistics, including average GPA, in and out of state tuition, and number of undergraduates. When finished, he urged the 9th graders to look around Utah Futures, looking at things like what schools offer what degrees, etc. Chris Davis, 9th grader, said, “I really liked the lesson. It really helped me start thinking about my future.”

On Friday, there was a little presentation in advisory about college. First it showed statistics about how much money people make depending on how many years of out of high school education. After that, there was a little video about a girl who was making a car from scratch, which taught the students about what cool things you can do by learning new talents.

Tuesday through Thursday, there were multiple presentations from multiple different organizations. On Tuesday, an advisor from UVU came and talked about their concurrent enrollment program. Wednesday, the quest presentation was about taking AP classes in high school to give you college credit. Lastly, on Thursday, the quest presentation was about the MATC, Mountainland Applied Technology College, a location where you can take classes to also get college credit/job certification. 9th graders were who it was for, but anyone was allowed to go.

While college week is new, hopefully next year it’ll be just as helpful as it was for 9th graders this year.



Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 12/14/2016 - 10:12
Article by Scout Benson

At SJHS we have many sports, including: golf, basketball, tennis, and wrestling. Though all those sports are good, this article will be focused on wrestling. So stay tuned for more facts on wrestling.

You may be asking why people even do wrestling, I know I was. Well the guys on the team have the answer to that! Gage Chrisman, an eighth grader, says he is doing it because, “It uses my energy.”  Matt Bush, a ninth grader and the SJHS champion from last year, said that it teaches them to work hard. Corden Nuttle, a ninth grader, said that he was doing wrestling because it teaches him endurance. Dillan Miles, an eighth grader, said that he liked to do a sport where they worked together.  There was a common theme that the boys were doing wrestling so that they could do a sport with physical contact.

What is the team's favorite parts of wrestling? Chris McCoy, a ninth grader, said that his favorite part was socializing with the other schools. Braxton Fisks an eighth grader, said that he liked that it got his energy out. Most of the wrestlers said something to the effect of the fact that their favorite parts were competitions or games, because they liked to win.

So those are the facts about wrestling! People like the competitions/games and they like that the sport has a lot of physical contact. Mr. Hansen, one of the history teachers at our school, is the coach, so if you want more information about wrestling talk to him. I hope you enjoyed this article, keep looking for more like this one from the SJHS journalism team.


7th Graders Go To Mesquite

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 12/14/2016 - 10:09
Article by Sakari Duvall

This year in November on the 13th, 14th and 15th, the 7th graders went to Mesquite, Nevada. They went for tournaments and played three teams for football. They played Dixie, West Lake and Mountain View. Some of the kids that played, there names are; Treyvon (Trey) Foster, Kade DeLlamas, Cole Clement, William (Will) Penrod, Travis Gage and Jace Welsch.

First is Trey Foster, and he plays as a linebacker. He says that he hates that position and would rather something else. Mesquite to him was easy but also a challenge. Football is one of his most favorite sports to play. 

Next is Kade DeLlamas, and he plays as a quarterback. He personally likes that position. In Mesquite he had explained that they were some huge guys and they were not used to playing people like this. He said, “It was a challenge, but we did good.” He doesn’t mind playing football, he likes to play whatever sport is in season.

Third is Cole Clement, and his position is a receiver. He also does not like his position, and would rather something else. Mesquite was hard he had said. Football is his favorite sport, and what he likes most about it all is when he is scoring touchdowns.

Will Penrod plays as a tight end and a middle linebacker. “Yes I love playing those positions.” According to Will, Mesquite was quite a competition. Football is his favorite sport and what he likes most about the game is when he gets to hit people on the other team.

Next is Travis Gage and he is another quarterback and he doesn’t mind the position. He went to Mesquite but he wasn’t able to play. But he had said that football was his 1st or 2nd favorite sport to play. Defense is his most favorite part about football.

Last is Jace Welsch, and he is another quarterback! He likes to play that position. “They were bigger than us all and they were harder”, is what he had said about playing in Mesquite. Football and lacrosse are his most favorite sports. And last he said that his favorite part about playing is when him and other players are passing the ball, so he just likes to throw the ball.


SJHS Students Roller Skating

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 12/14/2016 - 10:05
Article by Lindsay Gardiner

On Thursday, November 17, all the students from SJHS that got no tardies for the entire first term went to the Classic Fun Center to rollerskate. They did this to give those students a reward for no tardies. Students could talk to their friends, play the games or just rollerskate.

8th grader Jonah Cochran said he liked it because ”you got to skip school to do something fun” and that his favorite part was hanging out with his friends. 8th grader Megan Dickinson said ”I got to hang out with my friends and have fun with them.” 8th grader Nicole Fernandez said it was a good reward since you weren't just going to the lunchroom to talk; you were going to do something fun instead. She also said that her favorite part was skating. 8th grader Jake Follett said ” I liked it; it was lit,” and he liked it because you got to leave school and his favorite part was when they did the game blackout. They all said that it was a good reward and they liked it.

Ms. Shepherd said that it was a good reward because ”It was fun; we have not done it in a few years”  and that it was also a good reward because it got kids out of school to do something they thought was fun. She said that they did it because they knew that they didn't go anywhere last year and that it would be more fun to go there instead of just going to the cafeteria.

What do you want to go for the next no tardy party?


Cultura, Historia y los Medios

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 12/14/2016 - 09:59
Article by Trina Wilson & Jaquelin Tlatenchi

Here at Springville Junior High School we have a class that focuses on the culture, history, and media of Latin America. The students in the class are mostly fluent and can read and write in spanish. They told us that the hardest part was speaking it rather than reading it.  They take time to learn about how some of these latin places are just barely opening up to things like facebook, twitter, and instagram. Some of the areas were basically closed off to the “outside world.”  They getting to know how it used to be and how it is now.  The students enjoy the class but say it can get a little hard. Seems like a fun educated class!!!


Loads of Llamas!

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 12/14/2016 - 09:56
Article by Jocelynn Garner and Eliza Whiting

Soft, fluffy, shaggy, horse-like, long-necked, disgusting, mean, tall, heavy, or big fat mama. Is that how you would describe a llama? These are some of the qualities and names that students at Springville Jr. High gave llamas. Llamas are wonderful animals and now you can learn more about llamas from other student’s opinions on them.

Many people can get confused between a llama and an alpaca. A llama’s tail sticks up, however, and an alpaca’s tail is usually pointing down. Thank Mr. Hammon for this interesting fact. A llama’s fleece is more coarse or rough while an alpaca’s fleece is soft. Llamas are nearly twice the size of an alpaca. Llamas are sometimes used to guard and protect the alpacas. They can carry large amounts of weight with their straight and flat backs. The llama has curved ears and the alpaca has straight ears.Llamas are not as tamed as alpacas.

Llamas are brave animals that usually are in packs. They do spit but are more open to being pet as where alpacas can be shy and skittish. They do however both come from the Camelid family and their origin is South America. A popular place to see them is Machu Picchu.

Liz Rahmsdorf, a ninth grader. Chance Moffett, an eighth grader, Angela Espinoza, a seventh grader Alex Cerrillo a seventh grader, and Corwynn Waycasey , and eighth grader, would all love to ride a llama. However Donna Rich, an eighth grader, would definitely not like to ride one. Chance Moffett would pet a llama again if it didn’t spit on him. Angela has pet a llama before too. Alex would pet one. ‘If it’s face wasn’t towards me.” Donna said. “That would be amazing! I want to live with a llama!” Liz was saying. Corwin would not pet a llama.

Chance would name his pet llama, Jeffrey. Donna would name her pet llama Charlie. Alex’s llama’s name would be, Rocky. Mr.Meckindock is the name Corwynn would give his llama and Angela would name her llama, Snow White because it’s fur would be white like snow.

Liz said this about llamas, “They’re just magical and beautiful! I love them!” Corwynn just said that llamas are mean. Donna thinks that llamas are “weird, stupid and dirty.” Angela said that you shouldn’t take their fur. Alex said that they are nice and a good animal. “They can be nice or really, really mean.” Chance said.



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