February 2017


Chandler Kiser SJHS Student Staff Writer


At SJHS, sending Valegrams is a fun and popular thing to do. Many students send them to friends to show appreciation to each other. They cost $10 for a dozen carnations and or $1 for one carnation or you can purchase candy for $1 for a small bag of candy or $4 for 5 small bags of candy.

Victoria Hunt said, that she likes sending them because the fun and it's cool to see people's reactions. She also said that she is going to send them to close friends, and she said that she is going to send more than 5 carnations.

Kensey Simons said that she might send them and if she does then she will send them to close friends. She had previously sent them in elementary, she said it was really fun to see people's reactions.

Joseph Hammond said that he is not going to send them because they cost money.

Cam Monson said that he does not know who he is going to send them to and he previously sent them last year and in elementry.

Penina Strong said that she will send them to friends and family and she said that she will probably send a dozen to her friends.

Andrew Henneberg said the he won't be sending candy or carnations and if he does it will be to his friends.

At SJHS its seems that the popular thing to do is send them to friend and why students send them is to show appreciation to their friends and to see their friends reactions when they get them.



Benefits of Social Media

Rainy Hickman SJHS Student Staff Writer


Social media is big in one’s daily life. Even though you might argue, saying that social media is a bad thing, and nobody should you use it, there are a lot of benefits from it. Like information gain, self-esteem boosts, etc. There are some negative things about it. Cyber bullying, it consumes a lot of ones day, etc.

CNN states that one in five teens says social media makes them feel more confident. “Eileen Masio, a mom of two in New York, monitors her daughter Amelia’s Instagram 24/7. Yes, most of her posts are ‘selfies,’ but it’s the comments that make her think there is also a positive to this nonstop engagement.”

Social media also helps with information gain, whether it be with politics, science, breaking news, and even celebrities. If a big natural disaster were to happen, the fastest way to spread news about it, the word on it, is with social media. And the most popular way to hear about politics is through social media, mainly on Twitter.

Social media also helps you stay in touch with friends from long distances. It also helps with keeping a good relationship with your friends. And meeting new people online has been more current.

Even though people spend a lot of time on social media, there are a lot of benefits to it. So if you think that social media’s bad, maybe you should reconsider that.



Ms. Mower

Esmeralda Montoya SJHS Student Staff Writer


At SJHS there are some really good teachers but here you going to read about new math teacher named Ms.Mower. ”I want students to feel happy in my classroom,and I want them to learn math well” Ms.Mower said. She is a great teacher because she makes the day bright. She is really nice to all her students and she is good at her math “she’s good at teaching math” Nicole, a student in her class, said. She had a dream and she made it “I am definitely living my dream of being a math teacher” said Ms.Mower. She is really excited to be here and so many other people are excited that she is here. Mr. Rowely, the vice principal, said “I think she is awesome lucky to have her”. Ms.Shephard said that she is excited to have her.

So many people think she is nice and she is  “When I was in junior high I had a hard time, and I often felt lonely. I remember my teachers made a big difference in helping me have a good day-- I still remember how awesome they were! Since then, I've always wanted to be a teacher.” said Ms.Mower. She can help people learn math some may take more time to learn it and some may be fast in it.” I felt something really special when I came to SJHS. The teachers and the students seemed happy to be here. When I first visited the school a student gave me an oragami dragon! I knew I would feel welcome here and I knew this was a place I wanted to be.” said Ms.Mower thank that student for that that student made a change but not only did he/she but she did too.

“Really cares about her students”said Mr.Rowley “all kids will like her said Ms.Shephard. She cares a lot about her students so you should give her a chance if you don't just yet if you get to know her you would really like her she is a great a teacher. “I love it so far! My students are the BEST!” She is a great teacher go and meet her and learn more about her.



Sam Daybell’s Music

Jocelynn Garner SJHS Student Staff Writer


Sam Daybell, a ninth grader at Springville Jr. High makes music. He’s been making music since he was in seventh grade. For three years now he’s learned new things with how to make music. Sam makes electronic music. He uses his piano to make some of the sounds then he uses virtual instruments and his laptop to mix it into a song. He makes his music up in his attic. How mysterious and edgy is that? Making music is like a hobby to Sam. When he's bored it gives him something to do. Unfortunately no one listens to his music but possibly someday if he wants people will be able to hear his music worldwide. The most difficult part with making this music is that no one understands what it takes to create the music. “A lot I people think you just put loops together, it's not that simple; deeper than you think.” Sam said describing one of the difficulties in making music. “It can be hard to create all of the sounds, mix it and master it.” said Sam. Everything is so expensive. You have to save up for equipment. Although with creating music it has it's difficult times, it's “fun to see what you can make.” said Sam. “Once you listen to it on a CD it's like woah I made this.” Sam said remembering the proud feeling after making a song. He does play the piano but he feels more like a programmer more than a musician at times because it is a lot of technical use rather than instruments. His favorite three artists are Daft Punk, Skrillex and Getter. His favorite song is Digital Love by Daft Punk. Hopefully Sam will continue creating great music and you'll have the chance to listen to it. Goodluck Sam with your music!