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March 2017

SJHS Lovebirds

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 03/07/2017 - 07:28
Article by Alyssa Badger, SJHS Student Staff Writer

Springville seems to be quite the hotspot for love. As you may have noticed, there are quite a few couples among us. With Valentine's Day a couple weeks ago, there is more love in the air than ever. Some people believe that love in junior high doesn’t exist, others experience it. Let’s see what people think.

Kinzie Lewis, a ninth grade girl, has been with Zach Mitchell, an eighth grade boy, for a few weeks now. They met through a mutual friend at school. They both claim to be in love. Kinzie says being in a junior high relationship includes being “teased a lot, some people get mad, people ask a lot of questions.” Zach Mitchell says a middle school relationship is “good, I like it.” Seems like these two are quite fond of young love.

Austin Ewell, Kennedy Bird, and Chezlee Cordes all aren’t so open to the idea. “The only relationship I have is with God.” said Kennedy and Austin. Chezlee says the best time to be in a serious is either 97 or 2, no in between. Chezlee also stated, “Relationships don’t go anywhere.” Kennedy Bird says the best time to have a serious relationship is when you’re 17, because “ when you’re 17 you’re going into your senior year, you know what’s going on.” She added that relationships this young are mostly just for attention.

One anonymous ninth grade couple have been dating on and off for a while but have currently been going strong for four months. He says that a junior high relationship is “great, it’s nice to know someone out there loves you.” She says on the same topic, “it can be super weird, but if you’re with someone who you’re really good friends with, it works out really well. People are gonna make fun of you, but it’s gonna come if you’re gonna have a relationship young.” They both rated their relationship a ten.

Though there seems to be quite a wide variety of opinions among the students, it works for some people but not for everyone.

Creative Writing Boot Camp

Submitted by shauna.shepherd on Thu, 03/02/2017 - 08:01

The SJHS English teachers are very happy to announced the winners of the 2017 Creative Writing Boot Camp Contest.

The winners are :Chloe Sleight (7) Laurissa Blakey (7)
Lucia Reina (8)Trey Widfeldt (8) Emily Clisbee (9) DeeAnn Jolley(9)Katelyn Hollister (9) Iamthius Brown (9)
Honorable Mentions:Tessa Popham (8) Mekenzie Rogerson (8) Destiny Terry (9)



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