April 2017

4 tips to get through the last month of school

Article by Micah Schmitz - SJHS Student Staff Writer

There's just a little over a month left till school gets out, so get ready for some long weeks of staring at the school calendar waiting for the end of the school year. To make sure you survive, we’ve compiled some tips for surviving the last few weeks of school.

Tip 1: Stay Productive

Some students will slack off the last week of school, just counting the days till the bell rings for the final time. But you’re reading this, so you know that you need to stay on track. missing assignments will still count against your grade, and Sage testing will need your extra effort. Pay attention in class, and do your work.

Tip 2: Study

While you may not want to, you will have to take quite a few tests, so make sure to spend some time studying at home so you don't fail. Know how you best study, [and] learn material. Some people need complete silence to concentrate while others like a little noise. Find what works for you and stick with it (Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D. 10 Tips for Getting Good (or Better) Grades).

Tip 3: Go to all your classes

Now this may seem obvious, but many students sluff grade classes and only go to the classes they enjoy, and not academic classes like math or history. While it may seem like no big deal now, when you’re getting your less than desirable job you will wish you had gone to math class.

Tip 4:Don't give up

Don't give up. It's that simple… I believe in you! Just a little under 40 days left!

Just keep going and school will be over before you know it!

End of the school year!

Article by Saydie Vanleuven and Chandler Kiser - SJHS Student Staff Writer

At Springville Junior High School, the school year is rapidly closing in and many students are excited for their summer break to begin, but before the school year can end the students must take SAGE tests or  (Student Assessment Growth and Excellence test) we not only have tests to finish but we have many fun events coming up Lagoon,Boondocks for Super Knights, school dances and classroom parties.

Ariane Perez/Diaz said that she is excited but nervous for the school year to end but nervous for sage testing. When asked if she like SAGE testing she said that she likes it because it doesn't go on SIS. And she is excited for summer break to begin because she wants to hang out with friends.

Brynn Ross said that she is ecstatic for summer to begin and she thinks that summer is a good break from school.

Jane Wilson said that she is glad the school year is almost done. She said that she doesn't like SAGE testing but is relieved when she finishes, she loves summer break.

Since the end of the school year is rapidly closing in and many student are excited for it to finish hopefully SAGE testing goes well for all students and all students have fun at Lagoon.

Transitioning to High School

Article by Alyssa Badger - SJHS Student Staff Writer

This year, our ninth grade student body will be the first class to graduate from SJHS after attending all three years in this building. Next year they will all be transitioning from the easy breezy style of junior high to life altering high school. ”The change is different but exciting,” said one student.

Carter Johnston, a ninth grade student, said his favorite part of the junior high is the teachers. He describes the fact of being one of the first people to graduate all three years as “solid” and “great”. He’s most excited for driving in high school. He says his favorite memory from junior high was having Hansen in 7th grade.

Gabi Holley, a ninth grade girl, says in high school she’s excited “to have a lot more classes to choose from, there will be more people to meet, and being with my older friends.”  Her favorite part about junior high has been the cute boys. She thinks it’s way cool that they are the first to graduate all three years. Her favorite memory was in 8th grade. She said, “ A kid gave me rabbit skin because he had a crush on me.”

Trae Hillstead, a ninth grade boy, is most excited about “tearing it up on the dance floor at actual cool dances” in high school. Trae then said, after a lot of thought, that math class was his favorite part of junior high. His fondest memory here was fake fighting his good friend Rishy.

In a couple of weeks, summer will be here. Junior high will have had come to an end for some and just beginning for others. Although good and bad for certain students, it’s all necessary in the end to get through life. To new 7th and 10th graders, good luck!

Watch these kids go on Spring break:

Article by Trey Widtfeldt - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Spring break! It's almost there! It's that horrible time just before the break when you have to quickly raise your grades or else you won’t be able to go down to St. George, (I, a personal witness) and you have to become a little angel to try and figure out all the kinks and loose ends. And then, when the time is finally nigh, when for a week there’s no tests, evaluations, or assignments, and you can chew gum, beloved gum!

So what are you doing for spring break? You could just sit back relax, such as Wheeler Sedgeley, where you can hang out at home and practice up for afterschool activities, (hint hint, it's track.) or pursue your hobbies such as Jake Follette (One of the many contenders for Student Council) and create YouTube videos as a part of your hobby, producing skits and propaganda videos for your campaign.

Or, you could be an absolute party animal and go on a ride down to Puerto Rico to be in the JUNGLE like Caleb Judd. Traveling all over the Eastern America’s, viewing the sights like a king.

Or you could just stay in Utah.

Whatever is your most preferable choice.

April Showers Came a Bit Early This Year

Article by: Stazie Killpack - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Rain has poured its soul out this past week in late March, and will continue to pour for the rest of this week and into the next.

“It cancelled my softball tournament last week, and continues to keep me off the fields to practice. I hope it clears up soon.” Says one student.

While some people hate the rain, others openly embrace it.

Averi Smith, an eighth grade girl, loves to play in the rain. “It’s very pretty to watch.”

Lexi Love, an eighth grade girl, says that she loves warm rainstorms. “The smell of rain is amazing!”

All of this rain is great for hot summer weather, along with all of the snow we have been receiving. Like the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. The weather will be getting better soon.

How to Have the Best Spring Break

Article by Jocelynn Garner - SJHS Student Staff Writer

No big plans? Nothing to do over the break? No problem! Maybe you can’t take a trip to Italy or go see the Grand Canyon but there is plenty to keep you busy. Springville Jr. High students you don’t have to sit inside on your phone or constantly watching tv. You have a break from school no need to waste it away. Enjoy the break this April first through ninth.

You’re probably wondering “What am I supposed to do then?” Well there is a lot of stuff to do. First idea for you is to finish up any homework you may have due after spring break. It won’t be hanging over your head the entire time if you get it out of the way now. School is stressful, there is no doubt about that, so take some time to relax. Read a good book and sip on a nice glass of lemonade outside under a shady tree. To help not have so much stress with school try making a schedule to help keep your day on track, or so you don’t get too far behind, you have a busy week coming up. That’ll also give you something to do.

Inspiration boards could be a fun idea. Try doing a craft. You could even do simple activities like playing a board game with your family, or going out and practice for the sport you are playing. Even if you don’t play a sport it’s always great to go outside and get some sun. Been wanting to try that makeup or nail tutorial you watch on Youtube, well now you have time to try it. Get out there and try something new!

Volunteering in your community and spring cleaning can be a refreshing deed and your parents will sure love you for helping with it. Exploring, concerts, festivals, and small road trips are great entertainment for the family or with some friends. Hiking, camping, and fishing are great activities to do outside. A movie marathon can be great. Even just spending time with friends can fill your spring break with joy. Lora Bough suggested completing something from your bucket list.

Remember you don’t have to fly to the moon in order to have a spectacular spring break. Just do what will bring you joy. “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” Robin Williams once said.

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Student Council elections

Article by Jenny Wallentine - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Friday, March 31st, 2017

Around the end of the school year each year, 9th graders start to prepare for high school. 8th graders will soon be 9th graders and want to try out for student council. This week elections took place; many people want to get in but only 12 are aloud each year.

Right now the second round of elections are going on, many people are extremely nervous for the interview itself, they are scared about people around school seeing them on camera. Molly Hunter said “Because i want to be able to maybe my school better and help my peers know they can always count on me.”  

These students are so supportive of their fellow competitors and make it clear that they are cheering on others even if they don’t get in, they’ll vote for their friends and tell others to vote for their friends as well. Mckay Dalley and Scout Benson both said that they really want to hang with friends and get to help make a difference with their friends.

Today is the final election for student council’s top 18. They all had to present a one minute long video posted throughout the school on why they should be in it and why we as a student body should vote for them. Many students like Molly Hunter, Alexi Love, Jayden Tate, and Averi Smith were very nervous to give their speech in front of everyone but based on the reactions of the students, they all rocked it! So be sure to vote for the best student council of 2017-2018.

Mr. Bass is the best

Article by Esmeralda Montoya - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Do you know Mr.Bass the science teacher here at SJHS he is really good at it. He does so much fun stuff and he makes science the best; He is a amusement and funny teacher. His labs are really enjoyable how he makes them there the best labs ever here in Springville Jr High they are.

Mr. Bass explains how he loves students how there so much pleasure. He chose science because that's his favorite subject he also said “ I like teaching this age I like this subject”. Could you guess when the school was built? (3 years old) it's not old at all it really cool and nice. Did you know Mr. Bass has been here all three years this school was built its awesome right. Kids in Mr. Bass class think he is great too “I love his labs they're really fun” said Clark Warren he’s a kid in Mr. Bass class. Kyle also explains how he lets them do fun labs.Winter Smith and Makayla Peterson also explain how great he and his labs are.

Not just his labs are great but so is him “He’s so nice and he’s funny” said Tristan Richman. Mr. Bass is so awesome is what the point is. He is a good science teacher here at SJHS he has done so much for students to learn things of science. With the lab he does a lot that helps students know a lot about science so many kids like Mr. Bass he is a very nice, entertaining and a humorous teacher. So many people have had him over the term and liked him know and still think he is awesome.

Boys' Tennis Team

Article by Chandler Kiser - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Last week at SJHS Mr. Dahl held boys tennis tryouts some of these boys answered these questions.

When asked “Why did you want to be on the tennis team” Cam Monson answered because I like playing tennis and I want to play it more. He also said that he started when he was 10 or 11 and he started  because his parents wanted him to play/learn it.

Ethan White said, that he likes to play tennis and he tried out because he wanted to show off his skills, and he started a few years ago with his family.

Jacob Roper, a 9th grader at SJHS said that he tried out because his friend talked him into it and he started two weeks. When asked “Why did you start playing tennis” he said that he likes sports with paddles/rackets.

This years tennis seems like it will be even better than last years and the school hope that they score lots of wins for our school.

Music, music, and more music

Article by Alyssa Badger - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Music is all around us. Whether it be in your earbuds, on a speaker in your backpack, or on the radio on your way to school, everyone listens to some form of it. There are plenty of students here that go to music as a way to cope with the stress of school and just life in general.

Tyler Shurtliff, a ninth grader, says his favorite musical artists are “James Bay, Young the Giant, Milky Chance, and Eden Project." He gets most of his music on spotify and occasionally from other people. He says that Spotify is his go to when listening to music. His current favorite song is “either ‘XO - Eden Project’ or ‘Them Dirty Bones - Mike Waters’ “

Elise Fleshner, a ninth grader, loves music. She regularly posts songs that she likes on her instagram story. She plays all of her music on spotify which is also where she finds most of the stuff she listens to. Her favorite bands include “21 Pilots, Blossom, Petite Biscuit, and Vampire Weekend.” She says her favorite song right now is “March to the Sea by 21 Pilots.”

Chris Davis, another ninth grader, claims his current favorite song to be “Blue Collar Man by Styx.” He regularly listens to music throughout out the school day through his earbuds. “Me or Bon Jovi,” he says to be his favorite artists. He mostly listens to music on spotify which also where he finds it.

Music is a very universal thing but everyone likes different types and uses it for different reasons.