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October 2017

Article: Sewing

Submitted by tara.pina on Thu, 10/26/2017 - 11:56
Article by Kekoa Akiona - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Are you looking for a fun class that doesn’t stress you out, and let’s you take a break from notes and homework? A class that you can make new friends in and hang out with people that enjoy doing the same thing as you. A class where you can be relaxed and create cool things. In this class you have to provide your own fabric and thread. The school provides the sewing machines and all the other stuff that you would need.

This year at Springville Junior High we have a sewing class. Sewing class is all about being creative and using your imagination to make cool things. You also have assigned projects to do. In this class you get to sew different things, such as accessory bags, pillowcases, cooking aprons, and many other things. This year there are so many people in sewing they didn’t even have enough seats. Mrs. Bird teaches this class and really enjoys teaching it.

Owen Neilson, a 8th grade boy, took sewing. He said, “I really enjoy sewing and making friends, I took this class because of the new sewing unit that you can take in 9th grade. It’s the sports sewing unit.” He hopes that they will make cool things in that class and that it will be beneficial. Owen also likes sewing just because it’s sewing and Owen likes to do that. Owen also likes all the people in his class and the teacher as well. “Mrs. Bird is a really fun teacher, but can also be strict as well, but Mrs. Bird is a good mix of both.” Owen has been sewing for three years now. He has made a variety of stuff over those three years.

Nick Jackson, an 8th grade boy, also took Mrs. Bird’s sewing class. He really likes this class because you can come up with anything to sew, and you never know how good or how bad that it will come out. “I took sewing because it sounded fun, and I wanted to have that experience of sewing, I didn’t know if it would be a good and fun class or not, but it turns out this is one of my favorite classes.” He really enjoys what they make, and how he makes it.

Sewing is a really fun class, and you can make many cool things. Would you take sewing in 8th or 9th grade?

Article: Football for Everyone?

Submitted by tara.pina on Thu, 10/26/2017 - 11:54
Article by Raquel Marquez - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Football. It’s a sport adored by many U.S. citizens and students who have a team representing their school. Here at SJHS, students love their football team members. Heck, even they think they’re a pretty good team. Talk about high confidence. Some people though, just don’t really care, and not because they’re rude or they hate the sport. Not at all, and like Tracy Segeberg, they just don’t care. Okay, back to the subject. What exactly is this article about? It’s about a few minor changes that can be done to our school with your help, like adding a girl’s football team. But how do some members and students feel about this subject? Well, for Noah Houtz and Daniel Boggess, both members of the 9th grade team, both support it, but aren’t sure how many want to play it. Tracy is all for it “if enough wanna do it.”

“Yeah, so everyone can be involved”,Ricky Balderama said. Such support.

First off, what would happen to SJHS’s reputation if we allowed girls to play football the way our boys do? Well, some think nothing would really happen or it would stay the same, but others have different ideas. Tracy doesn’t know and she really doesn’t care about it. Ricky, on the other hand, believes “lots would watch it because it’d be a first for them.” He’s not wrong. Something out of the ordinary usually does draw a lot of attention.

Now this is where the twist begins, if we can’t get a girls team, what do you think about letting girls join the regular team? Think about it, while you read about what the students have to say.

“I don’t think it’d be very fair for the girls”(Noah Houtz).

“I think it’d be better for separate teams to avoid confusion”(Daniel Boggess).

“Yeah, it’d be something new, but kind of trippy”(Ricky Balderama).

“If they really want to”(Tracy Segeberg).

So, what do you think about it? Girls and boys team or a mixed team? You decide!

Last of all, is this a way to encourage everyone that major sports are for everyone and not just the gender it’s associated with? Let’s look at what our students think. Tracy is still the neutral judge and thinks it’s possible. Ricky agrees and wise Daniel thought of a way to balance things out.

“If we get a girl’s football team, we should definitely get a boy’s volleyball team”(Daniel Boggess).

Seriously, this kid deserves an award. Just clap it out and let that sink in for a moment. Overall, should SJHS get a female football team? If we do, then should we add a team for boys who want to do volleyball?

Article: To kneel or not to kneel?

Submitted by tara.pina on Thu, 10/26/2017 - 11:41
Article by Ashlee Bayles - SJHS Student Staff Writer

The kneeling “problem” in the NFL, what about it?  For many americans the kneeling in the NFl has caused many differences in how people view the NFL and think about their flag. Many of the  NFL players at the end of the 2016-2017 year started kneeling for the flag to show their thoughts on what is happening in the U.S.A. today.  At the start of the 2017-2018 year it still continues to be a problem for the NFL.  Many believe that this year it is more of a political centered idea instead of an environmental idea.  

The whole gist of the NFL kneeling for the flag last year was to show that black lives matter and should be treated fairly like any other person.  This year this may still be the case, but some believe it might be in response to the president himself.  These theories are yet to be proven true though.  

All people that answered the question, “What are your thoughts about kneeling for the NFL”, said that  they truly believe it was very disrespectful in general.  Nick Jackson, an eighth grader, responded saying, “It is very disrespectful to our flag and to the people who have fought the wars for our freedom.”  Taylor Davis,a seventh grader, agreed that it is very disrespectful, because it is not only showing offense to the flag but to the country that our ancestors wanted to make and build up.  Mrs. Porter a respected teacher at Springville Junior High proclaimed, “I find that kneeling is very disrespectful.  The National Anthem is not political, it is patriotic.”  

Emma Cox, an eighth grader at Springville Junior High, said, “I don’t believe that their reaction is at all warranted, because it is a sign of disrespect to our country.”  Nick said that he could see where they were coming from, but did not think that it was warranted.  Nick said, “They are trying to prove a point to Donald Trump, but that is not a good enough reason to act like that toward our country.”  Mrs. Porter professed, “I do not think that it is warranted.  They are professional football players, making millions of dollars a year, it is hard to say that they are “oppressed”.”  She is saying that the main reason that this got started was because people were saying that they were oppressed so they knelt for the flag and National Anthem.  

For majority of people kneeling for the NFL has definitely impacted the way they look at the NFL.  For Nick it cuts close to home because he has  two grandpas who fought to keep this country free and it has made it so that his family and him look down on the NFL.  Taylor Davis said, “This does not affect the way my family looks at the NFL because no one in my family watches the NFL really much.”  Emma told us her thoughts had surely changed because she no longer felt normally towards the NFL.  

The veterans have been said to burn the season passes for the NFL in response to how the county they have fought to protect is turning on itself.  Cox said that she feels that the veterans are angry for the way that their country is being treated.  Nick simply replied that he thought that they find it disrespectful and don’t like it.  Taylor spouted her thoughts, “They are most likely sad that people are not respecting the country that they fought hard to defend.”  Mrs. Porter had another approach on the matter saying, “I think that the Veterans of our country are feeling disrespected because they have fought and risked their lives so people like professional football players can have the opportunity to play.”

While some people kneel some decide not to kneel, and others must respect that if nothing else.  While you may not think that this affects anything in your environment you could not be more wrong, for this is teaching kids that kneeling for the National Anthem is an acceptable thing to do.  Like Hamlet stated, “To be or not to be, that is the question.”  Similar to this to kneel or not to kneel that is the question.

Article: Fight the New Drug Assembly: Students Thoughts

Submitted by tara.pina on Thu, 10/26/2017 - 11:39
Article by Leslie Ruiz - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Pornography isn’t really a subject you would expect at school, so it was a really big surprise to the students at SJHS when we had an assembly about it on Monday, October 2nd. The assembly's goal was to inform the students about the harmful effects of using porn. The assembly was to give the students more info on the subject and how we shouldn’t do it. Our students during the assembly seemed to be very calm, intrigued, and pretty willing to participate when the speaker asked. What were the students thoughts on it, though?

“It was very not awkward and it was very informative,” says Jake Follette, a member of the student council. The speaker handled this topic quite nicely. He made the students comfortable about it and gave them the facts they needed. “It was weird, but good that we had it,” states student Amber Haslam.
Students learned a lot about how this is a big issue. How it can become very addicting and effect relationships users have. People who use porn usually prefer the fantasy over reality, which can harm their lives. Also a lot of porn has the woman being abused. Stuff like this makes the user think that actions like this are acceptable in real life. It makes them think that it’s normal and okay to do that.

Our student body learned that porn is a new drug. Using it has so many bad effects that honestly it doesn't’ seem worth it. Jasmine Nico, seventh grader at our school, agrees that porn is ”..bad like any other drug.”  Porn can quickly become addicting and makes the user's life harder. Porn really does act like a drug and can harm our brain, heart, and life. “..Your brain takes in stuff and keeps it there. Especially when we’re at this age,” says Jake Folltte.
SJHS students seemed to agree with a lot of what our guest speaker said. Amber Haslam even questioned why some people watch it. The negative after effects outweigh the short lived pleasure you get from watching. It just doesn’t seem worth it in the long shot. “It’s something that we need to need to learn about and to stay away from,” says Cheyenne Young.

Overall the assembly made a pretty positive impact. It’s wonderful that we have this talk since our generation is in more danger of this new drug. Since more of us can have access to it now than any other generation it is very important to stay aware of the dangers.Hopefully SJHS has more assemblies like this to help our students with problems similar to this.

If you or someone you know is struggling with this addiction go to for information. It is the same website that the image used came from. Have fun with it and educate yourself fight the new drug campaign.

Article: Mrs. Mower Spotlight

Submitted by tara.pina on Thu, 10/26/2017 - 11:37
Article by Taylor Benson - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Mrs. Mower is an amazing teacher at Springville Jr. High School. She teaches math, and there is no one who can teach it like her. She started her math journey last year during the middle of the school year. She loved being a teacher at SJHS so much she decided to do another year of it. The way she treats her students with care and love is different from other teachers. Her lessons and techniques are also different which makes it fun to be in her class.

In Mrs. Mowers free time, she loves to be outdoors. Whether she’s going on a hike, or just walking. When she is not doing that, she loves to play piano and listen to music. You may think that the average girl likes to stroll outside and play the piano, but she also loves football! As you already know, Mrs. Mower is full of talent. But, what you don’t know is she can form a taco with her tongue.

When asked what her most favorite thing about teaching, she said, “My students of course.” Kekoa Akiona a student from Springville Jr. High says whenever he walks in her class, Mrs. Mower greets him at the door with a smile on her face. Also, the blinds on the window are always open and the room is filled with sunshine. During her lessons, sometimes  kids will talk or do other things that disrupt her teaching. She patiently fixes the problem though and continues on sharing her knowledge. If students ever laugh at her for something she did, she smiles and laughs along with them. No matter how hard things get or what challenges she goes through, she never gives up. She will explain things one-hundred times or go slowly or fast just for the students to understand.

The happy teacher also goes through some challenges. She finds it most hard when the students don’t participate and when there is lots of work for her to do. Through it all, she is constantly smiling and never raises her voice. She only teaches the eighth grade, so seventh graders if you get her next year you are truly lucky!

Article: Band

Submitted by tara.pina on Thu, 10/26/2017 - 11:31
Article by Oakley Toelupe - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Everybody has different talents, and for the students at SJHS, most of ours is music. There’s orchestra, choir, and band. But we should just get to the more awesome one first, band. Of course, I mean, that’s what everyone was thinking, right.

Anyways, Band. With Mr. Booth as our teacher, everybody always has a blast. “Mr. Booth is the best,” as many 8th graders like, Parker Lavin, Ben Tenney, and Jacob Arbon would say, “and he just makes music and learning more fun.”

Pata Kaisa, a new 8th grader to SJHS this year, says that he plays percussion in band, and he likes the way Mr. Booth teaches him. He’s been playing for 2 years and says that Mr. Booth helps him and makes it easier for him to understand and play and that’s why he likes it. He says that the low brass section sounds cool and he wouldn't mind playing in it, and that he’d totally take band next year.

Blaise Toelupe, a 7th grader at SJHS, says the same thing about Mr. Booth. “Even though it’s kinda hard to play the baritone, Mr. Booth doesn’t get mad when we mess up, he just helps us and we get a little better.” Blaise says he wants to take band next year. And although he says he’d rather play the clarinet or saxophone, he’s been getting a feel to the baritone, and he kinda likes it.

Isaiah Carreno, an 8th grader at SJHS, says that last year, he didn’t know that band would be super cool and exciting, but his friends told him about how awesome and great it really was, and after the Christmas concert, he decided to take it this year. So what’d he do? He practiced before and sometimes after school, just so he could be all caught up by the time 8th grade comes around. He said he always felt this calming feeling when he went to Mr. Booth’s and he enjoyed learning and playing.

As mentioned before, people have different talents. Football, singing, basketball, just to name a few. But music is a talent that anyone can master, it’s a kind of talent that brings people together. Maybe stop by Mr. Booth’s room and see what he can do for you, and you could probably be a musician, too.

Article: Intramural Tennis

Submitted by tara.pina on Thu, 10/26/2017 - 11:29
Article by Libby Hodson - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Have you ever heard of Intramural Tennis? Intramural Tennis is an after school program for people to practice tennis and get better, and are still able to play matches.

Kobri Fausett, an 8th grade girl says that she likes intramural tennis. “It gives us a chance to get better and maybe make the team next year” Kobri is hoping to make the team next year. Kobri plays doubles and singles and likes to play both. During and intramural tennis match they only play to four but kobri wins most of her matches.

Ella Peterson an 8th grade girl also says that she likes playing on this team. She says “ It’s easy and I can beat people, also I like to play tennis.”  Ella plays doubles with her partner Jocelyn Hunt.

Kaitlyn keyeser and 8th grade girl says she also loves to play intramural tennis. “I do like to play because it gives me something to do, and it’s fun.” Kaitlyn also plays doubles with her partner Makayla Peterson. “ I like playing doubles because it’s easier and you have someone back behind you incase you mess up.” Says kaitlyn.

Over all the girls on the intramural team like playing. Would you play on the intramural team?

Article: What do Seventh Graders Really Think About our School?

Submitted by tara.pina on Thu, 10/26/2017 - 10:52
Article by Amanda Gardner - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Seventh graders. AKA Sevies, greenies, the newbies, whatever you want to call them are new here at SJHS. Have you ever wondered what they think about our school? Read on to find out.

James Gardner and William Hammond, seventh graders here at SJHS both say, their favorite part about seventh grade are the new classes. Another sevie, Jocelyn Hunt, says her favorite part is, “Meeting new friends.¨ And she enjoys Junior High a lot because we have more options. Will’s favorite class along with Jocelyn and James is PE. He likes it because he gets to, “play sports the whole time.” Ashlyn loves seventh grade and her favorite class is History with Mrs. Porter. She enjoys it because of the teacher and she loves, “learning about history.”

On the other hand, there are some classes they don’t necessarily like. James, Will and Jocelyn all don’t enjoy CTE. Jocelyn and Will say it is because they don't enjoy the content. Ashlyn doesn’t really have a bad class, but the one she enjoys the least is Orchestra because she doesn’t like learning about music theory and stuff like that.

Mr. Dahl, a science teacher here at SJHS, teaches a lot of seventh graders. He says, “I love that 7th graders have so much enthusiasm about life. 7th graders are fun to teach and they get into what we are doing.  Plus they are still small so they can't push me around yet.”

Now you know what the seventh graders really think about Junior High.

Article: YouTube Fanatics

Submitted by tara.pina on Thu, 10/26/2017 - 10:50
Article by Payton Evans - SJHS Student Staff Writer

YouTube? Why YouTube? That’s probably what you are asking yourself. Well Youtube, is something that we all know that we watch.

If you’re thinking “what?! No I do not” Let’s be honest we all do it sometimes. YouTube is some type of therapy for some people.

YouTube is full of people who take their time to make other people happy, smile, and laugh. They are called YouTubers.

They are amazing people. Many people have favorite YouTubers. “ Logan Paul is my favorite YouTuber.” Cache Averett, an 8th grader at SJHS, tells his favorite youtube star.

People believe that YouTubers just do it for the money, but, you see that’s not the case with all of them. Some such as Logan Paul, Paul Rabil, Tyler Oakley, Keegan Acton, Dude Perfect, and Brooklyn and Bailey. These are just a few of them who don’t care about the money. They just want to see their viewers happy.

Paige Ballard, an 8th grader, explained how she found her favorite YouTuber. “My little sister found her one day and she was just telling me everything about her so I looked her up and she was combining two of my favorite things, baking, and nerdy things, like books and movies!’’ Her eyes look as if they laugh as she talks about Rosanna Pansino the chef of nerdy nummies.

Richmond Durfuy, an 8th grader, tells how his sister told him about the amazing one and only Jack’s Films. ‘’He just is really funny and interesting to watch.’’

Cooper Johnson, a 9th grader, has a favorite youtuber who “ does many awesome things because he is a pro Lacrosse Player,” Johnson explains.

YouTubers are just something that we love. Everyone has that something that allows them to relax and for some people it’s Youtube.

Now, we all have something we watch that makes us happy, or teaches us something.

So what’s your spark? Do you have a favorite youtuber? Why?

Article: Is it FALL or WINTER?!

Submitted by tara.pina on Thu, 10/26/2017 - 10:47
Article by Emily Snyder - SJHS Student Staff Writer

What are your thoughts about the weather so far? Last week it was pretty cold,  and thoughts of many people here at SJHS is shocking. Keep reading, it gets interesting.

When asked, “What is your favorite season and why?” Mrs. Porter, a history teacher here at SJHS,  says, “I love fall and winter. I like cold weather clothes and sitting inside, eating food while watching Netflix. I also love snowboarding and snowshoeing.”  Sam Watabe, a eighth grader at SJHS, says his favorite season is fall because it’s when hockey starts. Like Sam and Mrs. Porter, Addyson Rowland, a ninth grader, agrees with them. Addy says, “I love the fall because I love the way the leaves change colors, and the cool weather.” However, unlike Sam, Mrs. Porter, and Addy, Colby Silva and Colton Davis, both ninth graders, have a different opinions about their favorite season. Colby says his favorite is spring because it’s not hot or cold. Coltons favorite is summer because “You get to hang out with friends and just chill.”

The weather, as you know, affects all of us. Whether is because of our clothes or because of sports. Addy and Colby both play volleyball, so they said the weather doesn’t really affect their sport, but Colton and Sam both say the weather does affect their sports. Colton play basketball and says it sucks when the weather is bad because he has to go to gyms to play rather than playing outside. However he says, “But it doesn’t suck that bad because at least I have a sport I can play during the winter.” Sam plays hockey and he says, “Although my favorite season is fall because it’s when hockey actually starts, if it is not cold enough we can’t really play.”

Colton, Addy, Sam, Colby, and Mrs. Porter were all asked, “What would you change about the weather?” Sam grinned and his response was, “I would make it more snowy so we could get snowed out of school.” Colby said he’d just make it the stay the same weather all year around, and Addy said, “ I would keep it cold but not too cold and not too much snow, and have it warm up a little bit.”

Now what about you? What would you change? Don’t let these kid’s opinions affect you!


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