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October 2017

What music means to Springville Junior High.

Submitted by tara.pina on Sat, 10/14/2017 - 19:51
Article by Payton Evans - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Music is life changing. Music is just something that can change but stay the same. We all listen to music. But some of us have certain reasons on why we listen to the genres we do. We just find a connection. Bella Farr explained “ The reason why I listen to alternative pop is because when my great grandpa was alive he used to make that music and I loved it.” Music gives everything some type of hype you could say.

We all listen to different types of music. Eliza Whiting, a 9th grader, was asked what type of music she likes to listen to. “ Mostly musicals and sad songs.” Not a lot of people enjoy musicals. Janelle Mammen ,another 9th grader, would gladly agree with Eliza. They say that they love to listen to Musicals when they are ever together because they just share a special connection. Julia Witesman is someone who also adores musicals. They all love to listen to musicals such as Waitress, Dear Evan Hansen, and Les Miserable. They say that they find certain joy in listening to them.

                          Zach Jackson, an 8th grader at SJHS, gives everyone an insight on the 8th grade music genres.“I listen to mostly modern and pop music. I listen to it because I can really relate to it and I just like how they are different and fun to listen to.” Certain artists can make you relate to things you never really thought you could. Before School starts Jackson listens to the radio on the way to school.

Emma Cox, a funny crazy 8th grader, tells about her favorite music app being itunes. She just loves how she can play her favorite song on repeat. Whiting listens to youtube/spotify/pandora for her amazing music taste. Jackson prefers Z100 and apple music to get him through the year.

Favorite songs are a certain song that makes us undeniably happy. Mammen likes the song “ Would you be so kind” - Dottie.  Jackson is really into “Look what you made me do”. He likes it because it is different from when people think of Taylor Swift. Farr likes to listen to “Death Of A Bachelor”- Panic! At The Disco.  Madison Black says “ My favorite song has to be Timelapse by Zach Herron because he has a great voice and the rhythm is just awesome and he is Zach Herron so I mean it’s gonna be good.”

We also care about certain bands that we can easily relate to. Like Cox enjoys Why Don’t We, Def Leppard,  Pink Floyd and ACDC. When she was asked why she explained “ They have the best music and songs. They are just the best.”  Black smiled as she began to speak. “ I listen to Why Don’t We. Because they just make me feel amazing and their songs just make me happy.” We can do whatever we want with music. We can change the world with just one song. So how are you going to change the world with your music? What does music actually mean to you? Think about how you feel when you listen to music.

Article: Lunch Sports

Submitted by tara.pina on Sat, 10/14/2017 - 19:49
Article by Oakley Toelupe - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Lunch is kinda short when you eat fast, if you know what I mean. And if you know Springville Jr. High’s students, you know that the majority can’t just sit around for ten minutes. They get bored too easily. Solution? Lunch sports. Activities to get them up and moving so they can work off all those calories they just gained. It’s not a good reason, but it’s one of them.

Mr. Rockwood, Springville Junior High’s Dean of Students, says that he was a lunchtime monitor for the kids who went outside. He was constantly being asked, “Do you have basketballs?” Do you have any soccer balls?” Kids just wanted to play sports and that’s when he decided to talk with Mr. McGuire, our principal, on sports during lunch. Mr. McGuire says he was already coming up with the idea of putting basketball hoops up and painting the courts. Their plan was almost finished. They painted the courts and put up the hoops. They just needed basketballs and soccer balls. That’s not all, though. They have different sports like four square too. 

A few of the kids that go outside say that it’s fun and we can get all our energy out before our next period. Kekoa, an 8th grader, says that he enjoys it because he gets to play football and hang out with his friends. He says it’s like an extra PE and helps the kids get their energy out before 5th or 6th period starts, depending on your classes. It’s a good activity for the kids overall, but will it eventually backfire? Kekoa says, “All the trash at the end of lunch sports might take it down.” He’s not wrong either. There was a whole bunch of trash towards the end of lunch sports. Keoni Spencer, another 8th grader at SJHS, says that a possibility that could have lunch sports taken back is how people might get all the balls stuck on the roof. He says they always play games that involve throwing or kicking balls and they could eventually get stuck on the roof. He also says some kids intentionally throw or kick the balls on top of the roof, which could end up being a financial issue. It could damage things on the roof, or the security cameras on the wall. It was already expensive enough to pay for all the balls, the extra equipment that breaks is a pretty pricey cost.

Even though lunch sports sounds like a great idea, everything has its downsides. After all, nothing is perfect. So, is this new activity, lunch sports, a good idea?

Article: Banners! GREAT or GROAN!

Submitted by tara.pina on Sat, 10/14/2017 - 19:46
Article by Mathew King - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Oh look! Up there are some people on banners in the hall! They have 9th graders on them and have been up for only 2 years. There are 20 banners up in the curvy hall down the Page page hall. Mrs. Bass was part of a team of teachers that narrowed down the results of the nominations that all the teachers made. She said, “I chose students who are successful learners, effective communicators, and responsible citizens.  Students who emulate these characteristics are good students; hard-working, kind, helpful. They also work well with others and participate in class discussions.” Most teachers including Mrs. Bass voted based on the Desired Results for Student Learning that the school has developed.

At the end of your eighth grade year, 20 students get called into a meeting room in the front office. They meet the conference room in a group of about 4 other students. Mr. Rowley, the vice principal last year was the person that told the students that they were chosen to be on a banner. He hands you a paper and explains what the banners are. The students need to get the paper signed if they want to be on a banner. Some of the students who were nominated chose to not be on a banner. Mr. Rowley told the chosen teens that at the end of their ninth grade year they would be able to take the banners home. They were asked to keep it mostly a secret so it would be more of a surprize.

Bethany Blakey, one of the few students that were given the privilege to be on one of the banners wasn’t too happy with the way it turned out. She said “I was kind of surprised,” Bethany thought that it was cool that she was chosen but was kind of embarrassed about seeing her face when she walked down the halls. Each one of the students that got on the banners was assigned a caption that represented good attributes. Bethany got assigned Creative and she would have rather chosen an attribute for herself instead of getting it chosen for her. She also didn’t like her banner because there was bad lighting and as she said, “school pictures really never turn out.”

Cathay Poulsen was another of the ninth graders that was able to get on one of the banners. Cathay did not like her banner, mostly because she is holding one prop while most everyone else is holding at least two things. Also, Cathay said that she feels like her picture isn't very flattering. On the better side of things Cathay said, “It’s pretty nice,” she said that because you had to do something good and recognizable to be able to get on them.

Eighth grader Elizabella Francom said, “it’s a cool idea,” that the banners are there in the first place. Her brother, McKay was one of the few kids that got on a banner. She would like to follow his example and get on one.

Even though some of the Banner Kids weren’t satisfied with the results of their pictures they are still great examples of star students. When you see the banners in the halls just take a moment to recognize the good things that those select few students achieved.

Article: What’s with these new clubs?

Submitted by tara.pina on Sat, 10/14/2017 - 19:42
Article by: Makailee Turner - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Clubs as we all know, maybe some of you don’t, is a time after school when you can do art, math, board games, etc… So why do we all of a sudden have it now instead of having it earlier in the year? Mrs. Merrell, who is in charge of the clubs and she’s one of the special education teachers, had this to say, “ The school had a grant for it so I had to do it. “ But why did they, the school, give us clubs? Mrs. Merrell explained, “ We wanted to give students something to do after school. It seems that Mrs. Merrell has explained why we have clubs now but what do the students think?

Isaac Sedgwick, a 7th grader here at SJHS, had this to say what he thinks about his art club, “ My art club is pretty good. “ And Emme Trunnel, another 7th grader here at SJHS, had this to say about her chess club, “ My chess club is pretty fun. “ And last but not least let’s see what Samantha Kenworthy, yet again another 7th grader here at SJHS, had to say about her math club, “ Yes, I think it’s good. “ Another question we are faced with is has this helped these three students connect with other kids in their clubs? Isaac Sedgwick, again ,had this to say too, “ Yes, it has helped me meet other kids in my club(s). “ But I guess it had a different effect on Emme Trunnel here, this is what she said, “ No, not really. But it is still fun. “ On the other hand Samantha Kenworthy had a different answer, “ Ya, sometimes I get to meet and greet other kids who have the same interests I have. “ I guess the students aren’t too disappointed or too thrilled about these new clubs.

In conclusion it seems that we have all learned a bit more about what these clubs are about and how these clubs came to be.

Article: 7th graders now only have one period of english?!

Submitted by tara.pina on Sat, 10/14/2017 - 19:38
Article by Libby Hodson - SJHS Student Staff Writer

7th graders last year had 2 periods of english. One hour and thirty minutes of the same class. This year 7th graders only have one period of english forty five minutes, some 8th graders are pretty upset about this.

Here's what Halle Platt and 8th grader has to say about this change, “No I didn’t like it because I like to switch classes, and it was boring.” Did two periods of english make you smarter, are the seventh graders learning less? Halle doesn’t think that two periods of english necessarily made her smarter.  “Are you jealous of the 7th graders?” I asked Halle  “Yeah, it bugs me that they only have one period.”

Ashlee Eves an 8th grader, also agrees with Halle. She did not like having two periods of english. Especially on testing days. “When we had A and B days we would sometimes have our language arts teacher for three hours.” Ashlee told me. They put in science for the whole year now and Ashlee says even though she didn’t love english she would still rather have that then science all year. The seventh graders only have 45 minutes, are you jealous of that?  “No not really, I don't really care. It’s good for them that they only have one period.”

Maizie Thompson also an 8th grader says, “I hated it, it was way too long.” Maizie would not go back to having two periods of english. She’s a little jealous that the seventh graders only have one period of english. But wouldn’t you be?

Lastly here's what Ms. Edenfield, a seventh grade english teacher, had to say about having only one period of english now. How has the change effected the english teachers? Ms Edenfield says, “I have 80 more students now, more things to do, and less time to teach.” The english teachers teach the same lessons they taught last year. Last year they had and hour and a half to teach their lessons, this year they have 45 minutes.  Ms Edenfield doesn’t know which one she prefers. She says there are positive and negative things about both situations. She does miss having two periods to teach though. So it seems as though most of the 8th graders this year are not to happy about this change. The teachers on the other hand, I think they might miss it! Do you miss it?

Article: Get rid of your seventh grade fear

Submitted by tara.pina on Sat, 10/14/2017 - 19:19
Article by Leslie Ruiz - SJHS Student Staff Writer

For those of you that are in seventh grade it can be a little hard to deal with this new school year. It’s a new school, new people, new staff, and pretty much a new kind of lifestyle. A lot of you are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed and scared, but you just remember one thing. We all went through seventh grade. Your teachers, your ‘cool’ older siblings, everyone went through the horror that is seventh grade.  

  Jr. high throws a lot of new things at you on the first day. You’ve got classes, lockers, teachers, classmates, and all this new  social stuff you’ve got to deal with since you count as a teen now. You want to live a little, too.  It’s not the easiest thing to deal with, but just remember Ellie Taylor’s wise words,” Don’t think it will be bad.” Your attitude can affect how you feel about your time in Jr. high, so try to keep a positive, open outlook on school.

A few ways you can get rid of stress from your classes are very simple. First and foremost, pay attention in your classes. There is a reason why your teacher is talking. Also do your assignments on time, try your best and please don’t cheat. Teachers would rather have you make mistakes and learn than giving you a good grade because you cheated. They can also tell if your cheating which will get you in even more trouble. SJHS has wonderful teachers that are willing to help you learn. Teachers respect you so you have to respect them too. Try to stay quiet during lessons and do your assignments when you are told. You’re teens now not little kids, it’s time to start acting like it.  

Lockers are also an issue for you guys. One day you were probably trying to open your locker to put your stuff in it and get out what you need for your next class. You were trying and trying, but it just didn’t wanna budge. You’re starting to freak out a little because you don’t want to be late. Plus your precious phone is in that locker! What if you could never get it out!? This situation won’t last forever. Give it another month tops of opening it and you’ll be able to do it in your sleep. Also don’t flip anyones locker, that’s just a jerk move right there.

Now onto your greatest trial of Jr. high, classmates and friends(DUN, DUN,DUN).You’ve got a lot of classmates this year. It would be a good idea to learn people’s names now that it wouldn’t be too awkward to ask. Half way through the year is not a good time, just trust me on this one. Try not to exclude people and if you’re paired with someone you don’t know still try to work with them. If they don’t do anything then it’s on their conscious not yours. You tried they didn’t, sounds like a good day.  Many of you are able to make friends quite easily, but for others it can feel like the Hunger Games(Please don’t treat school like the Hunger Games, a lot of us want to live).  Get out there and don’t be afraid to meet new people, but remember that you don’t need thousands of friends. If you have one friend that would help you with any problem then it’s enough. Quality is more important that quantity.

Finally, to finish off this article, a few words of encouragement from your upper classmates.   “There is nothing to be scared of,” Kelin Salmeron. “...Be yourself, don’t doubt your abilities,” Ellie Taylor. “Always try your best, never give up,” Dulce Tenorio. Remember to have fun this year seventh graders.

Article: Cross Country

Submitted by tara.pina on Sat, 10/14/2017 - 19:17
Article by Kekoa Akiona - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Are you board at home every day after school because your friends are doing things? Is there a school sport that you could play? A sport that is fun, you can make friends, and succeed in running. A sport that you can make friends in and hang out with for hours. A sport that will make you feel good in the long run. Your answer is cross country. At Sjhs we are doing Cross Country.

Cross country is a fun sport, that you can improve your running, stamina, and your athletic ability.  Cross country is all about getting in shape, hanging out with friends,making new friends, and having a fun time. Every Friday the cross country team has meets. The girls run first and then the boys run, there is only one race, and this is the half mile run.  On friday the 15th the Cross Country team had their first meet. The coaches this year, are Mr Hammon, the health teacher, and Mr. McKell, the geography/ world civilizations. Every Monday through Thursday  the Cross Country team practices. They practice from 3oclock  to 4oclock. They run a few miles every day.

Colton Balanga, an 8th grade boy, is on the cross country team. He really likes being on the team, and has been running on the cross country team for two years now. He likes running because it keeps him in shape and increases his stamina. He likes to play basketball to and cross country helps him to be able to run back and forth on the court. “I think cross country is beneficial because i’m able to keep my stamina high and I feel great after runs.” he said. He thinks that through cross country he won’t only get physically stronger, but mentally strong as well. Because when you are at the end of the race and your legs are tired you have to tell yourself that you can do this.

Through cross country you can make friends, increase your stamina, be mentally strong, and physically strong. Would you do cross country?

Article: Changes in the Library

Submitted by tara.pina on Sat, 10/14/2017 - 19:14
Article by Karly Bracken - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Do you have a library pass? According to the students, it’s the thing to have at SJHS. The library has so many changes recently and for the most part, everybody has been happy with them.

Library passes are something that you can get from Mr. Brimhall, the librarian. Sydney Averett, an eighth grader at Springville Junior High School, has a library pass and likes it a lot.  She said, “I like having the pass because I get to be with my friends in the library, and also because it’s not crazy like it is in the commons.” So as you can see, if you have a pass then you can chill with your friends in a calmer environment.

The library also has student library workers who help check out people’s books. Makenley Gross, another eighth grader at SJHS, is a student worker in the library. To become a worker, you ask your specific grade’s counselor if it would work with your schedule. Gross likes being a library worker, but she isn’t very fond of the library passes.  When asked if the library passes were liked, she replied with, “The library passes are okay, but It gets tiring of having to always open the door for people with passes.” And the other workers probably feel the same way.  

In conclusion, there are lots of changes in the school concerning the library. You can even get a library pass!  So are you going to get a library pass?

Article: The Masters of Singing

Submitted by tara.pina on Sat, 10/14/2017 - 19:11
Article by Emily Snyder - SJHS Student Staff Writer

The Masters of Singing are here at SJHS! But first who are the Masters of Singing? The real name for them is Master Singers. Master Singers are the highest choir rank in our school here at SJHS. Master Singers is only for 8th and 9th graders, and only has one class period, which this year is fifth period. To get into Master Singers you need to have an audition, and auditions are held at the end of the year for 7th and 8th graders, who were not already in Master Singers that year. 8th graders that were in Master Singers in their 8th grade year do not have to audition again.

This year in Master Singers we have 85 choir students, which is a big leap from last year, last year they had 72. When asked, “How is Master Singers going so far in your opinion?” Cooper Johnson, a ninth grader, says “It’s going great because everyone is so loud it makes me sound quieter.” Michelle Mumford, a ninth grade girl, says it is really different from last year, in the way that there is a lot more people, which means more enthusiasm, which also means more hyper kids. Ammon Key says, “It’s alright, the kids are not too serious about it.”

The Master Singers group get awesome opportunities to sing a lot of different places. Last year they were able to sing at different elementary schools, which you probably got experience when you were in elementary school. They sang at nursing homes at a place called Abravanel Hall, and a lot of other different  places. Ammon Key, a bass in the Master Singers choir, says his favorite place they sang at last year was Abravanel Hall. And it wasn’t just Ammon’s favorite, Cooper Johnson, Michelle Mumford, and Eliza Sorenson all said it was their favorite too!

So why did they join Master Singers? Cooper and Michelle both said for the fine arts credit, however, they also said because they love to sing. Ammon, Eliza, and Victoria Hunt said this too. So what about you? Do you like to sing? Join master singers next year, because once you do you’ll have experiences to go with you to high school and in high school choirs you get to travel! Also join because like they said it is so much fun.


Article: Girls Tennis

Submitted by tara.pina on Sat, 10/14/2017 - 19:06
Article by Elizabella Francom - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Girls tennis is one of the many sports that we have here at Springville Jr high. Mr. Dahl a science teacher here at Springville Jr high is also the tennis coach. Each year he has tryouts which are two days long and he looks for the best girls there. And the next day everyone who tried out come to his classroom and  he will tell you if you made the team or if you didn’t and if you made call backs. If you get a callback you go to the tennis courts after school one day and you play a mini tournament. You play other girls who also, got a call back and  whoever has the most wins makes the team.

Mazie Schoolfield, a ninth grader, has been on the tennis team for all three years of jr high and she said “Tennis is so fun I love playing it and I love the coach.” Mazie is planning on trying out for the high school tennis team next year. Paige Simpson, another ninth grader, has been on the team for two years, said” We are going to try our hardest to to get first.” She also loves play tennis and is also planning on trying out for the high school team next year. Ellie Espllin, a seventh grader, who is on the tennis team said, “ This is my first year playing and I am glad I made the team.”

Coach Dahl had been playing tennis ever since he was nine years old. We asked him why he liked playing tennis and he said “ I don’t really like team sports.” In tennis you only one person on your team or you don’t have anyone so that is why he likes tennis. We also asked him about this tennis season and if it will go well. He said that he thinks that this season will be really good.



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