November 2017

The End of Football Season

Article by Oakley Toelupe - SJHS Student Staff Writer

So, football season is gone. Not like college or NFL, but for the Springville youth program, the field is empty now. No more cheerleaders cheering, no players playing, no refs reffing, it’s nothing. We did have a great season, though. Nick Welsch led Springville Red through the season undefeated, and moved on to defeat Ryan Strong’s Springville Navy in 2017’s 8th grade Super Bowl.

Now Springville White, they didn’t do so good. But at the same time, they didn’t do so bad either. Brad Mertz led Springville White and ended the season with a 4 and 4 record. Although they didn’t end with a super good record, they fought hard. Maybe just as hard as the other Springville teams.

Anyways, a few of the players from the teams had something to say about the season coming to an end. Pata Kaisa, an 8th grader at SJHS, says he misses football. “There’s nothing to do after school now, because we don’t have practice anymore. So I just sit around doing nothing.” Miguel Pina, another 8th grader at SJHS, says he’s gonna miss football as well. “The season and the practices were lit. It sucks because we don’t do it anymore.”

Some people, though, like Parker Lavin, say that they don’t mind football season being over. “I wasn’t good anyways. But now there’s nothing to do after school, so that sucks.” Whether they got playing time or not, you can clearly tell that they miss practice. When you got football practice for an hour and a half, you have to limit your after school activity time and make sure it doesn’t go on too late. But when football season ends, all that time you spent doing hitting drills and scrimmaging is now free for whatever. Except, you were so busy practicing, you have no idea what to do, because it’s all new to you now. You started over a new life now… haha, not really, but anyways…

There’s not much else to know about the season. There were very few injuries, other than getting the wind knocked out of you and some cramps. And even though one of the best running backs in the league, Austin Mertz, an 8th grader at MJHS, was taken out early in the season, everyone seems to have wanted to play running back. Ironic, huh?

Anyways, this season will go down in the books. It was a great, and grueling, season. The players can still feel it, the coaches know it. Even the fans had a feeling about the season. This season was great, but let’s see what next year holds.


Article: Ms. Merrill!!

Article by Leslie Ruiz - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Ms. Merrill is a new teacher science teacher at our school. Many of you may not know her too well because of this. Ms. Merrill grew up in Idaho. She loves to laugh and have fun. “In my free time, I love to play basketball and be outside,” she says,”I also like to collect old coins and old dollar bills that will hopefully be worth something someday.”

She graduated from BYU with a degree in Earth and Space Science. She’s a bright one, that Ms. Merrill! She has really loved teaching here at SJHS so far. “SJHS has many nice people who give me high fives and put a smile on my face every day,” says Ms. Merrill,” How can I not love it here with so many good people around?”
She does admit that she was a bit nervous on her first day of teaching and thought that something would go wrong. “I had dreams about all the things that could go wrong including not having a lesson ready, being late for school, showing too much armpit sweat, etc,” she stated when asked in her interview email. She walked through the doors and saw a few familiar faces and her nerves calmed. After that she new that it would be a good year of teaching.

It must be tough being a new teacher. So many kids to deal with. I must be even worse when you have 7th or 8th graders. It’s literally the worst point of your life to be alive, now imagine having to teach a classroom filled of those things. Who needs a horror movie when you teach Jr. High kids?
Ms. Merrill does support the idea that it’s a bit tough, but the good parts of it outweigh the bad. She states that, “I am usually very tired by the end of the day and sometimes I don't want to grade any more papers, but the students make my job worth it.  I love seeing success!” She really cares about all of her students. Ms. Merrill tries her best to get to know them and understand their backgrounds. She loves going to their games, concerts, and any other events like those. She likes seeing what makes her students happy outside of school.
Science has been her passion since she was in 6th grade. Her father was a science teacher and would always teach her things. Even when they were on vacation she would teach her things about the world around them. “Science is everywhere, and we can understand how the earth and universe works by looking around us,” she states,”I want to help my students learn to observe the world around us and enjoy its beauty.”

Article: Baseball, Who Will Win The World Series?

Article by Kekoa Akiona - SJHS Student Staff Writer

World Series? What’s the World Series some of you may ask. Have you ever heard of the Super Bowl, the Finals, or even the World Cup. Well the World Series is like a Super Bowl, but  for baseball, except the way it’s played is different. The World Series could have up to 7 games, there are 2 teams that go head to head to win the title of the World Series. The series could be shortened if one team wins 4 games before the other team, whoever wins 4 games first wins. Last year in 2016 the  the Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians. This year in 2017 the Houston Astros and the L.A. Dodgers played. Last night on November 1st the Astros and Dodgers played game 7, and the Astros won the series and took home the gold.

Coy Lister, an 8th grade boy at SJHS, enjoys to play and watch baseball. Coy likes to watch baseball because it’s calming, when you are able to sit and watch a good game. Since Coy also likes to play the game he is able to watch the MLB players, especially the teams and players that made it to the World Series , and learn how players play their positions, learn from their mistakes, and pick up new things that they didn’t know about in the first place. Coy wanted the Houston Astros to win this year. Coy said, “I want the Astros to win this year because the Dodgers are my least favorite team.” Since Coy’s favorite team is the Giants he wants the Astros to win because the Dodgers are the Giants rivals.

River Jackson, a die heart Dodgers fan, loves to watch and play the game of baseball. He was really excited this year to know that his team had made it to the World Series. River has been playing baseball since he was in 2nd grade, he plays center field and 2nd base. “If I could play for any team in the major league, I would play for the Dodgers, since they are my favorite team.” said River. River would pick the Dodgers and the Red Sox to play in the World Series if he had the chance to, since they are is favorite teams. His favorite player is Joc Pederson, he says that he just likes him and enjoys watching him play.

Who would you want to play in the World Series? Would you play in the World Series?


Article: Choir Students sing to their hearts content

Article by Karly Bracken - SJHS Student Staff Writer

In the choir class, there’s four different levels of singing.  You have the Apprentice singers, who are seventh grade girls.  There is the men’s choir, which is boys in any grade.  There’s the Knightengales, who are eighth and ninth grade girls.  And finally, you have the master singers which are eighth and ninth grade girls who had tried out to be in master singers.

Sydney Averett, an eighth grader, who is in master singers exclaimed “I got into singing when I did the talent show and realized that I love singing!”  When you do choir you learn how to do different things with your voice such as how to harmonize with others.  Everybody who has done choir has loved it! It’s Madeline Park’s, an eighth grader at SJHS, favorite period of the day.  She likes it because it’s a pretty chill class but at the same time you learn something new everyday.  

Being in choir gives a lot of different opportunities to sing places.  Some of the places that they are singing at are a Jazz game, the Springville High School choir concert, a BYU game, and many others.  The students are very excited about these events.

In conclusion, Choir is a very fun class to take.  All the students who have taken that class have loved it!  There are a lot of cool experiences and fun opportunities that come out of being in choir.

Article: Open Gym

Article by Emily Snyder - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Starting about a month ago Sjhs started a basketball open gym. Open gym is open to the whole school, however the actual basketball tryouts are just for ninth grade boys and girls. But it’s not enough to just read about it, let’s see what some ninth graders participating in open gym say.

When asked, “Why are you going to open gym?” Sydnie says she is going “to get good exercise and to get better at basketball.” Bethany agrees with Sydnie but adds that she goes to hang out with her friends. Colton Davis says he is going to open gym because he wants higher his chances of getting on the basketball team and Paige Simpson says agrees.

You could say that people who have more basketball experience have a better chance of making the team. This might be the case this year. Paige Simpson has been playing basketball for 10 years now and says open gym is obviously not the same as playing on a team. On actual basketball teams you are on the same teams all the time and in open gym you have different people all the time. Colton Davis, a ninth grader, has been playing since 2nd grade and was on the Reagan team for 3 years.

So whether you been playing for 2 years or 10 you should tryout for the team, because you’d have a ton of fun, just ask these kids!

Article: 9th graders who run high school cross country

Article by Elizabella Francom - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Some people can run really fast, and for a really long time and distance. If you are one of these people you should try running cross country. If you are in 9th grade you can to do high school cross country or Jr. High cross country. They are booth super fun if you love running. This article is about 9th grades who do high school cross country.

In high school cross country it is a lot different from Jr. high. The races are longer and the training is harder. In Jr. high races are 1.5 miles long and the high school the races are 3 miles long. It is a lot longer in high school. Also the training is harder, in high school you have the option to do summer training. Jacob Gee a 9th grader at SHJH said  “Summer training was really fun I can’t wait to do it next year. ” In summer training you train before the school year. And in regular training you run about 5 miles each day so it is harder than Jr. high.

In high school cross country you can go to team night which are every night before a race. During the team nights they eat pasta and play fun games and just have a party. Lydia Felix said “Team nights are super fun and I love going to them.” Also Mckay Francom loves going to team nights and spending time with his friends.

High school cross country isn’t all about the running it is also about the great friends you make doing cross country. Cross country would be a great place to make friends and you can go on runs with them so you can get a great workout and make friends. As you can see that high school cross country is really fun and hard but mostly fun being around your friends. Being is high school cross country would be super fun if you love running and want to compete with others. So if you enjoy running you should try cross country and see if you like it.


Article: SJHS alumni: what that’s a thing?

Article by Cheyenne Skinner - SJHS Student Staff Writer

When you are a student here at sjhs. You can’t wait to be in high school you are so done with Jr. High. High school should be way better than Jr. High. You can’t wait to be done with seven periods. If all of this is true then why would anyone want to come back to it? Well actually most teachers didn’t plan on teaching here. Even when they were planning on being a teacher most of them never imagined they would come here!

When the teachers went to school it was not as modern as it is now. It was way different. For example there were no chromebooks, less people, and a had to take typing class. Also they were in the old jr. high building. That’s a little different. Especially since our school depends on chromebooks and other electronics!

Back then Jr. High was only ninth and eighth. Which means there was a middle school! A lot of the teachers when they were students they were used to all of that! How weird is that!

Mrs. Bales went to SJHS in 1968! That was 49 YEARS ago. Mr. Jensen went to SJHS 1993-1995! Also Mr. Jensen had Mr. Rencher as a teacher. So has a lot of students at SJHS! Who would think that you would have the same teacher that Mr. Jensen had! Ms. Allred went just for eighth grade which was 2005-2006. Ms. Allred taught one of her sisters too! Except she didn’t tell her class till the last day of school! Ms. Allred said “When she finally told them that we were sister, no one believed it.”

There are a lot of cool things about are teachers but, knowing that they went to the same school as you are. That can make you think. Imagine teaching here when you’re older it’s totally possible! Like Mrs. Bales who said “Not in a million years! I was a naughty student” when asked if she ever thought she would teach here! All of these teachers share one thing in common with you. That’s awesome!

Article: Dark Knight vs. Man of Steel

Article by Ashlee Bayles - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel, are they to be the next Captain America and Iron Man in D.C. format?  Since Captain America Civil War came out a month after Batman vs. Superman, the Batman and Superman feud was quickly extinguished.  Due to this delay in its fame the feud has started to come up once again in the glory it never had before.  While many people say that Superman is better, a few will say Batman is the better choice.  

A recent survey, at Springville Junior High, showed that forty-four percent of the people say that they like superman opposed to batman.  The survey also showed that thirty-three percent of people like batman opposed to superman.  The rest of people stated that they do not have a preference for one of the other.  The main jest of the reason for liking superman more is that he has better superpowers and he is not as dark.  One of the people who voted for Batman was Elizabella Francom, an eighth grader, and she said, “He is awesome.”  The people that voted for neither said that they simply could not choose.  Payton Evans, an eighth grader at Springville Junior High, states, “Neither, because they can sometimes be babies about silly things.”

When asked which superhero they related to more majority said that they related to Superman.  The other forty-five percent said that they do not relate to either of them.  Cheyenne Skinner, an eighth grader, said that she related more to Superman because, “I don’t wear black.”   While many people relate more to Superman, many others do not relate to either of them.  

Students at Springville Junior have many different reasons as to why they think what they think.  Many of the answers were neither because the students do not really know much about Superman or Batman.  While there are some people at Springville Junior who would be able to tell you a ton about  Superman and Batman, many more would be able to tell you about Captain America and Iron man.  

There are many other opinions that can argue that Batman is better, but with the information collected at Springville Junior High the majority points to Superman.  With the information collected you could argue that you will say you like the person you can relate to.  One of the important things to learn from this survey is what students think is important attributes for a hero or not a hero.  The way kids think of hero’s in the movies is going to affect the way that kids see heroes and hero like figures.  If you had to choose a favorite who would you choose?  Why do you think that you would choose that person, and does that affect the way you and your family look at heroes and hero like figures?