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September 2020

Info for Remote Students / Información para Estudiantes Remotos

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Wed, 09/30/2020 - 09:59
Tiffanie Miley, Principal

(Desplaza hacia abajo para Español.)

Dear SJHS parents and guardians of remote students:

We hope that things are going well with your student’s remote classes! There are a couple things going on at school that we wanted to make you aware of.

  • Our picture make-up day is next Tuesday, October 6. If you would like your student to participate in school pictures this year, they are invited to come and get their picture taken at 9:30am that day. We are going to pause our retakes so our remote students can come when there are fewer students in the cafeteria for pictures. Please enter the cafeteria by using the exterior cafeteria door just to the south of the main entrance. To order pictures ahead of time, please visit and use the code springvillejrfall2020. In the spot for the teacher’s name, please just use the word “remote” in place of a teacher name.
  • We recently installed software called LanSchool on our school Chromebooks. The software allows teachers to limit and monitor student access on Chromebooks in order to increase on task computer usage. When the software was deployed, there wasn’t a way to limit it to just the Chromebooks we have here at school. If you have checked out a Chromebook from SJHS, your child will likely see a pop-up message about sharing their screen when they log in. There isn’t anything suspicious about this request, so they should go ahead and agree. Since your student is not on any of our teachers’ class lists at school, their activity will not be limited or monitored by anyone.
  • The end of first term is October 29, 2020. If you are interested in changing from remote learning to at-school learning for second term, please look for an email from me at the end of this week or the beginning of next week. The window to declare that change will be from October 5 through October 20.

Take care,
Tiffanie Miley
Springville Junior High School


Estimados padres y tutores de estudiantes remotos de SJHS:

¡Esperamos que vayan bien con las clases remotas de su estudiante! Hay un par de cosas que están sucediendo en la escuela de las que queríamos informarles.

  • Nuestro día de recuperación de fotografías es el próximo martes 6 de octubre. Si desea que su estudiante participe en las fotografías de la escuela este año, están invitados a venir y tomarse una fotografía a las 9:30 am ese día. Vamos a pausar nuestras repeticiones para que nuestros estudiantes remotos puedan venir cuando haya menos estudiantes en la cafetería para tomar fotografías. Por favor ingrese a la cafetería usando la puerta exterior de la cafetería justo al sur de la entrada principal. Para pedir fotografías con anticipación, visite y use el código springvillejrfall2020. En el espacio para el nombre del maestro, por favor use la palabra "remoto.”
  • Recientemente instalamos un software llamado LanSchool en nuestros Chromebooks escolares. El software permite a los maestros limitar y monitorear el acceso de los estudiantes a los Chromebooks para aumentar el uso de la computadora de tareas. Cuando se implementó el software, no había forma de limitarlo solo a los Chromebooks que tenemos aquí en la escuela. Si ha revisado un Chromebook de SJHS, es probable que su hijo vea un mensaje emergente sobre cómo compartir su pantalla cuando inicie sesión. No hay nada sospechoso en esta solicitud, por lo que debe seguir adelante y aceptar. Dado que su estudiante no está en ninguna de las listas de clases de nuestros maestros en la escuela, su actividad no será limitada ni supervisada por nadie.
  • El final del primer trimestre es el 29 de octubre de 2020. Si está interesado en cambiar del aprendizaje remoto al aprendizaje en la escuela para el segundo trimestre, busque un correo electrónico mío al final de esta semana o al comienzo de la próxima. La ventana para declarar ese cambio será del 5 al 20 de octubre.

Tiffanie Miley
Springville Junior High School

Looking into Emily Sumsion

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 09/29/2020 - 10:32
Article written by student: Delia Thompson

Emily Sumsion is one of the many great ninth-graders here at Springville Junior High. Emily is also a great runner and a great friend. One of Emily’s favorite things about being back at school is getting to see all of her friends. Emily’s favorite sports to do are Cross Country and Track. “My favorite thing about running is getting to meet a lot of new people and that it is something I have done my whole life.” She is even on the Springville High School Cross Country team. Besides running she also likes to paint and do DIY’s from 5-minute crafts. If Emily could only use one word to describe herself she would use the word cool. “I think I am cool because the sports I do are cool.” Overall, Emily Sumsion is a very interesting and cool person to get to know. If you get a chance you should definitely try to talk to her.

Looking into Delia Thomson.

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 09/29/2020 - 10:30
Article written by student: Emily Sumsion


I have gotten the amazing opportunity to interview Delia Thomson these past few weeks and to find out more about her. Delia is a 9th grader from Springville Jr High. Her favorite activity is dancing and she does it because it's fun to do and she can be creative. But when Delia isn't at dance she's here at school learning new things and being with her friends. Her favorite class is English because she loves reading and writing. And with all this hard work she has her friends and family to motivate her and cheer her on. If you haven't met Delia Thompson yet she is a really sweet and talented person. If you see Delia I  suggest stopping and talking to her because she's a really interesting person and will talk to you with a smile. 

Micah Allen, behind the scenes

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 09/29/2020 - 10:28
Article written by student: Zane Simonsen


Micah is an 8th grade student at SJHS who loves English and playing tennis with his friends. Micah has been a student at SJHS for 2 years. He likes most of his classes but the ones he likes the most are health and English. His favorite things to do outside of school are playing tennis and hanging out with his friends. His favorite things about the teachers here are “they don't assign too much homework and the classes are do-able”. Also, some of the things he likes most about SJHS are all the nice students and staff. That's all you need to know about Micha if you want to start a conversation with him. Thanks for reading!

All About Gi Gi.

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 09/29/2020 - 10:26
Article written by student: Emma Schmutz

Gianna (Gi Gi) Furner is one of the wonderful 8th graders here at Springville Junior High School. She has been living here all her life, and she has loved every bit of it, almost. She does so many amazing things, so read on to learn more about her opinions about things here at SJHS and more.

    Gi Gi has been going to school in Nebo District for 10 years. She started preschool in Nebo District and is still in it. She is now in 8th grade and she said she likes it better than 7th grade. When asked what she likes about SJHS, she said, “I like that you don’t just have one friend group, so you can know lots of people, it’s just a lot easier.” Gi Gi also likes to write. She likes to write articles, news, etc. Something that she wants to do for her future career is Journalism. This is something that she likes to do for fun. Her favorite foods are cheesy pasta and sushi, and her favorite color is black. “It is really underappreciated, and it can express emotions.”  

    One word that Gi Gi says a lot is hello. “It’s a great way to meet new people.” So, follow Gi Gi’s example and go say hi to someone new. Hopefully, this shows how wonderful Gi Gi really is.


Tik Tok, Time is running out!

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 09/29/2020 - 10:24
Article written by student: Adelynn Roylance


Met Adelynn Roylance who is on the Yearbook Staff. She is a fun person to be around, She will brighten anyone's day. She is very talented, she loves music and knows the words to most songs. 

She also loves a good challenge. “She has never lost a fight but she is looking for a beaten”. When you see her in the halls make sure you say, “hi”, and challenge her with “name that tune” or break into a tik tok dance-off.

It’s always nice to get to know new people at school. It’s hard to know what to say or start up a conversation. So, find new ways to do this. Tik Tok, time is running out!

What does Chantel see in her future?

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 09/29/2020 - 10:21
Article written by student: Avery Peterson

Chantel Furner is one of the many great 9th graders here at Springville Junior High, and we would like to spotlight her greatness by asking her some questions.

While Chantel Furner is in 9th grade right now she is looking forward to her future and it is very important to her. Chantel is ecstatic for high school because she wants to get started with her career as quickly as possible and she knows that high school is the next step. She also can’t wait to work with older students. Speaking of careers, when Chantel is older she really wants to be a physical therapist because “I can help others through injuries like how my physical therapists have helped me.” Chantel looks up to her older sister because she says her sister is very independent and she pursues goals that make her happy and she really values those qualities.

Chantel is a very interesting and sweet person. We are so happy to have her here with us at SJHS! If you haven’t had the opportunity to say hello to her in class or in the hallways, GO AHEAD!


Get to Know Aspen Cook

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 09/29/2020 - 10:19
Article written by student: Cole Herlevi

Aspen cook is one of the many 9th graders at sjhs. And is excited to get back to school.

Aspen likes being in ninth grade and this is what she said about it “I like having second lunch because I only have 2 classes after”.  Some of her favorite classes are yearbook and P.E. She likes P.E. because we get to play sports, her favorite sports are volleyball, 9 square, and badminton. She said her favorite part of school is ” I like being able to see my friends." She also likes to play volleyball and play games with her family.

Aspen is glad to be back at school and to be able to see her friends.


Emma Schmuts, extraordinary 8th grader

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 09/29/2020 - 10:16
Article written by student: Gianna Furner

The start of the school year brings the start of sports and homework, read on to meet Emma Schmutz, one of the many 8th graders at SJHS who balances sports, school, and homelife. Emma Schmutz is an 8th grader here at SJHS who does band, yearbook, cross-country, and track. When asked what she likes about our school she replied “I like that we all try to stick together and that we all look out for each other.” Her favorite subject is yearbook because she gets to use her creativity in a way that the whole school can see. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Hammon because he is an awesome coach, and even though she doesn’t have him as a teacher yet Emma can’t wait for him to teach her.  If she could, she would go back in time and switch to playing the oboe because her uncle plays it and she thinks it’s cool. A fun fact about her is that she went to Connell elementary in Washington state. One thing she says she doesn’t miss about it though is having only one class. After being asked if she could have one wish and what it would be, she said she would, “wish for no masks.” I’m sure the rest of us understand that completely. One thing that Emma Schmutz could brag about herself but doesn’t is that she is one of the fastest girls on her cross-country and track teams. We all could look up to her as a role model because she is one of the extraordinary 8th graders here at SJHS.

Avery Peterson small in size but big in heart.

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 09/29/2020 - 10:14
Article written by student: Chantel Furner

Avery Peterson is one of the many 9th graders in SJHS. We are here to spotlight her after school activities, her favorite things, and her future. Avery Peterson has been a student at Springville junior high for 3 years and is in 9th grade. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, eating food, and dancing. Avery has been very happy with this year and the changes “ I like being with my friends and making new friends, I like the social aspect of school” Avery says. Avery dances at Forever Dance, she has just recently joined this new studio and enjoyed it very much. She loves to hang out with her cousin Teagan who is her “best friend.” Avery and Teagan are on the same dance team and even though Teagan goes to high school they still have an amazing bond. Avery is a very fun and sarcastic person, “I bring the life of the party.” Avery is very excited to go to high school but still wants to live out this year and enjoy her last year here at SJHS. Avery wants to be very successful in her future job and in her future career. “I'm still not sure what I want to do yet, but I know whatever I choose it will be the right decision”


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