Article by Stazie Killpack and Morgan Roper - SJHS Student Staff Writers

Accreditation happens every 5 years; It recently happened at Springville Junior High.  We as a school scored at total of 314,  one of the highest scores in the state! The network average score is 278.94. Each school is graded on many categories some of them include: Teaching and Learning, leadership, and Resource Utilization.

Many teachers knew that we did very well, Mrs. Bird had a strong opinion, she said, “We did extremely well, except for one thing, they didn't go in my room.” Mrs. Bird was very prepared, she even let her students use their phones and they were doing well; so she was disappointed to not get visited by the Accredidation graders. 

Mr. Rowley, the vice principal, said, “We rocked the accreditation.” Mr Rowley did not get too stressed out he was a little stressed because someone is judging our school but he was very confident in us and knew we would do good and we did because we got one of the highest scores in this state. Mr Rowley did not change what he was doing in preparation at all he just wore a power tie.

Mr. Hammon a health teacher at Springville Junior High School think that we rocked the accreditation. Mr. Hammon was not stressed at all because he was super confident.  Mr. Hammon said that he did not change his style of teaching one little bit and he still got told he was one of the best health teachers they have seen.

Abby Carlton, one of the students that got interviewed, said that, “The environment was very open. I felt like I could tell them anything. And by doing so, they will help us improve our school.¨

Katie Jackson was another student that they talked to, she felt that the accreditation went really well. “Almost all the students had really good things to say about this school.”

It looks like Springville did really well with this round of accreditation, but like with everything else in this world, we still have a little room to improve. Keep it up Springville, you're doing great.