Anya Keil

Article by Rainy Hickman - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Anya Keil, a 9th grader here at SJHS, is probably one of the most interesting girls I’ve met. Continue reading if you want to know more about her.

Who does she admire? She admires Robin Williams, because he’s really funny. “I regret not saying how much I care,” she said when asked what she regrets the most. And who does she envy? She envies Mr. Jensen, just like everyone else. “I achieved 15 seconds on my 100 meters,” she said proudly, when asked what she has achieved. Her biggest fear? She’s scared of being alone, because without the socializing she does, she’d go insane. Who inspires her? Her friends inspire her. What would be hard for her to give up on? To give up on her progression in track, and her friends. It would be harder for her to tell someone she doesn’t love them back. “That’d be hard.” Trust or love? She would chose trust. “My life is good right now, it could be better, but I’m not complaining,” she said when asked if she was happy with her life. “I miss my grandma, she practically raised me,” she said when asked what she misses the most from her childhood. “I wish to always have confidence,” she answered when asked what she would wish for.

Her full name is Anya Silafga Keil Lewis. Her favorite five foods are pasta, avocados, meat loaf, sausage and tomatoes. She likes spicy food, and her favorite animal is a dog.

Is she a nice person? “I think I’m nice to most, except for really good friends. I’ll jokingly make fun of you.” Does she love making friends? “Of course, I do.” So there you go, anything you need to know about her to start a conversation.