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April Super Knight Assembly

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Fri, 05/11/2012 - 08:44
Sarah Mitchell, SJHS Staff Writer
April Super Knights, left to right: Jacob Rasmussen, Ricky Moala, Ally Brunson, Anna Bunnell, Sean Makin, and Cheyeann Peterson.

Springville Junior High School recently held the monthly Super Knight Assembly. During Super Knight assemblies, two students from each grade who try their hardest in school and are also well behaved receive the Super Knight award. Ricky Moala, a Super Knight in eighth-grade here at SJHS, said, “It felt really good because I know that I did my best in all my classes.” The Super Knights of April were ninth graders: Jacob Rasmussen  and Anna Bunnell, eighth graders: Ricky Moala  and Cheyeann Peterson, and seventh graders: Sean Makin  and Ally Brunson.

Super Knight Assemblies also let  SJHS students share their talents with our school. At the April Super Knight Assembly, Mrs. Erica Persson and Mrs. Koriane Maughn’s dance classes performed dance routines. Mrs. Maughn said, “I love seeing students feel confident. It is so fun to watch them come out of their shells and really start to be performers. I like seeing them smile and feel like they’ve accomplished something wonderful!” Students also enjoyed three musical numbers, two of which were performed by Alex Hawker, ninth grader on the violin, and Joseph Cieslewicz, eighth grader on the guitar. Then Quinn Gleave, eighth grader, sang and played on the piano. 

Many students like to watch their peers share their talents with us. Mr. Trent Mikesell said, “I think the students enjoy the opportunity to have a break and enjoy the musical numbers. They also like seeing their peers be recognized.” 

Super Knights are great people to go to for advice.  Super Knight Ricky Moala said, “try your best in school and always strive to learn.”