Article: Behind the Curtain

Article by: Ashlee Bayles - SJHS Student Staff Writer

 At Springville Junior High the students worked hard to bestow upon you Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The students who made it have been staying after school continuously since the beginning of January. The dedicated students are eager to give you the behind scenes of the play and how it works.

In the past the school has put on a variety plays, some of which include The Music Man, I’m Crazy for You, and Singing in the Rain. Many of these plays have brought family and friends closer together. Though the idea seems almost unreal the play has the potential to bring the entire society together.  

“The most fun part of the play is the time we get to spend with our friends on and off the stage. It also helps that we have the opportunity to hang out with friends while we are doing something that is helping us to grow and doing something that we love,” said an eighth grader by the name of Zachary Jackson. Haley Hawks, another eighth grader, said that she likes to perform the play itself because she likes “the hard work congratulated through cheering.”  

Ashley Edwards, an eighth grader, stated, “I think the play helps develop relationships and helps to build on new ones because it gives you the opportunity to get to know new people. It also helps when you need to work with other people and you develop friendships with them.” Haley expounded on Ashley’s idea and said, “I didn’t know many people last year because my friends did not do it, but the play helped me to get to know other new people.” She continued to say that to gain new friends she went up to groups of friends that she saw and talked to them. The play helps teenagers to gain confidence in themselves and helps them get out in the open for social purposes.  

The students all agreed that for the after-school practice they mostly learn and do their choreography. Haley said that they also learn the music so they know how it works in terms to the play. Ashley concurred and

added saying, “The choreography is the most important and we spend most of the time getting it stuck in our heads. Some of the time when you are not acting you will have the opportunity to talk to friends and enjoy their company.

The play is often overlooked and thought not too important, but whether we like it or not the play has brought our society together. We have not only grown stronger as a society from the connections the play has brought, but we have also grown in our talents, confidence, and social interaction. The play helps to build people up, which we see seldom in today’s world. Zach Jackson ended saying, “The play gives those in it the opportunity to perform while you meet new people, and make new friends.”