Article: Football for Everyone?

Article by Raquel Marquez - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Football. It’s a sport adored by many U.S. citizens and students who have a team representing their school. Here at SJHS, students love their football team members. Heck, even they think they’re a pretty good team. Talk about high confidence. Some people though, just don’t really care, and not because they’re rude or they hate the sport. Not at all, and like Tracy Segeberg, they just don’t care. Okay, back to the subject. What exactly is this article about? It’s about a few minor changes that can be done to our school with your help, like adding a girl’s football team. But how do some members and students feel about this subject? Well, for Noah Houtz and Daniel Boggess, both members of the 9th grade team, both support it, but aren’t sure how many want to play it. Tracy is all for it “if enough wanna do it.”

“Yeah, so everyone can be involved”,Ricky Balderama said. Such support.

First off, what would happen to SJHS’s reputation if we allowed girls to play football the way our boys do? Well, some think nothing would really happen or it would stay the same, but others have different ideas. Tracy doesn’t know and she really doesn’t care about it. Ricky, on the other hand, believes “lots would watch it because it’d be a first for them.” He’s not wrong. Something out of the ordinary usually does draw a lot of attention.

Now this is where the twist begins, if we can’t get a girls team, what do you think about letting girls join the regular team? Think about it, while you read about what the students have to say.

“I don’t think it’d be very fair for the girls”(Noah Houtz).

“I think it’d be better for separate teams to avoid confusion”(Daniel Boggess).

“Yeah, it’d be something new, but kind of trippy”(Ricky Balderama).

“If they really want to”(Tracy Segeberg).

So, what do you think about it? Girls and boys team or a mixed team? You decide!

Last of all, is this a way to encourage everyone that major sports are for everyone and not just the gender it’s associated with? Let’s look at what our students think. Tracy is still the neutral judge and thinks it’s possible. Ricky agrees and wise Daniel thought of a way to balance things out.

“If we get a girl’s football team, we should definitely get a boy’s volleyball team”(Daniel Boggess).

Seriously, this kid deserves an award. Just clap it out and let that sink in for a moment. Overall, should SJHS get a female football team? If we do, then should we add a team for boys who want to do volleyball?