Article: Halloween on a Tuesday

Article by Libby Hodson - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Halloween is on a Tuesday this year?! Some people aren’t to happy about this. Last year Halloween was on a Sunday but most people went trick or treating on Saturday. So they could stay out late and sleeping.

Ella Stewart an eighth grade girl says “ I don’t like that it’s on a Tuesday, I want to stay out late and sleep in the next day. But we can’t, we have to get up at 6:30.” Which is true, we don’t get as much time to trick or treat, or do fun things. If we do stay out late we have to get up really early which isn’t too fun. On Halloween day you can dress up in your costume for school. Do lots of people really like to do that? Ella says that she doesn’t she feels uncomfortable when she does it. Should we just not have school on halloween? Or just not have school the day after Halloween? “Yes we should have two days of, Halloween day and the day after, so we can recover.”

Sadie Holdaway an eighth grade girl also says that she doesn’t like that Halloween is on a tuesday. “We don’t get to stay out as late” Sadie also doesn’t really like dressing up “I don’t like it, I think it’s embarrassing.”

Sadie thinks we should not have school on Halloween. “ We can’t get ready as easily and don’t have as much time” says Sadie.

Ashlee Eves an eighth grade girl also says that is sucks and we can’t stay out late, or sleep in. So most people aren’t happy about Halloween being on a tuesday, because we can’t sleep in or stay out as late! How do you feel about this?