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Article: Lunch time, sacred and enjoyable

Submitted by tara.pina on Thu, 03/08/2018 - 10:16
Article by Cam Hall - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Lunch time, a very sacred time for students. A break in between school to devour food and hang out with friends. You might get a school lunch, and you might bring a home lunch, but lunch should be a great time for you no matter what. There are two different lunches, first lunch gets their lunch break after fourth period, and second lunch has theirs after fifth period, and both are for relieving hungry students.

Matthew Child, a seventh grader that eats school lunch, says that he likes having more options for lunch, rather than the two or three in elementary school. Matthew’s favorite option is the orange chicken and according to him, “It sometimes is good food, most the time.” Matthew likes lunch how it is now, and says, “I like it how it is, and wouldn’t change it.”

Some people like to take home lunch, Carson Grover, who is in eighth grade, likes to take home lunch. He likes it because, “I get to pick what I eat.” Usually he takes a sandwich, chips, and brings a drink.  Another big reason he eats home lunch is because it is easier not to wait in line. Having the freedom to choose what you eat, for both home lunch and school lunch is very nice. But there is more going on the background.

Djuana Sumsion is an awesome lunch lady here at SJHS. To prepare lunch there is “quite a bit of prep.” She said that they “come in at eight in the morning” to prepare lunch for the day. How do they get the food? The schools tell the district how much food they need, and the district orders it and it comes on Wednesdays.

To be a lunch lady, “you need a food handlers permit, and enjoy working with food, and kids.” It is hard work to prepare lunch for 700 kids.

Home lunch or school lunch, lunch has a lot of work involved, so the next time you see a lunch lady, make sure you tell them hi, and thank you.