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Article: Madison Black Spotlight!

Submitted by tara.pina on Thu, 10/26/2017 - 11:57
Article by Payton Evans - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Madison Black, is an amazing girl who can make friends with basically anyone she meets. She can make anyone laugh with just a saying.

She is not one of those girls who can not make friends. She loves to make other people happy mostly her friends.

If Maddy could go anywhere in the world to help people, considering what has been happening lately, she said. “I would go to London because of all the attacks that are going on and I would try to help as much as possible anyway I could.”

Maddy is more classic than trendy because she is extremely unique. She likes to be different. While everyone are plain old cheerios, Maddy is a fruitloop.

If Maddy was stranded on a desert Island and she could only bring two people she would “ I would take my best friend Payton Evans and Zach Herron” who is someone she likes from Why Don’t We.

“ I will always choose bands because I love the band Why Don’t We.” Black explains as she is asked about bands and soloists.

“Two of my biggest inspirations are Why Don’t We because they went from these kids that no one really knew to this band that tickets sell out of in 24 hours. The other big inspiration is my mom. She just allows me to follow my dreams.” Maddy say with her eyes gleaming.  

If you ever see Madison Black in the hall don’t be afraid to say “Hi” or give her a high-five. She will gladly do it. If you ever need a friend go to Maddy.

“Change the world, don’t follow everyone else’s style, dent the universe, be a maverick, when people go right go left. Just make people like you for you. You do not need to change the world needs to change.” That is what Madison Black is all about.