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Article: The Quest of a Virtual Future

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 05/08/2018 - 15:23
Article by Ashlee Bayles and Ella Stoddard - SJHS Student Staff Writers

“There were clothing parts all over from college students and we were looking at all of the ideas they had created and portrayed in their designs.”  These are the thoughts of the few lucky students who were able to go on a field trip with Ms. Bird to SLCC. Salt Lake Community College is one of the only colleges in Utah to have an appeal fashion design course, which is one of their reasons for going.  Another reason is that Ms. Bird found her love for sewing from her mother who is deceased and this field trip was a way of remembering and paying tribute to her. Along with her mother, the late Leona Isabell Roylance, Ms. Bird dedicated the trip to the late SHS sewing teacher Carol Manwaring.

The students described the most interesting things on the field trip, and their responses were quite shocking.  Cheyenne Skinner, an eighth-grade student, said that she enjoyed “being at the mall” and seeing an old dress at the college.  Calianne Skinner agreed with her twin Cheyenne and said she enjoyed going to the mall, but that she also liked the tiny shoes on display.  Sarah Hubbard, another eighth grader, told people her favorite part of the entire field trip was seeing a jacket made out of monkey fur.

Since the field trip was optional the students explained that the reason for them going was because it was “fun, interesting, a good experience, the teacher invited us to go, it allowed us to miss school, and a lot of our friends were going.”  Once there they came to the realization that the purpose of the field trip was to “introduce them to the SLCC programs available on fashion design,” as Sarah says. In preparation for the trip, the sewing students have done a number of projects throughout the year.  

The entirety of the program includes a fashion show to make it into the school first of all.  Once in the school, there are very mild fees for attending SLCC. After graduating the class and finishing the course they go on to be self-employed and successful.  The head director of the course, Ms. Mojdeh Sakaki, deserves the utmost appreciation and gratitude of all the people who attended this wonderfully put together field trip.