Ask Seka #3

Article by Sekaquaptewa Groves, SJHS Student Staff Writer

Q. Is the universe finite or infinite? If we were able to travel to the outer edges of the universe, what would we find? Perhaps we would run smack dab into another universe, but how would we know? Would the other universe somehow come in a different color, operate with a different set of rules, or smell slightly like almonds? How would we know? I’m imagining a large sign that says, “You have reached the end of Universe A! Welcome to Universe B where proximity is not an issue!” How much is infinity plus one?

A. Only God knows tbh

Dear Seka,

my cat won't eat her cat food. I've tried everything from salmon biscuits to imported fruits from iraq. please help. she won't eat and i'm really worried. she isn't very old and has always been an active cat but things have changed i guess. randy my beautiful cat (picture below)

is a little bit different but i love her all the same.  i really have no one else to go to and jackson galaxy "cat daddy" is not helping but maybe u can help. thanks so much for ur help and it is so much appreciated. please reply asap. thank u.

  1. find out why your cat isn't eating. Has something changed in her enviroment? Also, mabye she is getting sick. Make sure you take her for regular cheak ups at the vet.