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Awards Assembly on Tuesday

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Fri, 05/20/2011 - 14:44
Joee Lowe, SJHS Staff Writer

Awards, awards! On May 24, from first through third period, SJHS is holding an Awards Assembly in the auditorium to celebrate and acknowledge students' accomplishments from the past school year.
The students are expected to dress formally for the assembly. Most students do dress up, but it is not required. The reason for students having to dress up according to Mrs. Linton, counselor at SJHS, is out of respect for the accomplishments of the students. 

Numerous awards will be given out at the Awards Assembly.  Some example of awards being: academic, high achievement, departmental, best improvement, carrying a 4.0 all year, high honor roll, honor roll, and perfect attendance.

“Teachers and counselors set standards for the awards that are to be given ant the students choose to reach those standards,” said Mr. Knudsen, vice principal at SJHS.

“It’s a great idea to have an awards assembly. There are so many great things students accomplish, and it’s important to recognize them,” said Mrs. Linton. 

Mr. Knudsen also said, “That a lot of times you see grade averages but not the faces of the students. The Awards Assembly gives me a chance to meet everyone. I would like to see it done twice a year.”