Backpacks Banned

Article by Stazie Killpack, SJHS Student Staff Writer

Backpacks are not allowed in classrooms or hallways at Springville Jr. High. This rule has carried from Springville’s old Jr. High on 700 S in Springville. Because the hallways were about half the size of the new school, backpacks were deemed an unnecessary waste of space. They made the hallways extremely cramped and hard to navigate. Both students and teachers decided that backpacks needed to go. When the new Jr. High was built the hallways were made a lot bigger which fixed that problem.

The question now is, do we want to bring backpacks back? About 80% of the people at Springville would love to have backpacks back! Along with bigger hallways, the classrooms are also more spread apart, making it longer to get to them. For some students, their lockers are on the opposite side of the school from their classroom and are extremely hard to get to.

Amanda Gardner and Kloey Iese, eighth grade girls, say that without backpacks, many unnecessary trips to their lockers are made.

Jake Follette, eighth grade boy, feels,” The backpack policy is unnecessary after 5th period. It should at least be lifted for the last periods of the day.”

Principal Mcguire says that he is all for the change. “If backpacks will help decrease tardiness and increase attendance then I see no reason why not to have them.”

The teachers have mixed feelings. Some of them wouldn’t mind having backpacks, but others are hesitant because of past experiences at the old Jr. High. When backpacks came into the classroom, they took up the walkways in between the desks and tripped them and the students.

Like the lunch change, backpacks might be unbanned for a semester just to see if they work out. Lots of change could be on it’s way for Springville Jr. High. So students and teachers had better buckle up and get ready for the years ahead of them.