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Ball is Life

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 01/22/2020 - 11:35
Article written by student: Carter Turley

 Some people have a lot of different opinions on their favorite sports. Some like soccer, others like football, but no one loves basketball like SJHS. This year there is a whole new 9th grade boys team and they’re ready to play their favorite game. They consist of twelve awesome 9th graders, all strong, hard-working, basketball killing machines. Read on to learn more about the team.

      “Before we start our games or the day we start our games, we mentally prepare ourselves and review our defensive plays,” said a humble Mitchell McConnell as he talks about how he prepares himself before the game. On the same page as Mitchell, Spencer Park also talks about how he prepares for games. He says,” What do I do to prepare for games? That’s easy. We always practice hard and go all out in our practices and before the game. I especially try to work on things I’m not very good at or mess up on whether it be jump shots, defense, or whatever.” Meanwhile, Ryder talks about how the team has been bonding. He starts,” Yeah, we are a growing team and we haven’t been together for very long, but we’re already building very strong relationships with one another and we’re gaining the trust we need.” 

      One thing the players can all agree on, is that SJHS’ student section is the best student section in the world, no doubt about it. While talking to Ryder, Spencer, and Mitchell, they agreed that the student section is amazing. They stated,“We love our student section and it’s awesome to watch so many of our friends come to our games and support us. They’re always loud, supportive, very hyped, and their chants are the best.” So watch out everyone, because here come the Knights!