Band VS Orchestra

Jenny Wallentine SJHS Student Staff Writer


Since SJHS first started out there has always been an-unspoken rivalry between the two music classes at our school Band leaded by none other than Mr. Booth and a new teacher who has recently arrived at our school, Mr. Taylor, who replaced Dr. Tsugawa. So far the students are very proud of which musical group they are part of.  

Starting with the teacher, Alexi Love, who is in band and plays the clarinet, says “Mr Booth is amazing! Easily the best teacher!” Brevin Park from Band who also plays the clarinet says “Excellent class is like a whole fun activity, Mr Booth is awesome!” over all the class seems to like him. Now over to Mr Taylor, the orchestra teacher at SJHS. Scout Benson, in orchestra who plays the cello, says that he is sarcastic and likes to joke around. Penina Strong also in orchestra and plays the violin, says “I like Mr Taylor, I think he’s funny.” 

Now onto concerts, Janelle Mammen, she is an 8th grader, plays the violin in the orchestra, she says “We have 4-5 concerts and one of them we get to travel in, we get go to the UVU orchestra festival around April.” and in 9th grade the 3rd orchestra they get to do even more concerts and travel even more, than they get to do in 7th and 8th. Onto band, Jane Wilson, plays the percussion in the 8th grade band, said that they have 2 concerts this year but unfortunately they don't actually get to travel until they go into the 9th grade band. 

Lastly, the class itself, every single person seemed to be very passionate about either band or orchestra, but all for different reasons. Cam Monson also plays percussion in band says “ I really like it because you don’t have any assignments.” Andrew Haneberg, plays the violin in the 8th grade orchestra, said that he really likes it because Mr Taylor finds a way to make it fun. So on this last round and the tie breaker, makes it very hard because both musical groups are so talented and all sound amazing especially for all being so young.