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Basketball Student Section

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 01/22/2020 - 09:34
Article written by student: Brooke Constantine

SJHS has a really good basketball team, both girls and boys, but what brings the team together is our student section.  The student section is there to cheer on the team and to watch their peers play basketball. SJHS’s basketball would not be the same without the student section.

The student section is coordinated by a couple of 9th graders: Gus Ellison, Brooks Thorpe, Jayden Brown, Sophie Hunt, Mia Montgomery and Lofi Mavae.  What do these students like most about being in charge of the student section? Sophie Hunt replied, “Getting people to go to the games and dress up.”  How do they come up with the dress up themes? Gus Ellison replied saying, “ We have a group and we talk about what we want to do as a theme.” The students love to go to games and cheer on their classmates.  On December Thursday the 5th we played Mapleton and it was the largest student section we have ever had. What do the students like most about our student section? Gunner Bowers said, “It's fun, loud and a good time.”  Jocelyn Hunt said, “It brings our school and everyone together.” The students love the noise from the cheers, it helps hype the team up. What has been the students favorite theme? Most students replied with the Camo Out.  What future themes do the students here at SJHS think would be fun? Will Hammon gave the great idea of a Patriotic out, we also had a solid red or blue out, Hawaiian theme, mom or dad out and more.

Students here at SJHS have given excellent school spirit.  If you haven't been to a game you are missing out! The basketball game is good and fun and the student section is loud and proud!  Keep it up Student Section!