Batter UP

By: Stazie Killpack - SJHS Student Staff Writer

In ninth grade, jr. high students have the opportunity to tryout for the high school teams. Springville Jr. is very excited to announce that Sage Bowers, Seattul Call, Gabbie Grimes, Lizzie Kurban and Laney Scott made the sophomore high school team, and a special congrats to Sage Bowers for also making the JV team!

“Being a part of a high school team is an amazing experience, and the best part is that the seniors treat everyone the same no matter what grade you are in.” Says Seattul Call.

Laney Scott tells us that, “ One of the coolest parts of high school ball is getting to know so many different girls at the high school, and creating bonds with them.” With accelerated ball, your teammates are spread all across Utah, but with the high school team we all live in the same area.

Another cool part about being on the team is the amazing gear they receive. Ball bags, bucket hats, visors, jerseys and so much more.

Sage Bowers said that, “ It might as well be Christmas when we get the gear.” Sometimes it feels better than Christmas morning.

The Varsity and JV teams have only lost one of their games so far, and the Sophomores are still going strong. When you can come support them by coming to their games at the high school! Good luck girls.