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Behind the Curtain

Submitted by tara.pina on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 16:00
Article by Scout Benson

Did you know behind any theatrical performance you've been to, there's a whole crew of people behind the curtains working to make the show the best it can be? They make the props, design costumes and make sure things run smoothly. The bottom line, the play wouldn't play out so well, and the musical wouldn't be as magical without the behind the scenes people, or as I’ll be referring to them throughout this article, Techies.

The class is technically called Theater Tech, (pun intended) and is completely in charge of props, costumes, sets, lights and sound. The teacher for the class is Ms. Addis. (Or Clement, depending on how long you have been at the Jr High) This is the first year that we have had Theater Tech and Mrs. Addis tells us why: “I have done Tech since I was in Jr High. In fact I was a master electrician at UVU and BYU. Tech is how I payed for college to become a drama teacher. I wanted others to have the same opportunity I had in Jr High.”

Izzie Bagley, an eighth grader at our school, says that her favorite part of Theater Tech is doing costumes and stage makeup. Her least favorite part is taking notes and her job is doing lights. For her Final Independent Project, or FIP, she is recreating a modern costume of Peggy Schuyler, from the musical Hamilton.

Jackson Rapier, an eighth grader, said that his favorite part was making props, his least favorite is taking notes. His job is making props, costumes and sets. For his FIP he is making a cardboard house.

Madison Parker, an eighth grader's favorite part is learning to do the tech, her least? You guessed it! Notes. Her job is doing lights and for her FIP she is making stuffed animal props.

Shayla Phan, an eighth grader, said that her favorite part was costume design and lights. Her least favorite is video making. For her FIP she is making some sets for future classes and plays. Her job is making sets.

Preston Roberts, an eighth grader, told that his favorite part was making props, his least favorite, notes. His job is lights and for his FIP, he is making a cardboard house.

Gavin Jones, an eighth grader, says that his favorite part is the experience you get. And his least favorite part is notes. His job is a costume designer, and for his FIP he is designing a costume.

So, next time you attend a performance, whether it be a play, or a musical, you should think about the people behind the scenes. Because without them, it would be a totally different show.