Boys' Tennis Team

Article by Chandler Kiser - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Last week at SJHS Mr. Dahl held boys tennis tryouts some of these boys answered these questions.

When asked “Why did you want to be on the tennis team” Cam Monson answered because I like playing tennis and I want to play it more. He also said that he started when he was 10 or 11 and he started  because his parents wanted him to play/learn it.

Ethan White said, that he likes to play tennis and he tried out because he wanted to show off his skills, and he started a few years ago with his family.

Jacob Roper, a 9th grader at SJHS said that he tried out because his friend talked him into it and he started two weeks. When asked “Why did you start playing tennis” he said that he likes sports with paddles/rackets.

This years tennis seems like it will be even better than last years and the school hope that they score lots of wins for our school.