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Cast Your Votes!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 04/26/2016 - 11:19
Joseph Harrison; SJHS Staff Writer

It is definitely election time! Most people will hear that and think of candidates such as the notorious Donald Trump, and persevering Hillary Clinton. But elections in Springville are going on as well. We all know about the student council elections for the future ninth graders, but sophomore class elections happened as well. Not only were the eighth graders competing for the ninth grade title, but ninth graders were running against each other as well. The candidates for the sophomore student council were Kallysta Strong, Autumn Olsen, Jorge Escabato, Christian Small, Sierra Arbon, Jenaveve Barson, EmmaLee Smith, and Mallory Murdoch. Kallysta Strong and Christian Small were the candidates elected for next year.

Autumn Olsen, a ninth grader who ran for the sophomore council, ran to inspire others, and do great things. Autumn’s goals were to be nice, have a poster to remember, and campaign a lot. 

“I want to be involved,” Kallysta Strong, another candidate, said, “and this is a good way to be.” Kallysta was elected for the sophomore council, and was able to be elected by advertising, and asking people. Kallysta plans to make the sophomore class more involved, and more fun.

Jorge Escabato, another ninth grader who ran for the title, was running to make a difference. He planned to make fair activities, mixed with equality among students. Next year, Kallysta Strong and Christian Small are the sophomore representatives, so SHS has a great year to look forward to. We wish a big good luck to both Kallysta and Christian, as they move on into their important roles.