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Christmas Concert at SJHS

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 12/18/2019 - 13:26
Article written by student: Evan Smith

Nothing brings the Christmas spirit like music, and this Christmas Choir Concert is just the right thing to bring in the joy of this holiday season.  Jocelyn Hunt, one of the alto’s in the master singers choir group said, “ The reason I chose to do choir is because I love to sing and so does the rest of our choir. This show should be one of our best!” Next Master singers bass Travis Gervaise says, "The reason for me to join choir is because I am a party guy and choir is the most partying class, and being with all of my friends.” Both of these students are very excited about this concert, and Travis has a solo next week on their choir tour to the elementary schools.  The concert was a huge success, everyone in the crowd loving every minute of it, and every student singing had a great time. The audience's favorite song by far as One Candle, the traditional Christmas song they sang for the last 20 years. Already the choir is getting ready for their next concert in the spring.